Reika Kitami

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Reika Kitami
Reika kitami.png
The devious and wicked school nurse.
Personal information
Gender: Female (Hermaphrodite)
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Blue
Affiliations: Academy
Saeki's coven
Priory of Sion
Production information
Voiced by: Jp.png Michiru Shirozaki
Us.png Christie Tibodeaux (LNdW)
Us.png Susan Jospehs (NT)
Fr.png Naïké Fauveau
Sp.png Maribel Legarreta

Reika Kitami (北見 麗華 Kitami Reika) is a major character and antagonist in the original Bible Black game and its sequel. She also plays a major role in the anime adaptions Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis, its prequel Bible Black: Origins and sequel Bible Black: New Testament.

In her youth, Kitami becomes the unwilling victim of the Rose Cross witchcraft club and is used as a human sacrifice for their occult magic. She makes a deal with the Devil to save her life, corrupting her mind to evil.

Twelve years later, she works as a nurse at the same school she was a student herself and becomes quite a proficient user of dark magic, using her demonic powers to seduce others into doing her sadistic bidding. She looks for a virgin female student to escape the contract she made with the Devil.

Years later, her soul continues to live on, locked inside the body of Tokken's psychic investigator Kurumi Imari. Kitami eventually manages to break the seal and gain control of her host body, again attempting to pursue her sinister goals.


Young Kitami in regular clothes.

Kitami has short blond bob-cut hair and blue eyes. While still a student, she wears the Academy uniform at school. She is also seen wearing a blue blouse, red and yellow checkered skirt and knee-high red socks in her free time.[1]

Her signature adult outfit.

As a teenager, she keeps her hair in a slightly different style than later in life, with the right side of the bang not covering her forehead.

As an adult, Kitami has grown rather tall, and appears to be around Taki Minase's height[2] with sizable breasts. At school, Kitami is mostly seen dressed in a white lab coat with a one-piece black (possibly leather) dress underneath, thigh-high black stockings, shiny black high heels and purple panties.

While performing rituals with Saeki's coven, she dresses in a loose black robe like the rest of the club's members. She also often wears high heels, pink lipstick and a pair of cross-shaped earrings. Her nails are painted with purple nail polish.

Her red and beige garb.

During the time Kitami works as a nurse in a different school, she wears another variation in addition to her black outfit.[3] She wears the same lab coat but with a blue undershirt, skirt and belt instead of the one-piece black top.[4]

Around this time, she is also seen dressed in a red dress and beige skirt and tan stockings and red heels when she bids farewell to the still teenage Naoto Yamanishi. In this outfit she has a distinct red band tied around her neck.[5]


Rejecting Kozono's sexual advances.

Unwilling object of affection

She transfers to the Academy as a new student, and is quickly caught by the eye of lesbian student council president Nami Kozono. The influential president takes a liking to the young girl and offers to help her with any problems.

When Kozono later helps Kitami with her homework, she tries to seduce her by kissing and touching her body. Overwhelmed, Kitami pushes Kozono away in embarrassment. Kozono apologizes the next day, but Kitami is unimpressed.

Kindly helping up a depressed Mochida after she is ridiculed by her peers.

Soon after, Kitami helps councilor Junko Mochida after she is nearly run over by a car in a suicide attempt. She next witnesses Kozono arrive in her luxury car with the boy Hiratani, to whom she is now deeply infatuated with. Kozono's obsession is short lived, however, and she makes another attempt to seduce Kitami in an empty classroom after the love spell she was under has been nullified. Kitami again rejects her advances.

Making a deal with the Devil

Assaulted by Kozono's thugs.

Not long after, Kitami becomes the target of the school's witchcraft club Rose Cross. After Kozono takes over the club's leadership from Hiroko Takashiro, she has one of her thugs lure Kitami to an abandoned warehouse by pretending the puppy dog she has been caring for is injured. She coldly explains that she plans to use Kitami as a sacrifice and allows her thugs to rape her as long as they preserve her virginity. But one of the thugs ignores Kozono's order and takes Kitami's virginity anyway.

Offered to the Devil.

Later in the school basement, Kitami is stabbed through the torso with a sword by Kozono in an attempt to summon the Devil. However, the ceremony fails, prompting Kozono to butcher the other members of the club. As the Devil's portal starts to open, Kitami musters her last strength and plunges the sword in Kozono's back, killing her.

Mortally wounded, Kitami makes a contract with the Devil out of desperation, allowing her to live and granting her supernatural powers. Though she makes her way outside completely healed, the night has changed her life forever due to the Devil's corrupting influence.

Kitami catches attention working as a nurse at her first school.

Finding a way to escape her fate

For the next ten years, Kitami enjoys her new powers and gains wealth, glory and everything she desired. She knows that her pact with the Devil will expire after exactly twelve years, but gives it little thought at first. As the years go on, however, Kitami starts to grow concerned and afraid, since the end of the contract would mean her death, sending her soul to hell.[6]

An affair with Yamanishi.

Spending a considerable amount of money, she desperately starts to research magic books and ancient documents for a way to escape the Devil's ultimatum, even visiting the British MuseumWP.[7][8]

When looking through the history of the Bible Black, she discovers and joins the secret organization Priory of Sion. Here she learns of soul-succession, a procedure which allows the transfer of one's soul to another body, tricking the Devil.[9] It requires a virgin body and has to be performed on Walpurgis Night, the night on which the power of darkness is strongest.[10]

Kitami also starts working as a school nurse, becoming the envy of many of her male students. She becomes romantically involved with one of them: Naoto Yamanishi. They share a very close relationship and the boy is devastated when Kitami decides to transfer back to the Academy, the same school she herself was a student years earlier. Before she leaves for good, they passionately make love in her office. An experience they both never forget.

Conscripting students to her cause

Hunting for suitable virgin student girls, like the green-haired Mika Ito.

Back at the Academy, Kitami starts looking for an unspoiled female which she considers suitable to exchange souls with. She calls the students into her office and has sex with them using a large penis the Devil's powers have given her. Her victims include the girls Mika Ito and Miyuki Nonogusa. She finally sets her eyes on the attractive student council president Rika Shiraki and the brown-haired Kurumi Imari.

Corrupting Minase with a demon to turn him into her servant.

Unbeknownst to Kitami, however, student Taki Minase discovers the Bible Black that was hidden in the school basement and uses the book's magic power to put a love spell on Shiraki, consequently spoiling her virginity after the girl madly falls in love with him.[11]

Kitami starts to suspect Minase of using magic and confronts him in the basement when he decides to return the book. She reveals that she made a contract with the Devil and successfully seduces him into joining her cause. They have sex and Kitami embeds him with a lesser demon, turning him into a willing slave.

Taking control of Saeki and her club members Jun and Maki.

Wanting to expand her group of followers, Kitami uses Minase to gain access to Saeki's apartment, where the occult obsessed student Kaori Saeki practices primitive magic with her witchcraft club. Kitami quickly overpowers Saeki and her friends Jun and Maki, turning the girls into loyal servants as well, but not before viciously raping them repeatedly with Minase's help.

Making Takashiro suffer by horribly having her water tortured.

Next, she uses her new followers to incapacitate Hiroko Takashiro, who has become the art professor at the same school. Kitami suspects her of being involved with the group that tried to sacrifice her. She has the teacher water tortured in the apartment until she admits that she was a member of the Rose Cross magic circle twelve years ago. The nurse then rapes her and Minase's girlfriend Shiraki when the latter girl stumbles onto their gathering.

Kidnapping the virgin Imari

With her crop of loyal followers.

The next day, she has Takashiro sexually assaulted by eight male students in the art club after Kitami drugs her with an overdose of aphrodisiac pills. The nurse also cruelly throws Shiraki to the boys to be abused. When student Kurumi Imari walks in and tries to stop them, Kitami orders Minase to stun her using a spell and kidnap her to be used as a vessel for her soul.

Gloating over her prized Imari as she has her prepared for the ritual.

In Saeki's apartment, Kitami shackles Imari to a table and gives her several aphrodisiacs. She ties a chastity belt around her crotch to preserve her virginity. She forces Minase to have anal intercourse with the girl after he attacks her and breaks free of her influence. He is then left to watch her and her followers have sex with Imari as well before she has him thrown out, threatening to kill him if he interferes with her.

Soul exchange on Walpurgis Night

Body without a soul.

The next night, on the Night of Walpurgis, Kitami and her followers prepare for the ceremony in the school basement. When it begins, Kitami penetrates Imari and begins to transfer her soul, but Minase and Takashiro interrupt her by reciting the Forbidden Spell. Kitami attempts to distract Minase by showing him an image of Shiraki and his cousin Yukiko Minase being raped by the goons she sent to his house. Despite this, Minase manages to stop the ceremony, but Kitami successfully transfers at least part of her soul into Imari's body, leaving her own body to die.

Testing out Imari's body when catching Saeki in the basement.

Now aware of Imari's experiences, Kitami learns a few days after the ritual that Minase has placed the Bible Black spell book back in the basement where he found it. She takes control of Imari's body somehow and goes there, catching Kaori Saeki uncovering the book. Kitami magically sets the tome alight and burns it to ashes. She then reveals herself to Saeki and proceeds to 'test out' her new body on Saeki by assaulting her.

Seal and revival

At some point in the future, professor Takashiro discovers that Kitami's soul has managed to live on inside Imari's body. She finds a way to seal the nurse inside and prevents her from resurfacing.

Her soul is transferred back to Imari.

However, Imari is later lured back to the basement of the school where Saeki performs a ritual on her. She has sex with Imari, thereby somehow transferring Kitami's essence back into the girl.

Kitami's soul finally resurfaces in the body of the adult Imari.

Kitami's soul is fully revived when her host body is confronted by a group of occultist bank robbers in a bank when trying to recover an artifact from a safety deposit box. Their leader recites an incantation after taking Imari and her Tokken colleague Aki Ichikawa hostage. The words echo through Imari's mind, breaking Takashiro's seal and allowing Kitami to resurface inside her once again.

The following paragraphs are transcluded to the Kurumi Imari article.

The search for the woman in red

Kitami reborn kills the bank robber.

Now the dominant soul in Imari's body once again, the witch rips apart her restraints and immediately kills the bank robber leader, breaking his neck in one swift motion. She proceeds to 'test out' her body by raping one of the female bank clerks with her penis which has resurfaced along with Kitami's soul.

Having apparently gained all of Imari's knowledge, she turns her attention back to the artifact. She grabs the safety deposit box key and retrieves a small black object, the Spear of Longinus, and makes her way outside as police storm the bank.

Imari/Kitami reads the report on Yuki.

Later, she reconvenes at the Tokken special investigators headquarters, still pretending to be Imari, and learns of the mysterious resurrection of Yuki Toudou in the hospital, the student girl presumed to have been killed on the Academy roof.

Rejoins her devotees Saeki and her coven of student followers.

Imari/Kitami makes her way to the school with Aki and marches straight down the basement where they discover a perverted ritual in progress, presided over by Kaori Saeki, now a teacher and again leading a witchcraft club. She taunts Aki as they spy on the ritual members then knocks her out using a spell before rejoining Saeki and her club, who have apparently been anticipating the return of their mistress.

Impregnating the woman in red Aki.

The witch then impregnates a tied down Aki in order to fulfill the prophecy of the so-called woman in red mentioned in the writings of occultist Aleister Crowley. She dunks the Spear of Longinus in a semen filled chalice and inserts it into Aki's vagina, then has anal sex with her until a mysterious light suddenly fills up the room, creating a barrier around Aki and preventing her from being vaginally penetrated. Imari/Kitami and the other girls leave the basement, leaving Aki behind unconscious.

Takashiro, now a nun, again in her clutches to be asssaulted.

Recollection and revenge

Sometime later, Imari/Kitami is confronted by Hiroko Takashiro at a greenhouse. The woman reveals that she knows of her true identity, but Imari/Kitami is unimpressed and stuns her with the help of her followers, among them Yuki Toudou, and proceeds to rape her while verbally reminiscing over the fact that Takishiro successfully stole her Minase.

Revealing her true self to Yamanishi, the boy she made love to years ago.

As her followers water torture the kidnapped teacher Rika Shiraki, Imari/Kitami makes her way back to the Tokken headquarters, meeting former police investigator Naoto Yamanishi, who has been researching Imari's past. She drugs his coffee with some sort of stimulant and reveals herself as Kitami, whom Yamanishi had a crush on during his youth and made love to at his school.

Her hair tie shatters.

Surrounded by her devotees, Imari/Kitami lets the boy have sex with Saki Kiriya, the current student council president and one Saeki's followers. Yamanishi in his mind believes her to be Kitami, however. The witch performs a ritual by cutting into her hand and collecting a mix of semen and blood in the golden chalice. The mixture is poured over Yamanishi, corrupting his mind and body into a diabolic sexual perversion.

Interrogating the traitor Yuki.

Imari/Kitami then lets him aggressively have sex with Saeki until a yellow magic barrier suddenly forms around them. She successfully dispels it, leaving only Yuki left standing. She now realizes it was through her that her mysterious adversary Jody Crowley managed to disturb her ritual.

Soon after, she has Yuki tied up and brutally tortured by Saeki and Kiriya for her betrayal. She then violates the girl herself while probing her about Jody, but Yuki does not answer, enraging Imari/Kitami and pushing her to torture the girl and her other victim Shiraki even more.

Saeki turns on her mistress after being corrupted by Jody Crowley.

The final ritual

Imari/Kitami, her followers and victims, later gather in the Academy basement for an exuberant orgy in preparation of her ritual involving Aki. She orders Saeki to retrieve Yamanishi before attempting to stab Aki with a sharp dagger when she returns. The dagger is deflected, however, and Jody reveals herself with her two female guards to interrupt the ritual. The witches briefly exchange spells before Saeki suddenly grabs Imari/Kitami and holds her down, revealing she has been turned over to Jody's side.

Souls are separated.

Now in complete control, Jody takes over the ritual and has sex with Imari/Kitami, causing Imari's soul to briefly resurface.

Jody then attempts to impregnate Aki, but is blocked when the Spear of Longinus artifact shoots out of Aki's body and forms the infamous Bible Black which Imari/Kitami had been searching for. Dark purple arms shoot out from the book when the intervening Tokken chief Toru Yuge shoots its metal seal with a gun.

Kitami's soul reaches out to Yamanishi when the Devil drags her into the book.

The hands then grab hold of Jody's and Kitami's soul and the Devil's voice resonates, offering them a contract. Jody accepts and both souls are dragged into the book. Kitami desperately calls out to her former lover Yamanishi, who has come to his senses and tries to grab her hand. But he is too late. The souls disappear and the also present Takashiro quickly seals the book into the floor with her magic, trapping Kitami's and Jody's souls inside.

Transclusion ends.

However, some time after the ritual night, Kitami's face flashes on Aki Ichikawa's computer screen when she resumes her Tokken duties, indicating the witch's soul might have survived after all.

In the games

Doctor Kitami in her office.

Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis

Like in the anime, Kitami is a doctor and professor at the Academy. She is known for her alluring and seductive appearance, along with the rumors that she is involved 'personally' with many of the students.

She first appears to the player Taki Minase in the storyline where he chooses to visit Mika Ito in the nurse's office after her incident where she strips naked in front of class. After Minase makes up some excuses and leaves, Kitami quickly figures out what the student was up to.

Later, Minase and his unconscious friend Imari visit Kitami's office for treatment after they are attacked by school bully Inoue and his goons.

Tempting Minase with her powers.

Swaying Minase to her side

Similar to the anime, Kitami will confront Minase in the basement later the same day. Depending on his choices, there are three outcomes of the event: Kitami kills Minase for rejecting her, Minase joins Kitami's side, or Minase is able to escape and turns down her offer.

  • If Minase is swayed to her side, Kitami will have sex with him and baptizes him into her servant. She gives Minase a demonic imp named Rasha to amplify his magic power and corrupt his mind into perversion. After telling Minase her goal of abducting Imari, the two proceed to head to Saeki's apartment and turn her coven girls into Kitami's servants as well.
  • If Minase tries to defy her, Kitami will force a powerful aphrodisiac down his throat. After having sex with him, the nurse leaves him to die in the basement and heads off to find another servant instead.
  • If Minase ignores her, the boy successfully escapes the basement.

In the storyline where Minase gives the Bible Black to Saeki or turns her down, Kitami instead pursues Saeki as her follower. The details of these events are not clear, however. She gives the imp Rasha to Saeki and puts her friends Jun and Maki under her control as well.

Kitami drinks from the holy cup.

Kidnapping Imari

Like in the anime, Kitami sets her eyes on Imari's body to use as a vessel for her soul. There are two possible moments in which the abduction of the girl can occur.

  • The player Minase can help Kitami by drugging Imari's tea in the art room.
  • He can also drug her later when professor Takashiro is gang raped.

In both cases, Imari is knocked out and Kitami brings her to Saeki's apartment. She injects the girl with an aphrodisiac, ties a chastity belt around her crotch and tortures her. She allows Imari to go home the next day but not before turning her into her servant.

Torture of Takashiro

Similar to the events in the anime, Kitami is wary of Takashiro's identity as the sole survivor of the Rose Cross coven that attempted to sacrifice her twelve years ago. Although aware that the professor's magical power is weaker than hers, the witch decides that Takashiro must be taken care off before she continues her ritual. She orders Minase to subdue her with the help of Imari or Shiraki, whom she also provides a powerful sleeping drug. She brings the unconscious Takashiro to Saeki's apartment and tortures her with wax and water. She degrades Takashiro and forces to have sex with her and Minase. Kitami also has her gang raped in the art club the next day.

Young Kitami on the brink of death.

Confronted by Takashiro

If Minase does not give in to Kitami's offer, he and art professor Takashiro confront Kitami at Saeki's apartment about her involvement with the incident twelve years ago in the Academy basement. She reveals her role as the human sacrifice of the ritual to them. At the brink of death, she made a deal with the Devil Beelzebub, resulting in a contract lasting thirteen years.

Finished with her story, Kitami engages in a magical duel with Takashiro as Minase flees. The witch then proceeds to torture Takashiro and injects her with powerful aphrodisiac, abusing her all through the night.

The next day at school, Kitami has several students rape the drugged Takashiro in the art club and forces Minase to abuse her as well when he comes to her rescue. When Imari shows up at the club later, she kidnaps the girl and leaves Saeki in charge before leaving the school.

In possession of the Bible Black.

Bible Black's destruction

After successfully kidnapping Imari to use as a vessel, Kitami is confronted by Minase in Saeki's apartment, who intends to rescue Imari and take back the Bible Black. The witch is unfazed by Minase's knife and Molotov cocktail he threatens to use to burn down the building. She uses her magic to easily put out the flames. She then taunts Minase to use the knife.

  • If Minase attempts to attack Kitami, she uses her magic power to make the boy turn the knife on himself, killing him.
  • If Minase drops the knife, Kitami decides to spare him due to his courage and instead forces him to have sex with Imari. She also has him sexually tortured by Saeki. Kitami then orders him to lick her feet in exchange for the book, which, regardless of whether he does or doesn't, she soaks the book in vodka and burns it in front of his eyes, believing that no one, not even Takashiro, can stop her anymore. She then has her servants throw the distraught Minase out of the apartment.
Preparing to exchange souls with Imari.

The soul exchange ritual

On the night of Walpurgis, Kitami and her servants head to the Academy basement to prepare for the ritual that allows her to escape the Devil's pact. She places her destined vessel Imari on the altar and begins her attempt to exchange souls with her. The ritual can lead four possible endings:

  • If player Minase has turned evil and seduced Shiraki, Kitami successfully exchanges souls with Imari, sending the latter to hell in place of her.
  • If Minase has turned evil but goes after Imari with magic, he instead uses an undiluted aphrodisiac that he obtained from Takashiro to stab Kitami, causing the witch to lose control and die as the Devil claims her soul.
  • If Minase joined forces with Takashiro and gave the Bible Black to Saeki, Takashiro shoots Kitami with a gun before she completes her ritual. However, Kitami manages to switch bodies with Imari and kills Takashiro instead. Following the ritual night in this storyline, Minase manages to escape Kitami and returns to school later after Kitami has switched bodies with Imari. He shoots Imari/Kitami and Saeki with a gun. However, Imari/Kitami survives the attack and visits Minase later in a psych ward to torment him.
Kitami moments from death.
  • In the storyline where Minase joins forces with Takashiro and managed to copy the pages that contain the Forbidden Spell before the black book was destroyed, Takashiro successfully recites the spell which closes the Gate of Orkus. With her plan foiled, Kitami attempts to stab Imari with a knife to take her to hell with her. However, her contract expires at that moment, causing the witch to stab herself instead. Her body dies and her soul is sent to hell.

If Kitami dies, her death is considered a suicide by the police, concluding the story in much the same way as the anime.

See also: Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis (game)#Endings

Bible Black: The Infection

Personality and traits

Compassionate, but a bit naive.

As a student, Kitami is a sweet and shy girl, treating everyone and everything with kindness. She lovingly takes care of a puppy she finds near her school, feeding him regularly, and when Junko Mochida is ridiculed by her fellow students for making a public display she kindly helps her up and comforts her.

However, her kindhearted personality also means she is somewhat naive and even gullible. She is easily lured away by one of Kozono's immoral thugs when he claims the puppy she has been taking caring of is injured. Despite this, she does show a lot of resolve when Kozono tries to seduce her, denying her advances twice and even slapping her in the face.

Adult Kitami admits to being crazy when reveling in rape and torture.

However, her trauma at the hands of the Rose Cross witchcraft club and the subsequent contract with the Devil drastically change her personality. She becomes wicked, devious, vengeful and manipulative, regarding other people as mere tools to get what she desires. She revels in harming her enemies and finds great pleasure in torturing and raping them.

She justifies her wicked behavior with a somewhat morbid philosophy, claiming the whole world is corrupt and sinful but that most people will not admit to it.[12]

A younger Kitami with a softer side: finding love with student Yamanishi.

Kitami has a particular disdain for Hiroko Takashiro when she discovers her history with the Rose Cross coven. She keeps the teacher alive, however, indicating Kitami enjoys showing off her powers and strength.

Despite being utterly ruthless to her enemies, she seems to have retained some aspects of her kind personality. She develops a close and loving bond with one of her students, Naoto Yamanishi, and appears to care for him deeply. She also had a similar love for Taki Minase, as years later when she possessed Imari she blamed Takashiro for stealing him. She also seems to be somewhat merciful, allowing Minase to live when he betrays her, again preferring to demonstrate her powers to others instead of eliminating them.

Imari/Kitami coldly looks on as Saeki eagerly tortures her enemies.

Kitami's evil personality persists when she revives in Kurumi Imari's body and arguably grows even darker when she has to compete with Jody Crowley, another powerful magic user. However, her demeanor is a lot more serious than before. She allows her followers to brutally torture and assault her enemies, but does not seem to take as much pleasure from it as during her time as a nurse. She instead acts cold and reserved, and appears to be genuinely concerned about Crowley's intentions and the power she possesses.

Mercilessly dominating a potential vessel for her soul, Nonogusa.


Uninterested in sex as a teenager, Kitami's contract with the Devil turns her into a sex-crazed monster with a sizable hermaphrodite penis. She regularly engages in highly perverted and sometimes violent sexual escapades, often with people who have no hope of fighting back. Her almost continual carnal urges lead her to have sex with numerous Academy students in her quest for a virgin, and she takes great pleasure in using sex as both a tool for control and torture.

During her quest to find a virgin, which would theoretically include adults, she is most often seen having sex with teenagers, likely as a matter of pragmatism; it is more likely for teens to still be virgins. However, beyond finding teenagers easier to control and manipulate, Kitami is heavily implied to have a personal preference for teenagers. One such indicator of her preference for teens is the fact that Yamanishi and Minase (two teenage guys) are the only two characters she has ever developed romantic feelings for, twisted as those feelings may be.

Feeling violated by Kozono when the girl tries to seduce her.

Regarding her sexual orientation, Kitami is clearly shown to be bisexual as an adult, having sex or forcing it on both males and females. However, it is unclear whether or not this broad sexual orientation is the result of her demonic influences. She does not show any interest in Nami Kozono's advancements before making the contract with the Devil as a student, and if the phallus she received is the mark of a demon that inhabits her body, then her lust towards females may only be a manifestation of an inner male demon's lust. However, she could also just have been shy and uncomfortable with sex as a teenager in general.

Powers and abilities

Kitami easily deflects Minase rushing at her in defiance.

Following Kitami's contract with the Devil and her research into the occult, she becomes a powerful witch, possessing numerous potent spells. Her most prominent ability is the power to grow a penis from her clitoris at will, which she uses as a tool for several other abilities.

She is very proficient at various mind altering spells, such as arousal spells. She uses these to seduce students Mika Ito and later the members of Saeki's coven. She can also bend others to her will, corrupting their minds into doing her bidding and seemingly overriding their morality. She can also implant visions into the minds of others, which she utilizes to distract Minase when he tries to disrupt her ritual.

Launching a spell as Imari.

When her soul is briefly embedded inside Saeki's body, she uses an immobilization spell on Imari, making the girl unable to move.

Kitami possesses some form of telekinetic abilities as well, ranging from undoing restraints to pushing away her enemies by magic and choking them with her mind.

In the body of Kurumi Imari, Kitami uses a number of new spells, including one that bulges the veins of her enemy and one that involves stabbing her own hand and firing a magic blast from the wound.

Memorable quotes

"Once people begin using magic, they can never again escape temptation. You just have to obey me. I'll show you how wonderful the darkness is..."

Kitami tempts Taki Minase into joining her cause while having sex with him.
(LNdW: Black Ceremony)

- "Why are you doing...this to me?"
"Because it's fun. It's fun watching people suffer over and over again. A face filled with pain, a face filled with pleasure...They all turn me on in different ways."
- "You're crazy..."
"That's right, I'm crazy. But the entire world is crazy. People just don't want to admit it. Take a look at our world. Genocides, science out of control, corruption as a way of life. God has forsaken us. Humanity ignores the Ten Commandments, and continues to commit mortal sin after mortal sin. Ruled by a bunch of hypocrites, this world is filled with sin. And in a world like this, we're the only ones who fit in perfectly. This world needs people like me."

Kitami explaining her motivations to Hiroko Takashiro.
(Game: La Noche de Walpurgis)
(LNdW: Black Sacrifice)

"Before learning the proper way to use contraception, you have to experience the wrong way first."
- "No! Please not that!"
"Don't worry. You can just get an abortion if you get pregnant."

Kitami ridiculing Hiroko Takashiro before she has her raped by her art students.
(Game: La Noche de Walpurgis)

- "You are the worst sort of human."
"A compliment, thank you!"
- "The devil!"
"That is the highest compliment!"

Kurumi Imari snapping at Kitami during her abuse.
(LNdW: Black Caress)


  • Kitami features in almost all productions of the Bible Black series. She appears in both games, the first anime, the prequel, and the sequel. She does not appear in Bible Black: Only, short of a brief flashback scene. Only Hiroko Takashiro appears in all publications of the series.
  • In the game, Kitami's contract with the Devil is said to expire after thirteen years, even though the first ritual took place twelve years ago on Walpurgis Night. This is possibly an oversight by the writers. In the anime there is no mention of thirteen years, or it could mean that they are in the twelfth year after the event are and at the beginning of the thirteenth year is when the pact will expire which would make the two times consistent.
  • When Kitami and Minase rape Saeki's followers, Jun says that she is still a virgin. This would suggest Kitami could have easily used her body as a vessel for her soul. However, what is more likely is that not every body is compatible. Hence her options of potential girl bodies are limited.
  • Imari claims at the end of the final episode of the first series that Kitami was in love with a student in her old school before transferring twelve years ago, but could not tell him how she felt about him. This is not seen or mentioned in the prequel series Bible Black: Origins. However, in the sequel Bible Black: New Testament it is revealed that Kitami had a romantic relationship with one of her students when she was a teacher at another school. It is possible this is the memory Imari is referring to.
  • It is not clear if Kitami was aware of being inside of or in control of Imari's body after her own died on the ritual night. It is possible she is only able to resurface from time to time. Perhaps as a result of the Forbidden Spell.
  • The New Testament Complete Version depicts an extra scene where Kitami's follower Saeki transfers Kitami's soul into Imari. It is therefore likely that Kitami transferred her essence into Saeki first when she has sex with her in the final episode of the first series, at least temporarily. This in order to protect it from Takashiro, who aimed to banish Kitami's soul from Imari permanently.
  • As an adult, Kitami wears a pair of earrings shaped like Christian cross symbols, perhaps a reference to her affiliation with the Priory of Sion. In some storylines in the first game, Imari can also be seen wearing the earrings after Kitami takes over her body.[13]
  • The reason of the original ritual's failure on Walpurgis Night differs between the game and the anime. In the game, the ritual supposedly failed because Kitami was not dead yet after being stabbed by the sword; while in the anime the cause is implied to be because she was no longer a virgin.[14]
  • Kitami's hair style and overall look noticeably differ between the first game and the Origins prequel anime series. In the former, she is briefly seen in a flashback scene (screenshot) with much longer hair, mostly resembling that of two other blond characters Saeki or Shiraki. She looks much more like her older self in Origins.
  • Her given name Reika means 'radiant flower', while her surname Kitami means 'northern sight'. It is also the name of a city in Japan.
  • Kitami is the only hermaphrodite created by Bible Black character creator Sei Shoujo to be one due to magical ability until the introduction of Aika Mihara from P/A ~Potential Ability~, another visual novel game by Shoujo.


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