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Aphrodisiac pills in the anime.

An aphrodisiac is a substance that increases sexual desire.

It is featured in the first Bible Black game as a hypodermic needle with a green fluid that is injected into the genital area. It is also seen as a small capsule inserted orally or vaginally that breaks open inside the body. In the Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis anime series, the aphrodisiacs appear as small green pills that are taken orally.

Overusing the drug can result in extreme intoxication or even death.


Imari opens wide and is forced to swallow Kitami's pills.

In Saeki's apartment, the evil Academy nurse Reika Kitami force feeds several aphrodisiac pills to student Kurumi Imari in order to abuse and torture her. Her follower Kaori Saeki hands Kitami the pills from a small white bottle, but it is likely that they belong to Kitami originally. Imari quickly succumbs to the drugs, despite desperately trying to hold her composure.

Takashiro still feels the effects and asks Minase to relieve her.

Her body is then pleasured by Kitami's lackeys Jun and Maki, and she later has anal sex with her friend Taki Minase, several of Kitami's male followers and Kitami herself, her mind completed absorbed in pleasure from the dubious chemicals.

Kitami later captures art teacher Hiroko Takashiro and gives her an overdose of pills, causing the intoxication to linger for several hours after she is released from her captivity. In an attempt to shake off the effects, the professor pleads with her student Minase to relieve her, and they have sex multiple times at his house.

In the games

Kitami jams a capsule in Minase's throat during a kiss.

Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis

Kitami's fluid of choice

Similar to what happens in the first anime series, nurse Reika Kitami also seduces Taki Minase in the basement of the Academy. However, if Minase tries to defy her, she forces a capsule down his throat containing what she claims to be a blend of magic and modern medicine. It has more than ten times the normal dose, sending Minase's mind into a complete frenzy until he dies from exhaustion.

Kitami injects a liquid into Imari to torture her with pleasure.

In a possible storyline, Kitami also uses an aphrodisiac on Kurumi Imari in a similar way as in the anime, but uses a needle with green fluid instead of pills. She violates the helpless girl with a vibrator and sends her mind in ecstasy before tying a chastity belt around her. Imari becomes addicted to the drug, and player Minase, now turned evil, injects her with more of it the next day after diluting it with a saline solution.

Inserting a ball-like capsule filled with fluids into Shiraki.

In another storyline, Kitami and her followers Minase, Kaori Saeki, Jun and Maki abuse Rika Shiraki in a fashion quite similar to the anime after Shiraki turns up in Saeki's apartment at night. Kitami inserts a ball-like capsule inside Shiraki's vagina before crushing it by having intercourse, sending Shiraki's mind into a sexual frenzy. They continue to abuse her late into the night.

Kitami utilizes the green fluid again in a storyline where she holds Hiroko Takashiro hostage and abuses her in a massive orgy. Similarly, Saeki uses the drug on both Takashiro and Minase and forces them to have sex.

In a scene where Minase is forced to have sex with his older cousin Yukiko while blindfolded, Saeki injects the boy with an aphrodisiac.

Ito's revenge

Ito injects Minase with a lethal dose for humiliating her with a spell.

Student Mika Ito can end the player's life using an aphrodisiac in a storyline where she takes revenge for being humiliated by Minase's perverted spell. She injects the green fluid in his testicles and prevents the boy from ejaculating at first while she has sex with him. When finally released, the player starts ejaculating uncontrollably until his consciousness fades away into death.

Takashiro injects Minase.

Nonogusa's revenge

Similar to Ito, Miyuki Nonogusa can also end the player's life for taking advantage of her. She joins forces with swim team members Kobayashi and Mikimoto to repeatedly have sex with Minase. She continues to inject aphrodisiacs into his body until he dies.

Minase attacks

In a storyline where Minase attempts to overpower Kitami and become the leader of her group, Takashiro uncharacteristically stabs Minase with an undiluted aphrodisiac solution she stole from Kitami as punishment for selling his soul to the Devil. The player dies moments later from the overdose of pleasure.

Getting a taste of her own medicine.

In a variation of this storyline, Minase manages to deflect Takashiro's attack and stabs her with the needle instead, sending the professor's mind into an uncontrollable spasm of climax.

Later in same storyline, Minase uses the remainder of the undiluted solution to stab Kitami in the neck as she is about to exchange souls with Imari. He also mockingly shows her an antidote bottle before shattering it on the floor. Kitami's body bends, twists and contorts in a mix of agony and euphoria. She continues to ejaculate repeatedly until her heart stops beating.


  • Kitami uses a magic spell to make ItoSaeki, Jun and Maki succumb to lust and bend them to her will. It is not completely clear why she does not simply use this technique on Imari as well. Possibly, the girl's body needs to remain unspoiled for her ritual, and cannot be tainted by magic. A stun spell is later used on her by Minase, however.