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Bible Black is a Japanese hentai series comprising two eroge computer games and four anime series. It is set in and around a school, where the discovery of the eponymous Bible Black spell book twists the minds and desires of the students and teachers with occult worship and sexual perversion. Read More...

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Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis (Spanish: Walpurgis Night) (Baiburuburakku - バイブルブラック La Noche de Walpurgis) also simply referred to as Bible Black is the first adult anime series based on the eroge computer game of the same name.

The series consists of six half an hour long episodes animated by Milky Studio (part of MS Pictures). The first episode debuted on the 21st of July, 2001 in Japan, a year after the release of the computer game. The series was later adapted and dubbed to English, French and Spanish versions by several local distributors, such as the American Kitty Media.

All six episodes were later re-cut to a single 100-minute film titled Bible Black Complete Edition (バイブルブラック 完全版 Baiburu Burakku Kanzenban) This version abridges several scenes and has not been released outside of Japan. It also contains portions of the remastered edition of the third episode Black Sacrifice.

The plot of the series loosely follows the so called True Ending of the game, which results in generally the best outcome for the player and characters. However, some scenes from different storylines are also included, albeit in an abridged or alternative version. The single character perspective of Taki Minase is dropped, he does however remain the protagonist in the anime.

Some plot elements from the game are completely absent in the anime, like the confrontation of the player with Shinjou or Inoue and their thugs. One of these omitted scenes featuring the swim team is seen in the later produced Bible Black: Only series. The anime also has several unique plot developments not present in the game at all, such as the rape scene of Yukiko and Shiraki during Walpurgis Night.
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Shot S3E2 oshima pleasured.jpg
Academy vice-principal Takeshi Oshima surrounded and seduced by teacher Kaori Saeki's followers.
(NT: Reunion)

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August 1, 2021
Just because there haven't been any recent news updates, doesn't mean the wiki has been stagnant. This week I added two new locations: the greenhouse and Takashiro's cabin. Go check them out!
Biberoi (talk)
April 23, 2018
A while back, the Bible Black license outside of Japan was acquired by the American company FAKKU. Check it out on their new page. We can only hope for some new Bible Black release!
Biberoi (talk)
March 22, 2018
Yet another new page sees the light of day. Read all about the ritual blades used at various points in the series.
Biberoi (talk)

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Kaori Saeki (佐伯 香織 Saeki Kaori) is a major character featured in the first and second eroge games and the anime series Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis and its sequel Bible Black: New Testament. She also features in several Bible Black: Only scenes.

An occultist-fanatic, Saeki tries to discover the secret of the Bible Black spell book from her Academy classmate Taki Minase. Along with her witchcraft club friends Jun and Maki she eventually becomes the victim of school nurse Reika Kitami and is put under her mind control spell. She helps the witch carry out her devious plans by kidnapping and abusing her fellow teachers and students.

Some years later, Saeki becomes a teacher at the same school and reforms her magic club with several new students to try and restore the Book of Magic. She again becomes the subject of Kitami and carries out her evil orders by torturing and raping her enemies.

Saeki is a black magic enthusiast and has a deep fascination for the occult. During her time as a student she often reads expensive black magic textbooks in class during recess, some of which she requests from the library. At school she also occasionally swims, though she might not be an official member of the Academy swim team.
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