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Uniformed police officers at the bank.
Known members
Leader(s): - Unknown -
Others: Mug yamanishi.jpg Naoto Yamanishi
Mug partner.jpg Yamanishi's partner
Mug yuge.jpg Toru Yuge (former)
Mug imari old.jpg Kurumi Imari (former)

The police is the law enforcement organization mentioned in several Bible Black productions, but is featured primarily in Bible Black: New Testament.

Prominent police officers include the young investigator Naoto Yamanishi and his partner. Toru Yuge was also once a member of the police investigation team, but left to join or establish the Tokken agency. He later recruits police officer Kurumi Imari into his organization.


Police are called to the Academy.

Occult basement rituals

Police are called to the Academy after student council member Junko Mochida strips and masturbates in front of assembly in the school's gymnasium. However, they are unable to determine what compelled the girl to expose herself.[1]

Sometime later, after a group of student girls attempt a Devil summoning ritual in the school basement,[2] the police and the school authorities cover up the incident, sealing off the basement and passing the incident off as a suicide pact.[3]

Twelve years later, a similar ritual occurs in the basement, and the body of Academy nurse Reika Kitami is found dead. Though still puzzled by the details of the case, police investigators conclude that judging from the wounds on her body, the woman committed suicide.[4][5]

Tokken chief Yuge about to witness police officer Imari's psychic abilities.

Several years later, following the rape and stabbing of a young girl on the street, police are called to the scene to investigate. One of the uniformed officers, Kurumi Imari, uses some sort of psychic ability and reads the victim's mind, allowing her to correctly point out the killer carrying the murder weapon from a group of spectators. Investigator Toru Yuge is impressed, and soon recruits her into his own organization.

Police gather at the pool.

A series of mysterious murders

Sometime later, the young police investigator Naoto Yamanishi and his older partner are called to another mysterious death on the Academy grounds. A female student and male teacher are found dead on the school's roof, the man's body having been burned to a crisp. Their investigation is cut short by the Special Investigation Research Team, or Tokken, who take over the case.

The police later file an erroneous report, claiming the teacher expressed his love to his student before raping and killing her when she rejected him. He then allegedly burned himself to death out of guilt.[6] The police report was never published, as the Academy headmaster and student's father persuaded police officials to cover up the incident.[7]

Police assault teams gather at the bank.

Not long after, a large police force is called to a bank heist. Several police vehicles and armored SWAT teams are present, surrounding the entrance of a bank in which a group of robbers have taken hostages. Troops eventually storm the building using teargas, killing all the robbers and assisting Tokken director Toru Yuge in the rescue of his fellow agents Aki Ichikawa and Kurumi Imari.

Yamanishi resigns to the police chief after his report is disregarded.

Yamanishi quits

Investigator Yamanishi, having collapsed earlier due to a magic attack by a mysterious robed girl that appeared floating over the crime scene, is brought to the hospital. Though officially dismissed from the case, he and his partner later check up on the dead student girl found on the school roof and discover she has miraculously come back to life.

Sometime after, Yamanishi rescues Tokken agent Aki Ichikawa when she is assaulted by a man possessed by a demonic force. After that, the young investigator tenders his resignation to the police chief when the latter dismisses his report on the mysterious murder case as nonsense. He turns in his badge, cuffs and gun and decides to continue his investigation with the Tokken agency's help.

In the games

Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis

Though they do not make a visible appearance, the police do play a brief role in two unique alternate storyline endings in the first game. In one of them, the player Taki Minase is arrested after shooting and killing student Kaori Saeki and the evil witch Reika Kitami, who has inhabited the body of his friend Kurumi Imari. However, Imari/Kitami survives and later visits him in solitary confinement to mock him.

In another possible ending, where Minase deceives Kitami and becomes the leader of her perverted group and takes control of the school, the police find both Kitami and art professor Hiroko Takashiro dead in the school basement. A note is found beside them which details their love for each other, as well as their practice of Devil worship. The note was made up by Minase and his followers, however.

In a slightly alternate storyline to the one above, in which Kitami survives and the player remains her loyal underling, the same note is found next to Kitami's and Takashiro's bodies, but this time it was written by Kitami herself, who now secretly inhabits the body of Imari.



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