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Minase possessed by Rasha.

Rasha or Rasha the Imp is the name of the lesser demon Reika Kitami implants inside Academy student Taki Minase's body as a way of tempting him to her will. The entity is featured in both the first game and first anime series based on it but is only named by name in the former.

The demon is a servant of Kitami and a kind of incubus, highly skilled in the art of lust.[1] Its mark is scratched into Minase's body by Kitami in a triangular shape that swells up when the demon is called.[2]


Yukiko stirred by her cousin's demonic touch when welcoming him home.

The imp is given to Minase when he is confronted by nurse Reika Kitami in the basement of his school. She seduces him and they have sex. Afterwards, the boy pledges his loyalty to the witch and she grants him Rasha's power.

The powers of the demon allow Minase to use several abilities. He first unwittingly puts a strong arousal spell on his cousin Yukiko by merely rubbing her breast, causing her to frantically masturbate in her room. She later becomes aroused at school due to the lingering effects of the demon's power.

Rasha negated by Imari?

Later, Minase casts a powerful purple orb to magically stun his friend Kurumi Imari. However, in the brief time it takes for him to cast the spell, Imari is able to slap Minase in the face, seemingly nullifying Rasha and bringing the boy back to his senses.

He later turns on Kitami by attacking her, possibly using the remnants of the demon's powers to defend himself before he is ultimately defeated.

In the games

Minase shatters a cup.

In the first game, even more of the demon's powers are revealed. Minase shatters a porcelain cup on his desk by just thinking about it and later tests out his abilities on school bully Shinjou. In this instance, he has the demon take control of the boy and forces him to jump off the school roof.

In a storyline where Minase turns evil, he also uses his powers against Imari by freezing her body. Like in the anime, she manages to punch Minase before fainting.

Saeki moves a pen with Rasha's power to taunt Minase in class.

Saeki gains Rasha instead

However, if Minase gives the Bible Black to Saeki instead then she is the one who gains the imp's power from Kitami. She taunts Minase in class the next day by magically making his pencil draw an inverted pentagram on his notebook.

The girl later uses the power to take control of school bully Inoue and his goons and has them rape Yukiko to torment Minase even more. In an attempt to stop her, Takashiro asks Minase to lure Saeki behind the school building to challenge her to a magic duel. Takashiro narrowly manages to defeat her.


  • It is not explicitly stated when Minase comes to his senses and is released from the demon's influence, but since he safely brings professor Takashiro to his house before rejoining Kitami it can be assumed his mind is back to normal prior to that, which is right after Imari slaps him.
  • Rasha translates to wicked (i.e. hostile to God), criminal and guilty one in Hebrew.
  • Since Yukiko does not seem to be affected by her arousal curse in the last two episodes of the La Noche de Walpurgis series, it is possible Rasha's arousal effect on Yukiko is lifted after her sexual encounter with her professor, suggesting these events take place during the main series.



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