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A chastity belt.

A chastity belt is a locking item of clothing designed to prevent vaginal intercourse and masturbation.

A chastity belt is seen in both the first Bible Black game and first anime series Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis. This particular design still allows the wearer to still have anal intercourse.

The device is designed with gutters so that fluids can still flow out of it. The inner part of the belt has a thin tube attached for excretion that can be placed in the urinary opening.[1]


Kitami presents the belt to Imari before she ties it around her.

Reika Kitami uses a chastity belt on student Kurumi Imari to protect her virginity in preparation of her soul-exchanging ritual. She presents the item to the girl after kidnapping and bringing her to Saeki's apartment. Taunting, she tells her that she can not masturbate while wearing it and that she will give her pleasure instead. She then force feeds her several aphrodisiac pills and then makes her male friend Taki Minase have anal intercourse with her.

Kitami removes the belt for her ritual.

Imari does not actually wear the belt until having anal sex with five of Kitami's male lackeys and Kitami herself. All the while under the influence of the sexually stimulating drug.

She continues to wear the device while unconscious as Kitami prepares her ritual in the Academy basement.

Kitami finally removes the belt just before commencing her ritual on Walpurgis Night and throws it on the stone basement floor.

In the games

A chastity belt around Imari's body.

Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis

Similar to the anime, Reika Kitami gives Kurumi Imari a metal plated chastity belt after she kidnaps her, jokingly insinuating that the player Minase might try to attack her otherwise and take her virginity. She also taunts Imari on not being able to masturbate and gives her an aphrodisiac, this time administered through a hypodermic needle. The girl screams as the evil woman inserts a thin tube in her urinary tract, losing consciousness in some storylines.

In a possible storyline, Minase is also forced to have anal intercourse with his friend while the belt is attached.

Later, Imari is tormented by being forced to wear a vibrator in her anus while wearing the belt and seemingly addicted to the aphrodisiac. The player can hear hear the sound of the chastity belt clinking and muses that she probably will not be able to wear panties because of the device. In some storylines, she makes her show the lewd contraption to him.

Imari's similar looking outfit.

In the art club classroom in a later storyline, Imari is forced to have sex with a group of students. Because of the belt preventing vaginal intercourse, she pleasures them in many other ways while still high on the drug.

Like in the anime, Kitami removes the belt from Imari when she engages her ritual on Walpurgis Night.

In a possible alternative storyline, where Imari has been completely turned over to Kitami's side, she wears a bondage outfit with leather panties that look somewhat similar to a chastity belt. This one can be zipped open, however.


  • A similar looking contraption can be seen in the New Testament series. It is tied around Yuki Toudou's crotch during her torture when she reveals herself to be a spy of Jody Crowley. This device does not prevent intercourse, however, and serves more as a harness of sorts. (screenshot)
  • Though in the first game it is clearly stated the belt is made of metal, the one seen in the anime looks to be made of a more flexible material, such as leather.



  1. GAME1 | Minase: It was a metal chastity belt. The crotch area of the belt is covered with a metal plate, and the clasp has a very strong lock on it. Also, it was designed with gutters so that fluids can flow out of it.