Toru Yuge

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Toru Yuge
Toru yuge.png
The calm and calculating Tokken chief.
Personal information
Gender: Male
Hair color: None (bald)
Eye color: Green
Affiliations: Tokken
Production information
Voiced by: Jp.png Genji Shigaki
Us.png Boz Smith (ep 1-4)
Michael Sorich (ep 5-6)
Fr.png Frédéric Souterelle

Toru Yuge (弓削徹 Yuge Toru) is a major character in the Bible Black: New Testament series.

As director of Tokken, an agency that deals with supernatural crime cases, he investigates several mysterious murders that lead him to a dark plot involving Academy student Jody Crowley. With the help of Hiroko Takashiro he unravels her plans and attempts to stop them.


Wearing his long coat.

Yuge graduated from the police academy. He decided to quit after not being taken seriously and pursues a career with or founds Tokken, a special research team that deals with supernatural crime cases. He serves as leader of the agency.

He owns a black sports car and a gun, though he seems to use the latter sparingly, and once refers to the weapon as a poison.


Yuge is a large bald man with a gray goatee, appearing to be around his 40's or 50's. He perpetually wears his gold-rimmed sunglasses over his green eyes, even indoors and in dark areas. Unlike his subordinates, he does not wear a Tokken uniform. Instead, as leader, he dresses in a formal black suit with a Tokken logo patch and red cravat. Outside he wears a long dark khaki-colored trenchcoat that also has a Tokken patch.


Yuge makes an arrest.

Meeting agent Imari

When investigating the stabbing and rape of a young woman, Yuge meets a junior police officer named Kurumi Imari. Using some form of extrasensory perception, she flashes an image of the crime in Yuge's mind and correctly points out the perpetrator from a crowd, allowing Yuge to arrest him. He is able to recruit Imari into Tokken soon after.

Investigating the basement with Imari.

A series of mysterious murders

Along with Imari and agent Aki Ichikawa, Yuge later investigates a series of brutal and perplexing murders, including a couple killed in a car and one in a museum. He next investigates the body of a young female student and a teacher on the roof of a school building. He uses Imari's psychic abilities to discover there is a magic circle present in the school.

Attacked by Jody on the Academy roof.

Their investigation is interrupted by Jody Crowley, a mysterious girl who launches a magic attack at them. Yuge and Imari are unharmed, but police investigator Naoto Yamanishi - who has followed him and Imari to the roof - is injured and taken to the hospital by Tokken agents.

Yuge and Imari proceed to the school's basement where the magic circle's meeting supposedly took place. Yuge notes the musty room shows signs of recent habitation, and Imari reveals that she remembers being there during her time as a student.

Arriving with the SWAT team.

The bank incident

Later that day, Yuge is present when the bank Imari and Aki were supposed to investigate is overtaken by a group of robbers. After a police assault team storms the building he wakes up Aki who was knocked out by one of the robbers. He also rejoins with Imari, unaware that her body has now been taken over by Reika Kitami, an evil witch whose soul had been existing dormant inside Imari for years.

Meeting with his Tokken agents.

The agents reconvene at the Tokken headquarters and learn that the body of the young female student that died on the school roof, identified as Yuki Toudou, has miraculously come back to life while in the hospital autopsy room.

Requesting a briefing from Aki.

Later, after Imari leaves, Aki voices her concern about her strange behavior. Yuge suggests that a lot must have happened at the bank while she was unconscious. They look over the bank data and Yuge suspects the disappearance of an item from a safety deposit box - the Spear of Longinus Imari and Aki were supposed to recover - is connected to the mysterious serial murder cases. Enraged by the complexity of the case, he orders his agents to wipe out all Devil worshiping cults and instructs Aki to secretly investigate the Academy.

Uncovering a dark plot

Visiting Aki in the hospital.

Yuge continues to research the case, looking into the writings of occultist Aleister Crowley, Jody Crowley's grandfather. He discovers that his followers are searching for the so called woman in red, a person mentioned in scripture that is supposed to give birth to a powerful being.

Later, he visits Aki in the hospital after she is brought in unconscious. A nurse, who mistakes Yuge for Aki's father, tells him a nun brought her in and suggests he looks in the hospital records to see where to find her.

Meeting former investigator Yamanishi.

At Tokken headquarters, Naoto Yamanishi offers to help investigate the case after he resigns his commission as a police officer. Yuge accepts, and tells him to wait for agent Imari to return. She eventually does, and Yuge leaves her alone with Yamanishi to visit the nun that brought in Aki to discuss the case with her.

At her secluded cabin, the nun - Hiroko Takashiro - speculates that Jody stole the Spear of Longinus from the bank in order to find the woman in red. Yuge argues that they have not found evidence linking Jody to the crimes, but Takashiro guesses that she might have had a different objective: reviving the soul of Reika Kitami to find to woman in red quicker. Shocked, Yuge realizes that Kitami has been in control of Imari's body all this time.

A magic splitting headache from Jody.

They are then attacked by Jody and her guards from outside the house. Using Takashiro's talisman and the nun's magic, they successfully negate the attack and Takashiro tells Yuge they should go rescue Academy teacher Rika Shiraki.

Final battle with the occultists

On the way, Yuge suggests they return to the Tokken headquarters first to check on Yamanishi, but Takashiro implores him to hurry to the school. But Yuge says he needs data, and weapons.

Escorting Takashiro to Tokken.

Back at Tokken, the duo again runs into Jody, who immediately casts a powerful spell, disorienting them both. One of Jody's guards kisses Yuge before he collapses on the floor. When he regains consciousness, Takashiro and Jody's followers have vanished. Yuge recovers a wrapped package Takashiro has been carrying around and rushes to the Academy.

Yuge's poison comes in handy.

Soon after, Yuge enters the basement to find a bizarre black magic ritual going on. He undoes Takashiro's restraints and gives her the package, revealing several magic arrows.

Moments later, Yuge is grabbed by a possessed Yamanishi from behind who holds him down. Takashiro quickly enchants the arrows and uses them to attack Jody and try to break the seal on Bible Black spell book that has rematerialized during the ritual.

Holding Takashiro.

Yuge manages to escape Yamanishi's grip and takes out his gun to shoot it per Takashiro's suggestion. Jody's guards try to stop him, but he successfully fires at the grimoire, rendering it useless and killing the two guards.

Moments later, after Jody's soul is dragged into the book, Yuge helps Takashiro up, and jokes that it will be difficult to file a report on the events.

Sometime later, Takashiro, Yamanishi and Yuge meet again at a greenhouse.

Personality and traits

Angrily ordering all Devil cults wiped out.

Though a calculating and serious man, Yuge can be quite decisive when conducting his investigation. He also seems to have a particular disdain for occultist groups and is quick to have them dealt with. However, being an investigator, he prefers gathering data before taking rash action.

Much to Yuge's annoyance, his Tokken subordinates are prone to salute him when given an order. Yuge believes this to be unnecessary, as they are not police officers.

Yuge does seem to hold great concern for his agents, especially Aki Ichikawa. He personally wakes her up following the incident at the bank and even visits her at the hospital. When he learns Reika Kitami is in control of agent Kurumi Imari, he voices his concern about both Aki and Naoto Yamanishi who could be in danger.


  • Yuge is one of the few male characters in the series that is not seen having sex.
  • The steering wheel on Yuge's car is on the left side in the fifth episode of the series. Unusual, since Japanese traffic uses left-hand drivingWP. However, in the sixth episode the wheel is on the right again.
  • Yuge's green eye color can only be seen in a flashback scene in the New Testament Complete Version. For a brief moment, his sunglasses appear translucent instead of opaque (screenshot).
  • Yuge's appearance strongly resembles Anton LaVeyWP, the real-life founder of the Church of Satan. Coincidentally, despite his occultism and Satanist religious leaning, LaVey remained an atheist materialist, and was fiercely critical of spiritual beliefs like those of Aleister Crowley.


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