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The Gate of Orkus on a magic circle.
Not to be confused with Demon

The Devil is a supernatural entity and counterpart to GodWP. He is an unseen character in Bible Black that on rare occasions communicates with some of the series' characters only by way of a dark, deep voice. It is also possible that these instances are simply communications of one of multiple demons (see Trivia).

The entity reveals himself through the Gate of Orkus or Orcus, his portal to hell that manifests as a glowing white light around an occult drawing on a wall.


The Devil first reveals himself after being summoned by Rose Cross, a witchcraft club started by female Academy students and headed by Hiroko Takashiro.

The young Kitami makes a pact.

The girls attempt to call on him in order to gain his powers by sacrificing the life of young student Reika Kitami by stabbing her with a sword. The ritual fails, and the club's new leader frantically starts killing all the members to successfully open the Gate of Orkus. Before she can make her appeal to the Devil, however, she is stabbed to death by Kitami.

The Devil then offers the mortally wounded Kitami a twelve year contract, allowing the girl to live in exchange for her soul. Kitami accepts, and her mind and body are corrupted by evil magic.

The Devil once again resonates.

Knowing her contract will eventually expire, Kitami starts looking for a way to escape her fate by researching several ancient magic books and documents. She eventually finds a way to supposedly trick the Devil into sparing her life by attempting to exchange bodies with Academy student Kurumi Imari. The ritual is interrupted, however, and does not fully complete.

Several years later, the mysterious Jody Crowley hosts her own ritual which causes the Devil's voice to resonate, offering the girl a contract. She accepts, and her soul and Reika Kitami's are pulled into the Bible Black magic book.


  • It is unclear if the Devil is the single all-encompassing entity and embodiment of evil or simply one of 72 powerful demonsWP mentioned in the first Bible Black game. However, for the purpose of clarity, this wiki will refer to this entity as the Devil to not confuse it with the lesser demon that appears in Origins.
  • In the game, the demon priestess Nami summons in a flashback is designated as Beelzebub, a contemporary name for the Devil.[1]

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