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The black book.

The Bible Black, also known as the Black Book or Book of Magic is the eponymous grimoireWP or magic book used by the characters in Bible Black. It makes an appearance in all productions of the series.

'Bible Black' is what the members of the Rose Cross witchcraft club named the book.[1] Its true name and exact origins are unknown, but it appears to have been written during the Middle Ages.


The book's existence was first rumored around the 12th century, and it was said to be owned by the Knights Templar, one of the most famous armies in medieval Europe. They used the power of the tome to gain wealth and glory.[2] After they were condemned as heretics and murdered, the French king Philip IVWP and Pope Clement VWP took the book for themselves, but were unable to discover the secrets of the Templar, who had used the power of the book to foresee their demise.[3] After that, the book passed down from hand to hand for centuries, eventually landing in the hands of Rie Morita (see History).


Open pages seen in the games' menus.

The large tome has sturdy black leather trimmings and is filled with B5-size yellowed and stained pages made of parchment. Depicted on the moldy and worn cover is a white hexagram symbol (Star of DavidWP) crossed by a sword. A metal chain with the same symbol is wrapped around the thick cover to hold it shut.[4] There is a strange unidentified black ink drawing on the flyleaf.[5]

Inside the book are multiple drawings of geometric talisman shapes and several more bizarre illustrations,[6] like acts of copulation and monstrous drawings of animals and humans (see below). The text is handwritten in several different languages, mostly Latin and French, but also Hebrew, Greek and Gaelic.[7] There are numerous religious quotes and passages from the Christian Gospel.[8] The book's table of contents lists, among others; All Spells, Summoning Demons and Raising the Dead.[9]

Not the entire book is handwritten, as several pages with modern text are seen. The book also contains printed spreadsheets, though these could possible have been added later by different authors of the book.


Corrupting student desires

Rie presents the tome to her club.

Student Rie Morita buys the tome very cheaply[10] from a pile of sale books in an antiques store and brings it to school to show her witchcraft club friends Hiroko Takashiro and Saki Shindou. Club leader Takashiro hypothesizes that it was written by medieval priests, due to it being written in Latin. The girls decide to translate the book and test its power by casting a spell on the arrogant student council member Junko Mochida, which causes her to masturbate in front of a group of students during assembly in the school's gymnasium. They also use a paper doll to make the lesbian Nami Kozono fall in love with the unpopular male student Hiratani.

"Let's translate this book"

Now convinced that the magic spells are genuine, the girls quickly dominate the school, selling love curses to their fellow students. Blindly confident in the book's power, the girls try to summon a demon. The ritual backfires, and Takashiro is viciously raped by the demon, incapacitating her. The newly joined Nami Kozono assumes leadership of the club and murders the other members in a power hungry attempt to summon the Devil on Walpurgis Night. Rie Morita flips through the book's pages to find the Forbidden Spell to try and stop her, but she too is brutally murdered. Her blood splatters the inside of the tome, causing the the two pages with the spell to stick together.

Takashiro, the only surviving member of the club, rushes down to the basement to find all her friends murdered. The Bible Black is nowhere to be found.[11]

Rediscovery of the book

Minase protecting his precious.

For twelve years, the book remains undiscovered, but rumors of the rituals in the basement and the former witchcraft club still buzz around the school. The curious student Taki Minase steals the key to the basement one day[12] and rediscovers the magic tome inside a hole in the stone altar.

Using several French and Latin dictionaries and the help of his cousin, Minase slowly translates some of the spells.[13][14]

Extremely skeptical at first,[15] he successfully uses a paper doll to help student Ayumi Murai win the love of the boy Asada. He then uses the charm himself to make the attractive student council president Rika Shiraki fall in love with him. The occult obsessed student Kaori Saeki grows suspicious about his magical exploits and unsuccessfully tries to seduce him into lending the tome to her.

Takashiro rediscovers the book.

Growing disconcerted about the book's effect on Shiraki, Minase decides to return it to the basement, but is confronted by school nurse and witch Reika Kitami, who reveals her knowledge about the book. She seduces Minase to her side and uses him to gain control of Saeki and her witchcraft club as well.

Now in possession of the book, Saeki and her followers Jun and Maki use one of the spells and collect the semen of several male virgins in a golden chalice. Saeki drinks from the mixture, and magically spawns two penises from her body to have sex with the girls.[16]

When the book is back at Minase's house, Shiraki and Minase discover the stuck page stained with Rie Morita's dried up blood. After Minase breaks free of Kitami's influence and makes his way back home, he throws the book at the wall in anger for the trouble it has caused. He and Hiroko Takashiro (now an art teacher) realize Kitami's intention to switch bodies with student Kurumi Imari on Walpurgis Night. In a race against time, they translate the Forbidden Spell on the bloody page.

The Bible burns to a crisp.

Minase recites the spell on the ritual night, closing the Gate of Orkus, the Devil's portal, therefore saving Imari's soul and preventing Kitami from fully completing the soul transfer to her body.


Soon after the ritual night, Minase returns the book to the basement that is due to be sealed with concrete. However, before the area is closed off, Saeki makes her way down and recovers the book. She is confronted by Kitami, now inhabiting the body of Imari. With a sharp look, Kitami burns the tome to ashes in a vicious blue flame, leaving only the metal binder.

The seal is broken when Yuge shoots it.

Restoration and seal

Years later, Saeki, now a teacher, repeatedly tries to resurrect the Bible Black using her new witchcraft club, but it is not until the mysterious Jody Crowley confronts her and her mistress Kitami (still in Imari's body) and engages in the Ritual of Coronzon that its restoration is successful. Through the power of the Spear of Longinus fragment and Aki Ichikawa's body, the book reassembles. Takashiro tries to pierce it using one or her magic arrows, but it is deflected.

After psychic investigator Toru Yuge shoots the metal chain off the book with his gun, the seal breaks, causing several ghostly purple arms to shoot out from between the pages. The arms grab both Jody's and Kitami's soul. The Devil's voice resonates in their minds and offers them a contract. Jody agrees and her soul is dragged into the book. Moments after, Takashiro again seals the book and it disappears into the floor.

Spells, stories and illustrations


One of the mysterious pages.
The preface of the book is written in French and reads the following:
(Gremoire du constitutions avec un recveil des plus reres secrets...)
"This is the great Grimoire, containing the rarest secrets in the world. The great laws of magic. Here you shall find secrets chants for the Holy Spirits of the Darkness. The throne of the Apostles shall be assumed by the one who has been entrusted with the key to the Kingdom of Heaven, in the words of the Lord Jesus Christ to Saint Peter: 'I shall entrust thee with the key to the Kingdom of Heaven', and he alone shall have the power to command the Lord of Darkness and his servants. And they shall be his servants also, and shall bring him honor and glory and worship. Again in accordance with the Lord Jesus Christ's words, 'Thou shalt serve only one God'. By the power of the key to the Church, thou shalt become the ruler of Hell."


There next part about prayer is written in a similar way as the Christian Gospel and says:

"We pray that this book shall serve all those who read it and pray for the success of their endeavors, and that it benefits them. By the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ with which we fill our daily cups, we pray that this book serves all who read it. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, thou art purified."

Raising the Dead

An illustration in the book depicts the following spell that supposedly raises the dead:

A man and a woman are making love in a forest. Later, the woman disappears and the man is stabbed through the head, the heart and his penis with a sword by a priest. The sword is decorated with an upside down cross. The corpse is ripped apart by lions, who bury the body parts in the middle of a road. Then there is a full moon, and a sorcerer appears with a book under his arm. He draws a circle on the ground with a cross and other symbols. He enters the circle and starts to recite an incantation. The woman reappears and tries to seduce him. But he refuses her advances, as he is protected by the power of the circle. Enraged, the woman changes herself into an ugly succubusWP and bares her fangs at the sorcerer. He is unaffected and continues chanting in the circle until the succubus gives up and leaves. When the sorcerer finishes chanting, the man's body parts form a skeleton shape and he rises. The sorcerer praises the heavens and lifts the book skyward. The skeleton then flies up into the air towards the moon.

Wrapped stone

Main article: Wrapped stone

One of the simpler[17] and indecent spells forces a woman to 'dance naked', i.e. expose herself in public.

Gate-Opening Ritual

A spell to summon the Devil written in Latin. It covers everything from how to draw the symbols for the ritual, to a list of the relevant liturgies and necessary chants.

(intrate per angustam portam quia lata porta et spatiosa via quae ducit ad perditionem et multi sunt qui intrant per eam. quam angusta porta et arta via quae ducit ad vitam etpauci sunt qui in veniunt eam.)
"Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. Thou shalt open the gates if thou hast courage.And I shall summon for thee a powerful army of wraiths, and thou shalt command them. And I shall bestow upon thee the power to do as you wish. In the name of the Father, the Son,and the Holy Ghost, thou shalt become the Lord of Hell..."

Forbidden Spell

The Forbidden Spell seen on a bloodstained page.

A spell used to close the Devil's gate by calling upon the powers of heaven.

"Hein ron hirai sabeios. Herim radisha redieah adonai. Gate keeper of the Heavens. I possess the great power of the gods, I hold the secrets of magic. I ask you to close the Gate of Orkus. Jehovah yar tetoragramaton saday. Mesias agios ishuros emanuel agura alpha omega. In the name of Jesus Christ who knows the beginning and the end of this world and in the name of other holy gods. I forbid you to remain in this world. Saint Michael, lend me your power to send this devil back to the inferno of hell. I command you to stay there until the end of eternity. Amen."

Paper doll love curse

Main article: Paper doll

A paper cut-out doll figure imbued with magic properties that can force one to instantly fall in love.

Arousal charm

This arousal charm involves drawing a talisman inside the crotch area of a piece of clothing. It has the shape of a triangle formed from lines and the names of gods. Around the circle, a passage from Genesis 1:28 is written in Latin that reads:

"And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it"

Once someone wears the clothing, he or she will become extremely aroused, overwriting natural inhibitions.

The pentacle of power

This spell empowers the user temporarily, giving him superhuman strength in one hand. It involves drawing a pentacle on one's palm while reciting the following prayer:

"The Lord is on my side, and on the day of his great anger he shall smite all kings"


  • It is unclear who hid the Bible Black in the basement altar or wall following the first ritual on Walpurgis Night. Takashiro states in the first game that the book was gone when she entered the basement to find the witchcraft club members dead. It is plausible that Kitami took the book and later returned it to the basement when she became a nurse at the Academy, believing it to be a secure hiding place. Additionally, it is possible that she used it as bait to turn those that found it into her servant, like she did with Minase (or Saeki in the game). 
  • An open page of the book is visible in the sixth episode of the New Testament anime series, seen in this screenshot. The page contains an excerpt from The Formation Of The Tree Of Life Being A Qabalistic Conception Of The Creative Process, the first chapter of the book Q.B.L by occultist Charles Stansfeld JonesWP, a member of Aleister Crowley's cult. This would seem to imply that Crowley or his followers were also once in possession of the book and made their own additions.
  • The steps to the make a woman dance naked spell differs from the game in the anime. In the game, the wrapped rock needs to be enchanted using a regular bible, but in the Origins series the Bible Black itself is used.



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