Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis (anime)

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This article is about the anime series. For the game, see Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis (game)
La Noche de Walpurgis
Bible black title.png
General information
Release: Jp.png Jul 21, 2001 – Jun 25, 2003
Us.png Mar 26, 2002 – Dec 16, 2003
Episodes: 6
Runtime: 28-30 minutes (per episode)
100 minutes (complete edition)
Production information
Animation: Milky Studio
Direction: Sho Hanebu & Kazuyuki Honda
Production: MS Pictures
Distribution: Us.png Kitty Media
Sp.png Llamentol
Episode guide
Episode 1 School of Black Magic
Episode 2 Black Ceremony
Episode 3 Black Sacrifice
Episode 4 Black Caress
Episode 5 Black Dinner
Episode 6 Black Descent

Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis (Spanish: Walpurgis Night) (Baiburuburakku - バイブルブラック La Noche de Walpurgis), also sometimes referred to as just Bible Black due to being the most well known iteration in the series, is the first adult hentai anime based on the eroge computer game of the same name.

The series consists of six half an hour long episodes animated by Milky Studio (part of MS Pictures). The first episode debuted on the 21st of July, 2001 in Japan, a year after the release of the computer game. The series was later adapted and dubbed to English, French and Spanish versions by several local distributors, such as the American Kitty Media.

All six episodes were later re-cut to a single 100-minute film titled Bible Black Complete Edition (バイブルブラック 完全版 Baiburu Burakku Kanzenban).[1] This version abridges several scenes and has not been released outside of Japan. It also contains portions of the remastered edition of the third episode Black Sacrifice (see below).

The plot of the series loosely follows the so called True Ending of the game, which results in generally the best outcome for the player and characters. However, some scenes from different storylines are also included, albeit in an abridged or alternative version. The single character perspective of Taki Minase is dropped, he does however remain the protagonist in the anime.

Some plot elements from the game are completely absent in the anime, like the confrontation of the player with Shinjou or Inoue and their thugs. One of these omitted scenes featuring the swim team is seen in the later produced Only series. The anime also has several unique plot developments not present in the game at all, such as the rape scene of Yukiko and Shiraki during Walpurgis Night (also see below).


The black book that caused it all.

Academy student Taki Minase finds a magic book in the abandoned basement of his school. He translates the occult writings and uses the ancient magic spells to influence the sexual desires of his classmates, making the beautiful girl Rika Shiraki fall in love with him.

School nurse Reika Kitami hears about his magical exploits and tries to sway Minase to her cause by possessing him with a demon. Twelve years ago on Walpurgis Night, Kitami herself was used as a human sacrifice by an occult magic club of students. However, the ritual failed and Kitami was forced to make a deal with the Devil to save her life. Now the contract and her time are running out. She searches the school for a suitable virgin girl to use as a vessel for her soul.

Kaori Saeki, one of Minase's classmates, has formed her own magic club and is also aware of Minase's powers. She invites him to one of her club meetings. But Minase, now influenced by Kitami, brings the nurse along. She uses her powerful magic to take over the club.

Now in full control, Kitami focuses her attention on art professor Hiroko Takashiro, whom she suspects of being a member of the magic club that tried to sacrifice her twelve years ago. She kidnaps and tortures her. She then persuades Minase to help her abduct his childhood friend Kurumi Imari. They succeed, but Minase comes to his senses, causing Kitami to throw him out of the club.

Realizing he must save Imari, Minase uses the help of his teacher Takashiro and the magic book to stop Kitami from transferring her soul to Imari's body on the next night of Walpurgis.



The characters featured in this first anime series. For a more in-depth look, refer to the character's main page.

Major Characters

Mug minase.png
Taki Minase (水無瀬 多喜)
Like in the game, he is the main character of the story. The student discovers the Bible Black in his school's basement. Using the magic spells in the book to satisfy his sexual desires, he is tempted by demonic powers and becomes a pawn in a dark plot.
Mug kitami.png
Reika Kitami (北見 麗華)
The ruthless and seductive school nurse. She uses her demonic magic to seduce and manipulate students into sexual submission. She tries to find a virgin for an ancient ritual and will stop at nothing to reach her sinister goal, including torturing a fellow teacher.
Mug imari.png
Kurumi Imari (伊万里 胡桃)
Minase's classmate, neighbor and childhood girlfriend. Asked by Minase's parents to look after their son, she wakes him up each morning and is secretly in love with the boy. When he is tempted by evil, she herself becomes a target and person of great importance.
Mug takashiro.png
Hiroko Takashiro (高城 寛子)
Minase's and Imari's art teacher. She was part an occult magic club that existed twelve years ago. A wise and peaceful woman, she grows concerned of Minase's behavior and tries to caution him. She eventually plays a crucial role in helping him combat evil.
Mug saeki.png
Kaori Saeki (佐伯 香織)
Another girl in Minase's class. She has an obsession with the occult and started her own magic club with her girlfriends. Her house is packed with magic books and objects. An ambitious girl, she does not shy away from using her body to get what she wants.
Mug shiraki.png
Rika Shiraki (白木 里香)
A fellow student of Minase and the student body president of the school. Many students envy her beauty and the top grades she gets in her class. She is a strict, smart and serious girl until she becomes hopelessly infatuated and obsessed with Minase.

Minor Characters

Mug yukiko.png
Yukiko Minase (水無瀬 由起子)
Graduate student and Minase's older cousin. Living together, they are like brother and sister.
Mug kurimoto.png
Maki Kurimoto (栗本 真紀)
A member of Saeki's coven. Like her accomplice Jun Amatsuki, she is devoted to her leader Saeki.
Mug amatsuki.png
Jun Amatsuki (天月 純)
Another member of Saeki's coven. Like her accomplice Maki Kurimoto, she is devoted to Saeki.
Mug murai.png
Ayumi Murai (村井 亜由美)
One of Minase's classmates. She asks him to help her make the boy she likes fall in love with her.
Mug ito.png
Mika Ito (伊藤 美香)
A member of the school swim team. Sexually devious herself, she is seduced and violated by Kitami.
Mug nonogusa.jpg
Miyuki Nonogusa (野々草 美由紀)
A former classmate of Minase and recent swim team member. She is also raped by Kitami.
Mug asada.png
Asada (浅田)
He is put under a spell and ditches his girlfriend for Murai, resulting in them having sex in a hallway.

Unnamed Characters

A list of background and nameless characters from the series in order of appearance.

Main article: Unnamed Characters in La Noche de Walpurgis

Erotic scenes

Below is a list of all significant erotic scenes and the episode(s) in which they appear. See respective pages for more info.

Adaptation from game

The storyline from the game was adapted into the anime series using a blend of several story paths, both from the good and bad endings and story options, with some creative liberties likely being taken by the producers to condense the running time of the anime plot.

The so called True Ending of the game (Ending 1 in the game's walkthrough), was used as the end of the anime but with a twist from Ending 3 in which Kitami succeeds in her soul succession. Additionally, several scenes from this storyline were also used, such as Minase using the paper doll love spell on Shiraki, Imari walking in on them having sex and getting upset with Minase, the kidnapping and torture of Takashiro, and other 'evil path' scenes.

In order to redeem Minase from his evil path, the scenes where he throws his girlfriend Shiraki to the male art club students who violate Miss Takashiro, and the scene where he enjoys having anal sex with Imari, were all given to Kitami in the anime. The scene wherein Kitami and Minase both have sex with Ito in the nurse's office was used in the beginning of the anime, albeit in an alternate version that excludes Minase.

Shiraki's storylines were partly merged with Ito's in the anime and both Ending 6 and 8 were incorporated using Shiraki instead of Ito. It is Shiraki who stabs Minase in the anime instead of Ito in the game. It is also Shiraki that ends up in the infirmary in the anime (by jumping off the roof) instead of Ito or Imari. In the anime, Minase turns down Saeki and gives in to Kitami, although bits from the other options were used in the same scenes; Minase still gets pleasured by Saeki without going all the way, something he does in the game.

From the good paths in the game, the anime also incorporated the erotic scene between Minase and Takashiro in his room. The assault on his cousin Yukiko was rewritten and used in the anime's climax rather than earlier, though Minase is not present for these events in the anime as he was in the game.

Additionally, Minase's test spell to make Ito strip naked was incorporated into the Origins prequel using Junko Mochida as the victim instead. Several scenes, such as Miyuki Nonogusa's abuse at the hands of her swim team members Kobayashi and Mikimoto, was included in the Only series.

See also: Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis (game)#Endings

Complete Edition

Complete Edition box-art.

The series was later re-cut to a single 100-minute film titled Bible Black Complete Edition (バイブルブラック 完全版 Baiburu Burakku Kanzenban) that includes parts of all six episodes, cutting out most of the recap sequences. Additionally, several scenes were removed or abridged, but unlike the re-cut of the New Testament series the film does not add any additional scenes. However, it does include the scenes from the remastered edition of the third episode Black Sacrifice, including the flashback scene taken from Origins.

Notable removed scenes include the iconic introduction scene from the first episode that depicts Reika Kitami's sacrifice at the hands of the Rose Cross witchcraft club. The title screen is not shown until after the sexual encounter between nurse Kitami and student Mika Ito. The film also does not show Hiroko Takashiro's brief conversation with Kitami in the hallway, and shortens many other (mostly erotic) scenes, such as Kaori Saeki's sexual seduction of Taki Minase. The erotic scene between Kurumi Imari and Kitami's male lackeys has been removed entirely, causing the story to immediately skip to Minase's house after he is forced to have sex with Imari.

Complete Edition title screen.

The Bible quotes normally seen at the beginning of the series are instead shown at the end of the film.

Some continuity errors have also been fixed. For example, the poster in Minase's room shows a different image between the original six episodes (screenshot). First a more abstract image of a girl, and later a detailed color image of a girl in a bikini. The Complete Version correctly displays the latter in all instances.

So far, only a censored version of this version exists, using a lot of pixelation. There are some fan edits that recut the uncensored parts, therefore also retaining some of the lower quality art style from the Black Sacrifice remaster.

The film comes bundled with 20 minutes worth of scenes from Bible Black: Only, essentially bringing the total running time of the DVD up to 120 minutes.

Staff credits

Japanese version


Akemi Kimura (E1+E2)
Haruna Kanbayashi
Hitomi Sae (E1-E3)
Kaori Nishjima
Kaoru Sanada (E5+E6)
Kimika Sasa (E1-E3)
Michiru Shirozaki
Nagisa Futami (E3-E6)
Osamu Tokita ((E2-E6)
Rika Koyama
Takuya Hiramatu (E1+E2)


Jun Shibata (E1-E4)
Taketo Watarai
Kazuhiko Yagami E3-E6

Yasuyuki Muto

Sho Hanebu (E1)
Hamuo (E3+E4)
Kazuyuki Honda (E2)
Kaito Asakura
Nitaro (E6)

Sho Hanebu (E1)
Hamuo (E3+E4)
Kazuyuki Honda (E2)
Sosuke Kokubunji (E5+E6)

Wataru Yamaguchi (E2)


Koji Higashi

Rumiko Suzuki

Kanamu Kobayashi

Sanko Production (E1+E2)
Amga Co. Ltd (E3+E4)
Digital Gear (E5+E6)

Amga Co. Ltd


Makoto Fujisaki (E1+E2)
Tomoya Narita (E3+E4)
Ichiro Ishii (E5+E6)

Studio Jam

Imagebank St. (E3+E4)
Image Works (E5+E6)


Museum Pictures

English version


Chris Sasson
Christie Tibodeaux
Cinthia Gough
Joe Queens
Josephine Clemens
Lamberth Shaw (E5+E6)
Louise Moran (E1+E2)
Mary Rosenbaum (E1+E2)
Michelle Duhard
Mickie Cruise
Omar Reed (E1)
Patty Comeau (E5+E6)
Rick Duval (E3+E4)
Stewart Cassidy (E3+E4)

Joe Queens
Louise Moran (E2)

Gary Sierra

Joe Queens (E2+E5+E6)
Peter Illingworth (E3+E4)

Roller Girl (E1-E4)

Scotie Mack

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B. Splice (E1+E2)
iksnae (E3+E4)
Kit Ryder (E5+E6)

Julian Grossman (E2)

Richard Grossman (E3+E4)
Alex Martin (E5+E6)

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Julian Grossman (E5+E6)

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Temper-Tantric (E5+E6)

Chevy Leonard (E3+E4)

Roller Girl (E5+E6)

EM (E1+E2)
J. Yoshizawa (E3+E4)
Axamoto Delmar (E5+E6)

Thomas Magnum (E5+E6)



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