Rika Shiraki

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Rika Shiraki
Rika shiraki3.jpg
The beautiful victim of evil.
Personal information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Green
Affiliations: Academy
Student council
Production information
Voiced by: Jp.png Rika Koyama
Us.png Cinthia Gough (LNdW)
Us.png Delila Vaccino (NT)
Fr.png Naïké Fauveau
Sp.png Nuria Marín Picó

Rika Shiraki (白木 里香 Shiraki Rika) is a major character featured in the first and second Bible Black games and the anime series Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis and Bible Black: New Testament.

She is put under a love spell by Taki Minase that causes her to obsessively fall in love with him even as the boy takes advantage of her. She is later abused by the evil school nurse Reika Kitami and her corrupted followers before she takes revenge on Minase.

Several years later, Shiraki becomes a substitute teacher at her former school. She looks up her former teacher Hiroko Takashiro before again falling victim to Kitami and her loyal follower Kaori Saeki, who brutally torture and rape her for supposedly spying on them.


Shiraki in uniform.

Shiraki comes from a wealthy high-class family and is one of most popular girls of the Academy during her youth, especially with the boys.[1] She is the president of the student council[2] and a member of the school's extracurricular brass band club.[3] She participates in concerts with the band, like the Musical Appreciation concert.

She lives in a large mansion with her parents during her student years. Her father is an executive at a major electronics company.[4]


Her adult teacher outfit.

Shiraki has bright green eyes and two distinctive curly locks in her long blond hair. As an adult she wears even more curls that also extend to the back of her hair.

She is considered very attractive by her fellow students and even turns the heads of some of her students later as a teacher.

Her common outfit in her youth usually consists of her school uniform, on occasion worn with a green armband to denote her authority and position and the student council president.[5] She is also seen dressed in her more casual attire, consisting of a black long sleeve top, yellow skirt, white stockings and black mary janes.

As an adult she wears a tight black tube top with or without a more formal light blue jacket, paired with a short shiny dark blue skirt, black stockings and blue high heels. She also wears large round glasses, a small red pendant and occasionally a small brown handbag.


Shocked at Murai and Asada's incident.

As a student, Shiraki catches her fellow student Taki Minase attempting to go down to the Academy's basement storage room. She kindly reminds him that the room is locked and off limits, but is unaware that he has stolen the basement key from the staff room. She later meets the boy in the library and tells him what she knows about Walpurgis Night and gives him a pamphlet of the recently held Musical Appreciation concert she participated in.[6]

The next day, she witnesses student Ayumi Murai and Asada having sex in the locker room in front of several dozen students. Shocked at this sudden spectacle, she orders a few male students to separate them.

Confessing her 'love' for Minase.

Put under a spell by Minase

Unbeknownst to Shiraki, Minase has hidden a paper doll in her school bag. When she finds the charm, she is suddenly overcome with affections for the boy. She writes him a note to meet him behind the school at lunchtime and leaves it in his locker.[7]

Shiraki falls into Minase's arms when they meet and confesses her love to him. They make love in the gymnasium storage room, and again later that day when Shiraki visits Minase's house. In the midst of climax, however, Minase's friend Kurumi Imari walks in on them.

Jumping to conclusions when believing Minase loves another.

The next day at school, Shiraki grows increasingly more jealous, and believes that Minase loves Imari over her. He denies this, and tries make Shiraki realize that her feelings for him are not genuine. Overcome with emotions, she attempts suicide by leaping off the Academy roof. The love spell seems to protect her body, and she merely faints. She is brought into Nurse Reika Kitami's office without a scratch.

Abuse and revenge

Confronted by Imari.

Some days later, Shiraki follows Minase to Saeki's apartment, and discovers him and Nurse Kitami abusing the art professor, Hiroko Takashiro, with her club followers Kaori Saeki, Jun Amatsuki and Maki Kurimoto. Along with Minase, they proceed to viciously assault and rape Shiraki as well.

The next morning, Shiraki wakes up Minase by giving him oral sex as Minase told her that he needed someone to wake him up, seemingly unfazed by her assault the previous night. Afterwards, she looks through a mysterious book on Minase's desk. They gasp when discovering two of the pages are stuck together with blood.

Tossed to the hounds by Kitami during an art club gangbang.

Shiraki next welcomes Imari at the front door of Minase's house. The girl winces and runs away when she sees Shiraki firmly clutching Minase's arm.

At school, Shiraki is still at Minase's side when Kitami continues abusing professor Takashiro in the art club classroom. She has the teacher raped by several male students, but then grabs Shiraki and cruelly throws her to the boys as well. They eagerly assault her body and Shiraki screams for Minase to help her but he does nothing to stop them.

Taking revenge on Minase.

This betrayal upsets Shiraki profoundly, and the next day she follows Minase to Saeki's abandoned apartment and stabs him in his abdomen with a small knife. She starts crying and blames him for not caring she had sex with someone else, not trying to help her when she was mercilessly raped, and also for making love to Takashiro, which Shiraki witnessed while standing outside his bedroom window earlier.

She has sex with the boy as he slowly bleeds to death. With a crazed look, she then raises her knife, thanking Minase for giving her the pleasure of being his woman one last time. But just before she can deliver the killing-blow, Takashiro appears and knocks her out with a spell.

A rude awakening by Kitami's goons who intend to rape her mercilessly.

Assaulted by Kitami's followers

Shiraki is then brought to Minase's house unconscious and rests in his bed while Takashiro and Minase work on a way to stop Kitami.

Soon after they leave, some of Kitami's male followers break into the house and assault both her and Minase's cousin Yukiko Minase. They relentlessly rape the two girls to exhaustion.

Both girls are eventually freed when Kitami's body dies during her Night of Walpurgis ritual. Shiraki's love curse is nullified and her recent memory is likely wiped by Takashiro, as she seemingly has no recollection of the events.[8]

A friendly reunion with her former Academy teacher Takashiro.

New career as a teacher

Later in life, Shiraki becomes a substitute teacher at her old school to replace a professor on maternity leave for the new semester. She first reconvenes with her former teacher Takashiro, who has since become a nun. The woman explains to her that Kitami's spirit was sealed within Imari's body and that the girl consequently has no memory of what happened to her on Walpurgis Night.

Introduced as a new substitute teacher.

On her first day of work, Shiraki again runs into Takashiro after the nun battles a mysterious robed girl. She helps her former teacher explore the Academy basement room where they find Tokken agent Aki Ichikawa lying unconscious on a stone slab. Takashiro tells Shiraki that she is the so called woman in red or Devil's partner mentioned in Aleister Crowley's writings and briefly explains her plans. She implores Shiraki to keep it a secret before driving off.

Hung in the air and water tortured by Saeki and her followers.

Soon after, Shiraki is introduced to her new class and reunites with her former classmate Kaori Saeki, who also became a professor at the school. Some of the female students, particularly Kiriya and Yuki, maliciously stare their new substitute teacher down.

Tortured and raped again

When leaving school one night, Shiraki is ambushed by Saeki and her cronies, among them student council president Saki Kiriya. They grab her and knock her out with a chemically treated rag.

Shiraki wakes up sometime later bound and gagged in a dark room, surrounded by numerous dubious torture devices. While hanging from several rope pulleys, she is repeatedly dunked into a large water basin by Kiriya and Saeki. Her torturers cut off her clothes and fill her body up with water. They then brutally beat and whip her while interrogating her about supposedly snooping around.

Forced to 'treat' student Yuki.

Soon after, Shiraki is relentlessly gang raped by a group of Saeki's male followers.

Shiraki is next placed on a vicious medieval torture device that slowly impales her insides. After being released, she is again forced by Saeki to give her male lackeys oral sex before assisting against her will in the assault of one of her students, Yuki Toudou, another one of Saeki's victims. She is forced to violate the girl with a device strapped to her mouth and both girls are water tortured once more.

The final ritual night

Her suffering continues as an unwilling participant in Kitami's orgy.

Shiraki later participates in Kitami's vast orgy in the Academy basement. She is tied to a post and raped repeatedly by the witch's male followers in preparation of her ritual. After the mysterious girl Jody Crowley takes control, she has her female guards insert strange metal devices into Shiraki's and several other girls' vaginas. The devices attract a mysterious black energy that emerges during Crowley's ritual and penetrate their bodies.

Eventually, Tokken director Toru Yuge and Takashiro manage to overpower Jody and release Shiraki and the others.

Following the ritual night, life around the Academy seemingly returns to normal. Shiraki returns to her job as a teacher, presumably after having her recent memories wiped again by Takashiro.

In the games

Shiraki love cursed by Minase.

Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis

In the first game, Shiraki first meets the player Minase in the school hallway when he makes his way to the basement storage room. She reminds him the room is locked and off-limits. She later sees Minase again in the town library when the boy is doing research on black magic and gives him a pamphlet from the Music Appreciation concert that contains a clue about Walpurgis Night.

Shiraki does not make any further appearances in the storyline if the player decides to use a love curse on his friend Imari instead of her like in the anime. Otherwise, there are two possible storylines she can participate in.

Joining Saeki's coven

Shiraki is baptized by Kitami's followers.

In a possible storyline where Shiraki is seduced by Minase's seduction spell, Shiraki is brought to Saeki's apartment after having sex with Minase in the morning. Her mind is corrupted by Reika Kitami and she joins her group of followers.

The next day, after meeting with Minase in his classroom, they are confronted by professor Hiroko Takashiro who requests Minase to meet her at the art club. Knowing that he might be in trouble, Shiraki receives a hypodermic needle with a sleeping drug from Kitami and heads to the club room. There, Shiraki stabs Takashiro with the needle to stop her from interrogating her boyfriend any further. The art teacher is then brought to Saeki's apartment to be tortured and raped by the coven.

Contraception sex-ed with Shiraki.

Days later, when Takashiro is forced to 'model' for her art students and is raped repeatedly under Kitami's supervision, Shiraki becomes overwhelmed by arousal. She begs to have sex with Minase but he suggests she joins Takashiro, to which she complies. Shiraki receives a large package of condoms and proceeds to 'teach' the art students about contraception. Saeki and Mika Ito later join in on the orgy as well.

Shiraki later assists in the kidnap of Kurumi Imari and the preparation for Kitami's soul-succession ritual. The ritual ends with Kitami successfully swapping her body with Imari. The game ends with Shiraki pregnant to an unknown father, Minase, Saeki, and the 'new Imari' having sex with each other.

The girl is used as a slave.

Becoming the coven's slave

In the storyline where Minase gives the Bible Black to Saeki, Shiraki is captured alongside Takashiro when Minase fails to escape Saeki's apartment after Kitami brainwashes Imari. The game again ends with Shiraki being pregnant as the three are taken captive and forced to have sex with the members of the coven for the rest of their lives.

Personality and traits

Outraged at Murai and Asada.

Brilliant, beautiful and stylish, Shiraki is the envy of both girls and boys during her time as an Academy student,[9] like Minase and Inoue.[10] She acts reserved, however, and considers herself to be above most people's class.[11] She is also quite intelligent, consistently getting top grades at school.[12] Her position as student council president makes her somewhat authoritative, and she is not afraid to command other students around.[13]

She considers rumors to be interesting, and shares a rather anti-skeptical point of view, preferring to believe something rather than be disappointed when discovering the truth, like the rumors about what happened in her school basement on the Night of Walpurgis twelve years prior to her senior year.[14]

Hopelessly obsessed with Minase when being given a paper doll.

Minase's love spell radically changes her personality to submissive, obsessive, and at times, crazed. She becomes extremely sensitive for rejection, even attempting suicide by throwing herself off the school roof when she fears Minase loves another. Later she tries to kill him for betraying her, despite still being madly in love with him.

Her normal calm demeanor seems to persist as an adult. She has shed some of her arrogant traits, and appears to have a more caring personality.


Shiraki is heterosexual, though most of her sexual encounters are the result of magical influence. She is a virgin prior to her relationship with Minase.[15] Her sexual encounters with girls are numerous, but they are all non-consensual.



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