Black Sacrifice

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Black Sacrifice
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General information
Release dates: Jp.png December 21, 2001
Us.png November 19, 2002
Written by: Yasuyuki Muto
Directed by: Hamuo
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Series: La Noche de Walpurgis
Black Ceremony
Black Caress

Black Sacrifice (Kuro no Ikenie - 黒の生贄) is the third episode of the anime adaptation of the Bible Black game and the third episode of the Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis series.

It was first released in Japan on the 21st of December, 2001[1] and in the United States on the 19th of November, 2002 under the name Second Sacrament in a double feature containing both this episode and the fourth episode Black Caress.[2] In a manner similar to the R1 DVD release of Episodes 1 and 2, the R1 DVD cover has a truncated version of Romans 8:6-7 on it.

This episode was later rereleased in Japan as a special remastered version (see below).

As Walpurgis Night approaches, the evil Academy nurse Reika Kitami reveals her history and true nature when torturing and raping art professor Hiroko Takashiro. With Taki Minase, Kaori Saeki and her witchcraft club friends Jun and Maki firmly under her control, she arranges the rape of Minase's girlfriend Rika Shiraki and kidnap of his childhood friend Kurumi Imari to use as a vessel for her soul.


Not a good day for Takashiro.


In the apartment building used by Saeki's coven, Academy art professor Hiroko Takashiro is being water tortured at Reika Kitami's command. A rubber hose is lodged in her mouth and water is filling up her insides. She desperately gasps for air when Kaori Saeki pulls it out. The girl hands Taki Minase a large plastic syringe to fill her up even more.

Minase amazed at the water Takashiro holds under torture.

Act One

Takashiro screams and struggles when Minase uses the syringe to push water inside her body. Kitami sadistically revels in the torturous spectacle, saying her suffering speaks to her like a work of art.

Kitami orders her lackey Minase.

She then orders Minase to have sex with Takashiro. Saeki and her followers Maki Kurimoto and Jun Amatsuki look unsettled when Minase proceeds to do so. Kitami taunts the art professor and admits to being crazy. She speeches that the whole world has gone crazy and is evil, but people refuse to admit it. She claims the world needs a true demon like her.

Takashiro tries to escape her torment.

Kitami then reveals that she made a contract with the Devil twelve years ago and that she suspects Takashiro of being a surviving member of the magic club that tried to sacrifice her during a ritual. Takashiro admits that she was indeed a member of the group and realizes that Kitami was used as a human sacrifice.

Saeki and her gang witness the abuse.

As Minase finishes with Takashiro, the woman attempts to crawl away but is stopped by Kitami, who pushes the heel of her boot into her back. The witch proceeds to violate the teacher herself, flashbacking to the fateful Walpurgis Night ritual twelve years ago:

Nami: "You are the sacrifice"
"Heikas heikas estei biberoi."
The chant echoes through the basement ritual chamber. On the pedestal lays a naked younger Kitami, pierced by a large black metal sword. She is surrounded by five girls in black robes who stand around a magic circle. Blood is pouring down the concrete altar while the purple-haired leader, identified as Nami, recites a chant before plunging the sword down one last time:
A young Kitami about to be sacrificed.
"You are the sacrifice. You will feed the power of the demon. As the sacrifice dies, please bestow us the power of the Dark Gods. Oh sacrifice, give us the power to control the demon's mischief. Oh sacrifice, may you open the door of heaven. Open your door. May your prince open your eternal door. The king of glory will enter. The eternal king is the king of kings. God is a king of glory. Father, son and holy ghost. Sazaz Sazaz Andatsan Sazaz."
The magic club girls panic.
But when she finishes, nothing happens. As the girls around the table start to panic, realizing they have murdered someone, Nami says it is not yet too late. In a fit of insanity she brutally decapitates one of the girls. Blood sprays across the room, and the leader claims they have all given up their sanity after reading and using the black bible. She then proceeds to murder everyone in the room.
The final victim tries to find a way to stop her using the magic book, but she too is mercilessly slaughtered, leaving a large red blood stain in the book.
Kitami makes her deal with the Devil.
As the pentagram drawing on the wall starts to glow and the gates of hell start to open, Nami drops the sword and appeals to the Devil for his power. However, during her violent killing spree, Kitami has gathered her last bit of strength and managed to get up from the altar. She grabs the metal sword from the floor and plunges it in Nami's back. The girl falls down to the ground in pain, and Kitami slams the sword down several more times, mortally wounding her captor.
Kitami kneels down on the stone floor at the brink of death. She hears the Devil's voice resonate in her mind, offering her a contract to preserve her life.
Shiraki is grabbed by Jun and Saeki.

Back in the apartment building, the now older Kitami climaxes, allowing Takashiro to finally push out all the water pumped inside of her.

The group then finds out that Minase's girlfriend Rika Shiraki has found her way into the apartment, as she has been obsessively following Minase ever since he put a love spell on her. The girl is mesmerized from witnessing the brutal abuse of Takashiro and flinches when Kitami welcomes her.

Shiraki and Minase examine the Bible Black and find a bloody page.

Act Two

Minase wakes up in his bedroom with Shiraki giving him oral sex, promising to do it for him every morning. Minase recalls the previous night, where he, Kitami and the girls repeatedly sexually assaulted her.

An awkward moment for Imari at Minase's door.

As the two get dressed, Shiraki asks Minase about the Bible Black on his desk. Minase ponders to himself that the spell book is what caused her to lose her mind. Looking over the book, they find a stuck page, largely covered in dried blood: the blood stain of one of the murdered girls on Walpurgis Night twelve years ago.

Meanwhile, Minase's friend Kurumi Imari is standing in front of Minase's house, reflecting the appeal he made to her the previous night. But when Minase opens the door, closely held by Shiraki, she sobs and runs away crying.

Imari questions her friend.

Later in class, Imari avoids Minase's gaze, but afterwards runs up to her friend in the hallway to ask him what he meant with his appeal when he came to her house the night before. She wonders why he has been behaving so strange lately, but Minase dismisses her questions, telling Imari to leave him alone. He then warns her not to come to the art club that day.

"Here is your beloved council president!"

It soon becomes clear why. Because in the art club that afternoon, professor Takashiro is being gang raped by several of her students. They eagerly assault their teacher's body, spurred on by Kitami who jokingly considers it sexual education.

The witch then maliciously pulls Shiraki from Minase's side and throws her to the boys as well. The students proceed to violate their beautiful student council president and she hysterically begs Minase for help. But he coldly remains at his mistress Kitami's side.

Imari breaks Minase's spell.

Suddenly, Imari walks in the room. Shocked at seeing her classmate and teacher raped by the students, she begs them to stop. But Saeki instead suggests Imari joins them, while Minase casts a magic purple colored orb in his hand by Kitami's command. As Imari stares into the light and starts to lose consciousnesses, she manages to slap Minase across the face, breaking the spell. Imari then faints and drops to the floor unconscious.

Imari shackled to a table.

Saeki quickly tells Minase to bring the downed girl with them. In an act of desperation, Takashiro pleads with him to leave her alone.

Act Three

Soon after in Saeki's apartment, an almost naked Imari is laying shackled to a table unconsciously, surrounded by Kitami, Minase and Saeki's club. She slowly awakens when Kitami pulls off her panties and touches her, calling Imari a fine specimen. She asks Minase if this is the first time he has seen his friend naked and promises to treat Imari if the ritual goes well.

Minase caught by Kitami's male goons.

When the girl wakes up confused and embarrassed, Kitami explains that they need her body unspoiled, since Minase already took Shiraki's virginity, the other girl she had her eye on.

Takashiro rediscovers the book.

The group is joined by three robed male goons, who quickly grab and hold Minase when Kitami suspects him of hiding something.

At the same time in Minase's room, Takashiro is resting in Minase's bed. Her student secretly brought her to his house when taking Imari with him. The art teacher gets up and spots the Bible Black on his desk: the same magic book she used twelve years ago when she headed her own witchcraft club.

Imari is force fed aphrodisiacs.

Back in the apartment, Kitami holds up a chastity belt to tie around Imari's crotch. She taunts her by saying she will not be able to masturbate with the device on and that she will therefore give her pleasure instead.

Kitami then forces four small green pills down Imari's throat. The girl moans when the chemical aphrodisiacs start to kick in and stir her body into sexual arousal. Sobbing, she desperately begs and pleads to Minase to help her. But her friend is still being held by Kitami's thugs, being harassed himself by Saeki.

Imari makes a shameful confession.

When Imari is about to go crazy with pleasure, Kitami makes her embarrassingly admit that she masturbates three times a week. The nurse laughs and promises to reward Imari for her honesty by making her orgasm repeatedly in front of Minase. Imari screams as her legs are pulled apart.

To be continued...

Remastered edition

See also: Black Sacrifice remastered comparison

Black Sacrifice was later re-released as a Japanese only censored version with enhanced visuals. The original episode was presumably deemed to have inferior animation and art compared to previous and following episodes and was consequently updated and replaced with a remade version for the Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis DVD collection set.

This new version improves the art and animation style to be more in line with the rest of the series. Most notably, Kitami's flashback scenes of the first Walpurgis Night ritual were replaced with those seen in the prequel Origins, adding several new shots not seen before.

Apart from the improved art and animation the episode largely remains the same. A few minor details were changed as well, such as the poster of a girl in Minase's room. For a complete list of notable changes, see this comparison page.

The updated episode was also featured in the 100-minute re-cut of all six episodes of the La Noche de Walpurgis series.

For an overview of all 68 images from the remastered episode, see Images from Black Sacrifice (remastered).

Deviations from game

  • Instead of pills, the aphrodisiac seen in the game is a green fluid administered by a hypodermic needle or a capsule that breaks inside the body.
  • Takashiro's torture scene in the game is even more disturbing. Afterwards, Kitami also has the teacher branded by a pentagram emblem that reads '666'.
  • A scene in the game also shows professor Takashiro assaulted by her students in the art room by Kitami's command. If Rika Shiraki is present, however, it is Minase that forces her to be abused as well, not Kitami as seen in the anime.


  • Kitami's flashback scene establishes the first names of the magic club members later seen in the prequel Origins. However, the look of some characters differs. Like Rie Morita, as seen in this picture. This discrepancy was fixed in the remastered edition (see above).
  • In the scene in the art club near the end of the episode, Kitami whispers something to Minase before licking his cheek. In the Japanese version, this line is inaudible. But in the English dub, Kitami says 'Your big dick is gonna love this'. It is more plausible, however, that Kitami actually commands the boy to use a magic spell to stun Imari, which he does seconds later.
  • The title of this episode likely refers to both Kitami's experience as a soul sacrifice on Walpurgis Night, and the preparation of Imari as a similar victim.
  • The metal bikini worn by Kaori Saeki on some episode covers is never actually seen in the anime. It bears a striking resemblance to the Slave Leia costume from the Star Wars universe. Several images of Saeki wearing the outfit can be found in the Bible Black Visual Art Works art book and the back of the Region 1 DVD release.
  • Likewise, the specific thigh-high boots, pantyhose, garter belts and undershirt worn by Kitami depicted on the cover are not actually worn by her in any of the episodes.




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