Saki Kiriya

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Saki Kiriya
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The other evil student council president.
Personal information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Gray
Eye color: Violet
Affiliations: Academy
Student council
Saeki's coven
Production information
Voiced by: Us.png Julie Kroener

Saki Kiriya (桐谷 咲 Kiriya Saki) is a minor character featured in the Bible Black: New Testament series.

She is the president of the Academy's student council and a close follower of teacher Kaori Saeki and her occult club. When her mistress rejoins with the evil witch Reika Kitami, she becomes her loyal servant as well.


Kiriya assists her mistress Saeki's ritual.

Kiriya assists her mistress Saeki and her other followers in their attempt to resurrect the Bible Black spell book that was lost years ago.

After a number of failed rituals in their school's basement due to interruptions, Saeki performs another ritual with her nine followers to empower student Yuki Toudou, another loyal devotee. The girl is used to probe teacher Yoshitani about the whereabouts of the Spear of Longinus, an ancient artifact Saeki intends to use to resurrect the Bible Black. Beforehand, Kiriya asks her mistress if they will be interrupted again, and her concerns are proven to be justified soon after, as the candles in the room extinguish and the ritual fails yet again.

Welcoming vice-principal Oshima in the basement with the coven.

Later, Kiriya again joins the other coven girls in the basement. By her mistress' command, Kiriya and the girls seduce Academy vice-principal Takeshi Oshima. They collect his semen in a golden chalice before Saeki's old mistress, witch Reika Kitami - who inhabits the body of Kurumi Imari - joins them and continues the ritual. She dips the Spear of Longinus in the chalice and inserts it inside the body of a young pink-haired girl she brought with her.

About to knock out Shiraki.

Kiriya is later present in class when substitute teacher Rika Shiraki is introduced by Saeki. She and her fellow club members maliciously stare at the new professor.

Capturing teacher Shiraki

Soon after, Kiriya helps Saeki confront and capture Shiraki on the school grounds at night. Another girl and boy grab the teacher as Kiriya knocks her out with a chemically treated rag.

Preparing Shiraki for her water torture.

The teacher is brought to a dark torture chamber in which she is brutally water tortured under her mistress Saeki's supervision. Kiriya helps her insert a rubber tube inside Shiraki to fill her body up with water. She looks on as Saeki whips and tortures the woman, interrogating her about supposedly snooping around.

Kiriya also watches when the teacher is later raped by several male followers who violate her body to exhaustion.

Offering herself to Yamanishi when he believes her to be Kitami.

Used as a vessel

Sometime later, Kiriya is summoned to the Tokken headquarters by Imari/Kitami and is willingly used as a vessel by the young police investigator Naoto Yamanishi, who believes her to be Kitami. He passionately makes love to her, possibly even taking Kiriya's virginity in the process. Kitami meanwhile performs a ritual with her other followers that causes the circle on the floor around Kiriya to glow in an eerie blue light. After Yamanishi orgasms inside her, Saeki collects the mixture of semen and blood in a golden cup.

Conferring with her mistress Imari/Kitami during the ritual.

Next, Kiriya watches as her mistress Saeki has sex with Yamanishi after feeding him the mixture. The boy violently has his way with the woman before they are interrupted by another barrier. Confused, Kiriya asks Imari/Kitami what is going on before her mistress confidently attempts to dispel the intrusion. She launches a powerful spell, causing Kiriya and almost all the other girls to faint from the resulting blast.

Her tools of torture at the ready to inflict horrible suffering on Yuki.

Mistress of torture

Kiriya later assists in the torture of Yuki after the girl is found to be responsible for disturbing the ritual due to Jody Crowley's influence. Yuki is bound and suspended naked over a water basin and Kiriya threatens her, pointing to their other prisoner Shiraki sitting on a painful torture device. Kiriya gropes Yuki's body and violates her with a large ribbed dildo before being pushed aside by Imari/Kitami who then rapes the girl.

Afterwards, Kiriya watches as Shiraki is forced to violate Yuki with a device attached to her mouth. She also fills their bodies with water using a rubber hose and pump, inflicting painful suffering on both girls.

Witnessing Saeki's betrayal.

The final ritual

Soon after, Kiriya helps her mistresses in the Academy basement for her final ritual. She pours a semen mixture from the gold chalice over Aki and Imari/Kitami's body. However, Saeki betrays Kitami after being subjected by Jody earlier.

Kiriya collapses on the floor just before Jody takes over the ritual and engages in her own ritual. Jody then has her two female guards insert strange metal devices inside Kiriya and the other girls' vaginas. Kiriya is also violated anally by a still possessed Naoto Yamanishi.

Raped by Yamanishi in the ritual.

At the climax of the ritual, a black energy emerges from the pentacle drawing on the floor and penetrates Kiriya's body through the metal device lodged inside her.

Eventually, Tokken director Toru Yuge and Hiroko Takashiro manage to overpower Jody and Kitami and release Kiriya and the others.

Following the ritual night, life around the Academy returns to normal, and Kiriya is seemingly unaware of what has transpired over the past few days.

Personality and traits

Preparing her whip.

Similar to Saeki and Kitami's other followers, Kiriya seemingly follows their evil commands without question, indicating the girl has no reservations at all at committing cruel acts.

Her sadistic tendencies results in her taking a very hands-on approach when torturing her mistress' enemies. She appears to take pleasure in taunting them, as she does to her former friend and ally Yuki. She even pushes her stomach while water torturing her, painfully forcing the water through Shiraki in the process.


  • Kiriya shares her first name with the Origins character Saki Shindou.
  • Although still sizable, Kiriya has noticeably smaller breasts compared to the other female characters in the Bible Black series, actually making them appear in more realistic proportions.


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