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Seiji hiraya hiratani.png
The unpopular and perverted student.
Personal information
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Affiliations: Academy
Production information
Voiced by: Us.png Fred Arons

Hiratani (平谷) is a minor character featured in the Bible Black: Origins prequel anime series.

He is an unpopular student at the Academy and has a crush on the attractive student council president Nami Kozono. Using the help of a witchcraft club, he attempts to seduce her by magic.


Hiratani keeping a low profile.

Hiratani looks somewhat unassuming with his black eyes and messy black hair. He is only seen wearing his Academy uniform over his skinny body, and it is clear that his fellow students do not consider him attractive.


Making a request to Rose Cross.

Hiratani tries to ask Kozono out by offering her a personal note while waiting for her at the ladies bathroom at school. The girl cruelly rejects him and says she is not interested in men. She adds that even if she was, she would never date him.

Not giving up, Hiratani goes to his fellow student Hiroko Takashiro and her witchcraft club for help with winning Kozono over. Using the spells in a newly discovered magic book, she helps him put Kozono under a love curse that makes the girl completely infatuated with Hiratani.

Hiratani wins over Kozono.

The boy secretly hides in a classroom and slips the charm in Kozono's bag while she is busy seducing a female student.

When the council president sees the boy the next morning, she immediately hooks up with him, surprising many of her fellow students. She becomes his girlfriend and they have sex in the council room at school that same day: Hiratani's first time.

The boy is roughed up by Kozono's thugs in an abandoned warehouse.

However, when Hiratani decides to hold off on having sex with her for a while so he can save up, Kozono thinks he no longer wants her and also asks Takashiro and her friends for help. Instead, they break the love curse they put on her before.

Kozono, now disgusted at having been with Hiratani, drives him to an empty warehouse where he is dragged out of the car by her group of thugs. She tells them not to kill the boy, so it is possible that he eventually escapes his ordeal.

Personality and traits

Clumsily asking out his crush.

A shy and bleak person, Hiratani is clumsy around girls and awkwardly asks Kozono out. Though a bit overwhelmed at having sex for the first time with the girl after she falls in love with him, he appears to be quite eager try out his perverted fantasies with her. He even stops masturbating in order to treat her.


  • Hiratani is likely to be his surname. His full name is never stated in the anime, but according to some it was revealed to be Seiji Hiraya in the Bible Black Visual Art Works.[unconfirmed, needs source]


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