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The hospital during daytime.

The hospital is the Japanese medical center featured primarily in the Bible Black: New Testament anime series. A hospital is also briefly seen in the Bible Black: Origins series. This one has been included in this article, even though it could be a different location.

Several hospital employees can be seen in the series, namely an unknown male doctor and female nurse. The only named staff member is nurse Eri Harada.


Takashiro wakes up from her coma in an unknown hospital.

Takashiro's demonic coma

Academy student Hiroko Takashiro lands in a hospital after being raped by a demon she and her witchcraft club summoned in the basement of their school. The assault on her mind and body causes the girl to lapse into a coma for three days.[1]

Takashiro later wakes up in her hospital bed, her arm connected to an IV. She looks over at the alarm clock behind her bed, realizing it is Walpurgis Night; the night she and her witchcraft club intended to summon the Devil himself to gain his favor. She then leaves the hospital to stop them.

Nurse Harada checks up on Yamanishi after he is brought in by Tokken.

Revival in the hospital

Many years later, police investigator Naoto Yamanishi is brought into the hospital by several Tokken agents after suffering a burn and a mild concussion during an investigation. In room 517, he is greeted by the friendly nurse Eri Harada when he wakes up, still suffering from a headache.

Yuki's corpse is mysteriously revived.

Around the same time, the relatively intact corpse of Academy student Yuki Toudou and the burnt body of her teacher Yoshitani are brought into the hospital's autopsy room. A mysterious white-robed girl suddenly appears over Yuki's examination table chanting an incantation. Moments later, the girl is found sitting alive and well on the table by Yamanishi, his police colleague and an unknown male doctor.

Oshima and the friendly nurse Harada get it on.

Sometime later, Tokken agent Aki Ichikawa recovers in the hospital when she is used in a bizarre ritual in the school. Her boss Toru Yuge checks up on her when a nurse mistakes him for her father and informs him that a robed nun brought the girl in.

Terror from the vice-principal

Academy vice-principal Takeshi Oshima later ends up in the hospital after being hit by a truck. His mind possessed by a demonic force, he seduces nurse Eri Harada when she comforts him. The woman returns his advances at first, but resists and cries when the man forces himself on her in an animalistic frenzy. He proceeds to violently rape her on the hospital bed.

Aki's wound is magically healed.

Not much later, Oshima sneaks into Aki Ichikawa's room, number 509. He intends to hit her with a drip stand, but instead proceeds to sexually assault her first. In a crazed possession, he then stabs her in the abdomen with a knife.

Meanwhile, Yamanishi wakes up from a nightmare in his room down the hall. He gets up to buy a can of soda from a machine when he hears Aki screaming. He runs into her room and knocks out Oshima with the can and drip stand. As he is about to call a doctor, Aki's stab wound magically seals itself.



  1. GAME1 | Takashiro: "By the time I was released, my mind was a mess. Because of the psychological shock I'd sustained, I fell into a coma for three days."