Yuki Toudou

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Yuki Toudou
Yuki toudou.png
The slavishly flirtatious Academy student.
Personal information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Dark Blue
Affiliations: Academy
Saeki's coven
Swim team
Production information
Voiced by: Us.png Allison Horton

Yuki Toudou (藤堂 由希 Tōdō Yuki) or Todo is a major character featured in the Bible Black: New Testament series. She is commonly called by her first name Yuki.

At school she uses her body to do her mistress Kaori Saeki's bidding, seducing teachers for her occult exploits. She is seduced by the mysterious Jody Crowley and becomes a pawn and a victim in her dark plot.


Wearing her swimsuit.

She is a student at the Academy and a swimmer, possibly a member of the school's official swim team. She is influenced by her teacher Kaori Saeki and joins her coven along with several other female students. She becomes one of the woman's loyal followers and uses her own body to give sexual favors for her teacher's occult rituals.


Yuki has long brown hair with two pigtails tied by red bows with long flowing ribbons. She has distinctive narrow and glassy eyes with large dark blue irises.

Her slim body shows a distinct tan line from wearing her swimsuit, indicating she uses it a lot. She is commonly seen dressed in her school uniform.


Seducing young teacher Yoshitani on the roof of the Academy building.

Seducing a teacher

Yuki is given the job of seducing the young teacher Yoshitani by her mistress Kaori Saeki. She meets him on the roof of the Academy dressed in her swimsuit, while Saeki and her other coven girls preform a ritual in the school's basement with Yuki's school uniform and a picture of her. As Yuki has sex with Yoshitani, she probes the teacher about the location of the Spear of Longinus, an ancient artifact he reveals is in his father's possession.

Yuki's well-preserved corpse.

A mysterious robed girl suddenly appears floating above the copulating pair and fires a spell at them. Yoshitani and Yuki both burn to death in a blazing fire that encircles them, but Yuki's body miraculously remains intact whereas Yoshitani's burns to a crisp.

Police investigators later inspect her body, puzzled about how it remained unscathed. Her corpse is brought to a hospital for an autopsy along with Yoshitani's.

Revived by Jody in the hospital.

Back from the dead

In the hospital autopsy room, the same mysterious floating girl stands over Yuki's lifeless body. She showers her with flower petals after sacrificing two cats that lay dead beside Yuki's body. The girl cuts into her finger with a scalpel and rubs the blood onto Yuki's lips, reciting an occult chant. Yuki miraculously comes back to life and sits up straight, staring out the window. Just then, a doctor enters the room with a police investigator and his partner. Yuki licks her lips and smiles at them.

Eagerly coming on to Oshima with the rest of Saeki's coven.

Slave to her mistresses

Yuki returns to her mistress, Saeki, soon after. She helps her and the club girls seduce the Academy vice-principal Takeshi Oshima in the school's basement. She eagerly kisses the athletic man, before pleasuring him along with the other girls. They collect his semen in a golden chalice for a ritual. Unbeknownst to Yuki, Jody Crowley, the mysterious white robed girl, telepathically links with her and is able to see the events taking place through Yuki's eyes.

Empowering her new mistress.

During the ritual, a woman enters, known to Saeki as the witch Reika Kitami, though she is inhabiting the body of Kurumi Imari. The woman continues the ritual, impregnating a young girl with a mysterious artifact after dunking it in the golden cup.

Yuki is later present in class when the new substitute teacher Rika Shiraki is introduced by Saeki. She and her fellow club members, among them Saki Kiriya, sharply stare at the new professor.

Making passionate love to Jody.

Soon after, Yuki helps Imari/Kitami overpower her nemesis Hiroko Takashiro by chanting and surrounding the woman along with several other girls. The witch proceeds to rape Takashiro in front of her and several other girls.

Still under the influence of Jody, Yuki later meets her on the school roof alone. Jody makes her promise to be her loyal servant and casts a spell on her, causing strange occult symbols to appear on Yuki's body. She is compelled to be completely devoted to her new mistress, and promises to help Jody fulfill the prophecy of her grandfather. The girls then passionately have sex.

Jody sees through Yuki's eyes.

Yuki rejoins Imari/Kitami and witnesses Saeki ritualistically having sex with a possessed Naoto Yamanishi. Through Yuki, Jody uses a spell to throw up a barrier. Imari/Kitami manages to dispel it, leaving only Yuki left standing. The witch realizes it was her that disturbed the ritual and has her restrained.

Punished and tortured for her treason at Imari/Imari's hands.

Tortured and abused

Soon after, Yuki wakes up bound and gagged, suspended over a large water basin. Her former allies Saeki and Kiriya taunt her, intending to punish her for her treason. She is violated repeatedly by Kiriya before Imari/Kitami anal rapes her and interrogates her about Jody. But Yuki is unable to withstand Jody's influence and does not answer. She is then water tortured and violated by a device worn by Rika Shiraki, the substitute teacher that was kidnapped and tortured earlier.

Penetrated by the black energy during the final orgy ritual.

Yuki is later abused in a exuberant orgy in the Academy basement for Imari/Kitami's ritual. It is interrupted when Jody barges in and takes over, but she has her loyal servant Yuki violated as well in her Ritual of Coronzon, along with Takashiro, Shiraki, Kiriya and Saeki. Her guards insert strange metal devices into their vaginas, and they are penetrated by a strange black energy that emerges during the ritual. Eventually, Tokken director Toru Yuge and Takashiro manage to overpower Jody and Kitami and release Yuki and the others.

Following the ritual night, life around the Academy returns to normal, and Yuki is seemingly unaware of what has happened.

Personality and traits

Drooling like a dog in heat.

Yuki has a slavish personality, following her mistresses' orders without hesitation. She also has no reservations about using her body to give sexual favors to others. Her attempts at seduction are often successful, though this could be due to Kaori Saeki's ritual performed in the Academy basement.


Likely due to Yuki's submissive personality, she appears to have no problems with having sex with both genders. However, her attraction towards Jody could be due to the woman's powerful magical influence. She is seen having sex with several males, and is raped by Imari/Kitami during her vicious water torture, which includes being violated by Rika Shiraki.


  • Though Yuki died when she was killed by Jody Crowley's blaze, her body presumably remained intact due to the ritual Kaori Saeki and her coven performed in the first episode. However, it could also be that Jody had planned to have the girl resurrected in the hospital later and made sure her body was not harmed.
  • The love-making scene with Yuki and Jody on the roof has been removed completely in the New Testament Complete Version, a single movie re-cut of the series.
  • The squinted shape of Yuki's glassy dark eyes is quite unique. No other character shares this trait.


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