Holy cup

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Rinse thoroughly before use.

The holy cup is a golden chalice used in certain occult rituals found in the Bible Black spell book. The cup is intended to be filled up with semen and/or blood, forming a magic concoction for a multitude of purposes.

The prop is used in the first Bible Black game, the first anime series Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis and its sequel Bible Black: New Testament. It also makes an appearance in a scene from Bible Black: Only.


Saeki gathers ingredients for her perverted coven project.

A perverted folly

The occult obsessed student Kaori Saeki uses the chalice to collect semen from several male virgins at school with her witchcraft club friends Jun and Maki. She has sex with a boy in an empty classroom, while Jun does the same to a boy spying on her in the swim team locker room. After Maki has her way with a fellow tennis player, all three girls have sex with a biology teacher as well.

Later at Saeki's house, Saeki adds her own blood to the semen-filled cup and drinks from the mixture, causing two erect phalli to shoot out from her groin as she drops the chalice on the floor. In a possessed sexual frenzy she has intercourse with both her friends simultaneously.

The cup is filled all the way with the semen from Kitami's corrupted male followers to prepare Imari's body for a ritual.

Walpurgis Night

School nurse and witch Reika Kitami also uses the cup to collect the semen from her male followers in order to purify the altar in the Academy basement in preparation of a soul exchanging ritual with Kurumi Imari on Walpurgis Night. The men have sex with several girls and then ejaculate into the cup. Kitami then slashes her own wrist and adds her blood to the mixture.

Yuki collects Oshima's seed.

Spear of Longinus

Years later, Saeki again uses the golden goblet as a teacher when catching the semen of the school's vice president Takeshi Oshima. Kitami - in the body of Imari - dips the tip of the Spear of Longinus in the cup, making the metal artifact glow red. She then insert the object inside Aki Ichikawa's vagina, causing the girl to scream in agony.

Imari/Kitami also uses the cup to collect police investigator Naoto Yamanishi's seed and mixes it with her blood and that of her followers.

The evil witch Imari/Kitami mixes her followers' blood in the cup.

Yamanishi is forced to drink from the mixture to corrupt his mind and bring him under Kitami's command. It causes his penis to grow to monstrous size. Saeki, who also ingests the concoction, is forced to have rough sex with him.

One of Saeki's followers uses the cup one more time before Jody Crowley engages in her Ritual of Coronzon to cover Imari and Aki Ichikawa's bodies with fluid.