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A ritual sword covered in blood.

A ritual blade is a ceremonial blade used in several occult rituals seen in the Bible Black series. It makes an appearance in the form of both daggers and swords.

Most of the blades that are seen are made out of a black metal. The design is detailed, with either decorations along the hilt or the hilt itself shaped like a cross. It is intended to appear inverted when the sword is pointed down.

A sword also appears prominently on the cover of the Bible Black spell book, thrust upside-down in a hexagon.


Takashiro uses a dagger to kill a dog.

Summoning demons

Academy student Hiroko Takashiro utilizes a small black ritual dagger with a gold-colored handle when she engages in a summoning ritual with her witchcraft club in her school's basement. She stabs a puppy dog laying on an altar to death, causing its blood to spray in her face. The animal's sacrifice causes the magic circle around the participants to glow and a demon to emerge. The vicious creature lunges at her and violently rapes the girl, making her drop the blade in the process.

Kozono stabs Kitami with a sword.

A large black metal sword is used sometime later when the club's new leader Nami Kozono stabs the blond student Reika Kitami through the abdomen while reciting an occult chant. She intends to summon the Devil with this human sacrifice, but nothing happens. In a fit of insanity, Kozono starts killing her fellow club members, cleanly beheading one of them with the sword. Blood sprays across the room, and the girls panic as they are murdered with the weapon one by one.

Kitami takes revenge by stabbing Kozono in the back.

The slaughter causes the Devil's gate to open, and Kozono drops the sword on the floor to embrace the Devil's arrival. However, Kitami has managed to pull the sword out of her body[1] and stabs it in Kozono's back. She then slams the blade several more times, mortally wounding her captor before throwing the weapon aside.

Kitami about to cut her wrists with a small pointy dagger.

Years later, student Kaori Saeki utilizes a silver bladed ritual sword with a golden hilt when engaging in pretend demon summoning rituals with her magic club friends Jun and Maki in their apartment. They do not actually stab anyone, however.

Kitami's dagger

Soon after, the adult Kitami uses a small dagger with a golden crossguard in an occult ritual to exchange souls with student Kurumi Imari. The woman slashes her own wrist to collect blood in a golden chalice. She makes an even deeper cut moments later in order to sacrifice her body.

Aki's clothes are cut.

The exact same dagger is used again by Kitami years later, while inhabiting the adult body of Imari. It is now stored in a small scabbard worn on her body. The witch uses the weapon in a ritual to make a small cut in her own hand, which then magically also makes a cut in the hands of her followers. Their blood is used in an occult concoction.

Imari/Kitami stabs her own hand.

For another ritual in the Academy basement, she later uses the knife to cut off both the underwear from Aki and the straps that hold up her own robe. When she attempts to stab the young woman in the abdomen, the weapon is deflected by a magic barrier, breaking the blade at the hilt.

The dagger is used one last time by Imari/Kitami to cast a spell that involves plunging the broken remains of the blade in her hand.

In the games

Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis

A blond priestess wields a ritual sword in the first game's intro.

Like in the anime, the sword is featured prominently in the opening of the game. It is held by a red hooded priestess who presides over an occult ritual. This particular sword shows symbols resembling the letters INIR on the hilt. The significance of these are unclear.

A ritual sword is also described in the Bible Black when the player, Taki Minase, finds it in the basement of his school. One of the passages in the magic book describes a scene in which a man is stabbed in the head, heart and penis with a sword by a priest. The sword is decorated with an upside-down cross.

Saeki's coven uses a ritual sword in an attempt to summon a demon.

Used by Saeki's club

Later, a sword is used by Kaori Saeki and her witchcraft club friends Jun and Maki when they engage in a pretend ritual in an empty apartment. They stand in a magic circle and chant, while Saeki holds the blade against her chest and points the tip towards the ceiling. She then says:

"In the name of the Almighty, I hold the Sword imbued with the power to protect me from adversity."

She proceeds to trace the edges of the magic circle with the tip of the sword. The ritual is a dud, however, as nothing unusual happens.

Used as defense

Later, when Minase goes back to the Academy basement where he found the Bible Black, he discovers a cross-shaped sword lying on the floor with the letter A engraved on the pommel. In a casual attempt to open the Devil's portal, he traces the edge of the white magic circle on the floor with the point of the sword - all the while chanting the words he read in the magic tome earlier. He scrapes the sword along the floor and the circle starts to glow a bluish white.

Young Kitami after the ritual with the sword on the floor.

He is then interrupted by Reika Kitami, the school nurse. She reveals herself to be a witch, and tempts Minase to join her. In a possible storyline in which he rejects her, the player uses the sword to threaten the woman, waving it around wildly. But when he hits her, the sword is harmlessly deflected by some unseen wall, and plunges into the floor with a clang.

In a memory

Like in the anime, Kitami recalls her role as a sacrifice during her youth. She explains how she was stabbed with a ritual sword by a coven of witches, but before she died managed to pull it out and kill the priest presiding over the ritual.


  • It is unknown where the blades seen in the series originate from. It's possible they are simply props already in possession of the characters prior to being used in rituals.
  • During her encounter with the demon in the final episode of Origins, Takashiro is still holding her dagger as the monster appears, but after the assault her hands are empty.
  • In the first episode of the New Testament series, a small dagger is used by the leader of a group of occultist bank robbers for a brief ritual. However, this is a somewhat unremarkable knife that is most likely part of the criminal's regular arsenal, and not a specific ritual weapon.



  1. GAME1 | Kitami: "I pulled out the sword that was stuck in my body, and tried to kill the person responsible for all this."