Ritual blade

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A ritual sword covered in blood.

A ritual blade is a ceremonial blade used in several occult rituals seen in the Bible Black series. It makes an appearance in the form of both daggers and swords.

Most of the blades that are seen are made out of a black metal. The design is detailed, with either decorations along the hilt or the hilt itself shaped like a cross. It is intended to appear inverted when the sword is pointed down.


Takashiro uses a dagger to kill a dog.

Academy student Hiroko Takashiro utilizes a small black ritual dagger with a gold-colored handle when she engages in a summoning ritual with her witchcraft club in her school's basement. She stabs a puppy dog laying on an altar to death, causing its blood to spray in her face. The animal's sacrifice causes the magic circle around the participants to glow and a demon to emerge. The vicious creature lunges at her and violently rapes the girl, making her drop the blade in the process.

Kozono stabs Kitami with a sword.

A large black metal sword is used sometime later when the club's new leader Nami Kozono stabs the blond student Reika Kitami through the abdomen while reciting an occult chant. She intends to summon the Devil with this human sacrifice, but nothing happens. In a fit of insanity, Kozono starts killing her fellow club members, cleanly beheading one of them with the sword. Blood sprays across the room, and the girls panic as they are murdered with the weapon one by one.

Kitami takes revenge by stabbing Kozono in the back.

The slaughter causes the Devil's gate to open, and Kozono drops the sword on the floor to embrace the Devil's arrival. However, Kitami has managed to pull the sword out of her body[1] and stabs it in Kozono's back. She then slams the blade several more times, mortally wounding her captor before throwing the weapon aside.

Years later, student Kaori Saeki also uses a ritual sword when engaging in unsuccessful demon summoning rituals with her magic club friends Jun and Maki in their apartment.

In the games

Saeki's coven uses a ritual sword in an attempt to summon a demon.


  • During her encounter with the demon, Takashiro is still holding her dagger as the monster appears, but after the assault her hands are empty.



  1. GAME1 | Kitami: "I pulled out the sword that was stuck in my body, and tried to kill the person responsible for all this."