Mika Ito

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Mika Ito
Mika ito.png
The sexy green-haired bunny girl.
Personal information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Green
Eye color: Blue
Affiliations: Academy
Production information
Voiced by: Jp.png Kimika Sasa
Us.png Louise Moran
Sp.png Ana Teresa Bengoetxea

Mika Ito (伊藤 美香 Itō Mika), also translated as Itou or Itoh, is a minor character featured in the first and second Bible Black games. She also appears in the first episode of the anime series Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis and two scenes of Bible Black: Only.

She is a loyal supporter of her classmate Kaori Saeki's magical exploits and regularly has her fortune read by Saeki's tarot cards. She is a fairly popular student and a member of the Academy swim team.


Ito's full backside seen from a roof.

Ito has long, green hair and wears a distinctive headband tied in a 'bunny ear' shape. She has light blue eyes and a slim figure. Like most other Academy students, she is almost always seen dressed in her school uniform, though she also wears a swimsuit on occasion.

According to a size chart found in the Visual Art Works, Ito is one of the smallest characters in the series, at least a head shorter than Kitami. However, in this screenshot their height difference is not as significant. It could be that Kitami is not wearing her trademark high heels in this particular scene, though.


Sexual explorations with her boyfriend

One day Ito meets with her boyfriend on the roof of a building. He starts to tease her, despite Ito's fear that someone might see them. They proceed to have sex, taking Ito's virginity.

Joining the swim team's secret lesson.

Next, Ito and her boyfriend secretly watch swim team captain Shinobu Kobayashi and her lackey Mikimoto violate their fellow team member Miyuki Nonogusa in the swim team's locker room.

Ito looks on in amusement for a while and then walks in the room with her boyfriend in tow. She proceeds to tease Nonogusa and lets her have sex with her friend. He rapes her and takes her virginity. Ito also changes into her swimwear and passionately kisses Mikimoto. She calls her boyfriend over to have sex with her as well. He then has sex with all the girls, including Ito. Afterwards, Ito tells her friend that they should do it again sometime.

Nurse Kitami examines Ito.

Sampled by the school nurse

Sometime later, Ito is summoned to the Academy infirmary by the devious nurse Reika Kitami. After closing the curtains and asking her if she has eaten, the nurse suddenly kisses her. Ito initially tries to resist her by pushing her away, but the woman casts a powerful arousal spell on her by reciting an incantation. Ito feels a wave of sexual excitement course through her body, and Kitami starts touching her before revealing a large penis between her legs.

Though initially shocked, Ito willingly proceeds to have sex with Kitami on one of the infirmary beds. Completely absorbed in the spell, Ito gives in to her desires.

In the games

Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis

Ito in the games.

Public disgrace

In the game, Ito is seen as a devout follower of Kaori Saeki. She is present during one of Saeki's elaborate ceremonies in their darkened classroom before class starts. She gets angry at the player (Taki Minase) when he butts in and makes fun of their magic. He dismisses the events on Walpurgis Night twelve years prior in the school's basement as nothing more than rumors, causing Ito to angrily slam one of the desks. She tells him not to write it off so casually, since rumors do not get started without any evidence.

Losing control in the middle of class.

Minase later casts a perverted spell on her as vengeance for Ito lashing out at him and to test out the powers of the newly discovered Bible Black.

The next morning, Saeki's tarot cards predict Ito will suffer a misfortune. Soon after, Ito strips off her uniform and masturbates in front of the classroom. She falls unconscious afterwards and is brought into the nurse's office. The player then has the option to check up on her and can choose to ejaculate over her sleeping body.

Taking sharp revenge on Minase by stabbing him to death with a knife.

Revenge on the player

The incident leaves Ito mortified and extremely embarrassed. She visits a psychiatrist, who diagnoses her as neurotic, and even contemplates suicide. She stops going to school until hearing about Minase's magical exploits around the school. She decides to take revenge on him, resulting in two possible vengeance scenarios:

  • In one storyline, she lures Minase to the school roof and reveals that she knows it was him who caused her to humiliate herself. She stabs him with a hypodermic needle filled with an aphrodisiac drug and prevents him from ejaculating. She tortures Minase by having sex with him and finally allows him to orgasm. The player is killed when the drug forces him to ejaculate indefinitely.
  • In another storyline, Ito mortally stabs Minase with a knife as revenge for humiliating her. She adds that the pain he feels is nothing compared to what she felt during her humiliation. She pulls out the blade as blood gushes out of the player's body. He dies just moments later as Ito walks off.

Sex with Kitami

Kitami having her way with Ito in the nurse's office to protect Minase.

In some storylines where Minase has turned evil and joins Kitami's cause, the nurse has sex with Ito in her office in a similar fashion as the anime. Kitami explains to Minase that Ito started becoming suspicious of his activities and planned to take revenge on him, so Kitami decided to save Minase by making Ito join the group as well; she puts the girl under a spell and both she and the player have sex with her simultaneously.

Participation in orgy

In a possible storyline, Ito takes part in a vast orgy in the art club classroom along with Saeki, Imari and Takashiro.

Bible Black: The Infection

Confronting and seducing Minase when she returns to school.

In the second game, it is revealed Ito stopped showing up at school after her incident, but suddenly returns to see the player Minase and his girlfriend Imari arrive at the building. Later that day, she confronts the player in the school's infirmary. She flat out asks him if he used black magic on her. The player can either lie or tell her the truth.

  • If he admits it, Ito strips and seduces the player into having sex with her. After they finish, Imari catches them. Ito says the player deserved it and laughs as Imari angrily barges out of the room.
  • If the player lies to Ito, she claims to believe him, and then requests that he leaves her with a good memory of the school. She starts touching his body before giving him oral sex. Again, Imari catches them in the act.

Personality and traits

Helping abuse Nonogusa.

Ito has a quick temper and does not take well to being ridiculed, especially about the credibility of black magic. She is also quite devious and mean, demonstrated by her not caring about Nonogusa being violated. She even helps the attackers rape her by forcing her to have sex with her male friend.

She also seems to be bisexual and quite perverted even before nurse Kitami puts her under a spell.



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