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General information
Release: Jp.png Jul 25, 2005 – Jan 25, 2006
Episodes: 3
Runtime: 25-30 minutes (first two episodes)
10 minutes (Imari Rape Scene)
Production information
Animation: Milky Studio
Direction: Hamuo
Production: MS Pictures
Distribution: Us.png Kitty Media
Episode guide
Episode 1 Volume 1
Episode 2 Volume 2
Episode 3 Imari Rape Scene

Bible Black: Only (Baiburuburakku: Only - バイブルブラック・オンリー版) is the fourth and currently final entry in the Bible Black anime series.

The three episodes (referred to as volumes) are a collection of short erotic side stories that take place around the events of the first series. Like the preceding anime series, they are produced by Milky Studio (part of MS Pictures). The first episode debuted on the 25th of July, 2005 in Japan,[1] during the run of the Bible Black: New Testament series. The first two episodes were later adapted and dubbed to English.

Some scenes depict elements and characters from the original Bible Black game that were not seen in the first anime, such as the locker room scene with swim team members Nonogusa, Kobayashi and Mikimoto.

The events depicted in the series do not directly affect the continuity of the main Bible Black series. It is therefore not completely clear if they are not simply alternative situations for some of the characters. However, they do not contradict the main storyline either, hence this wiki considers them official story canon.

The art style in Only is noticeably different from the first anime series and more akin to the one seen in Bible Black: New Testament. This is not surprising, since the episodes were largely created in between the production of this series.

The third volume consists of only one scene wherein student Kurumi Imari is brutally assaulted by one of her schoolmates. This volume was released with the Bible Black Complete box set exclusively in Japan,[2] and remains available as a censored version only.


Volume 1

The first episode shows Academy professor Hiroko Takashiro getting aroused while being reminded of her demonic encounter in her youth. She relieves herself in a bathroom stall and is attacked by the vice-principal, eventually giving in. Next, student Mika Ito has sex with a boy and later spies on swim team members Kobayashi and Mikimoto, who are abusing their fellow swimmer Miyuki Nonogusa. She and her male friend join them to have an exuberant orgy. Finally, student Kaori Saeki has sex with two boys who join her in the swimming pool's shower room.

Volume 2

The second episode details how Kaori Saeki and her witchcraft club girls Jun and Maki collect semen from several male students and a teacher around the Academy. They eventually use it for a perverted spell and engage in a threesome. The next part explains the after effects of Yukiko Minase's bewitchment by her cousin Taki Minase. She masturbates in the bathroom of her school and is later called to a professor's office who engages in several perverted fetishes with her. Lastly, the final part depicts Hiroko Takashiro's fantasies about having sex with her art students in a classroom.

Imari Rape Scene

The short final episode follows Kurumi Imari late in the evening at school. She is grabbed by a fellow student who drags her into a storage room and rapes her. Imari eventually gives in to her lust.




The series features characters from the first game and anime. For a more in-depth look, see the character's main page.

Mug takashiro only.jpg
Hiroko Takashiro (高城 寛子)
The wise Academy art teacher. Despite her calm demeanor, she harbors a few dirty fantasies.
Mug ito only.jpg
Mika Ito (伊藤 美香)
A perverted Academy student that enjoys taking advantage of her fellow students with her boyfriend.
Mug kobayashi.png
Shinobu Kobayashi (小林しのぶ)
The devious captain of the swim team, often accompanied by her blond lackey Mikimoto.
Mug mikimoto.png
Mikimoto (ミキモト)
Kobayashi's lackey who blindly follows her immoral orders and assists in the assault of Nonogusa.
Mug nonogusa.png
Miyuki Nonogusa (野々草 美由紀)
A submissive swim team member that is bullied and abused by Kobayashi and Mikimoto.
Mug saeki only.jpg
Kaori Saeki (佐伯 香織)
Swimmer and occultist student that uses her body to advance her witchcraft club experiments.
Mug jun only.jpg
Jun Amatsuki (天月 純)
A member of Saeki's club. She is devoted to her leader and assists in her sexual experiments.
Mug maki only.jpg
Maki Kurimoto (栗本 真紀)
Another member of Saeki's club. She is equally devoted and also engages in numerous perversions.
Mug yukiko only.jpg
Yukiko Minase 水無瀬 由起子)
A graduate student that still suffers from the sex-crazed effects of her cousin's perverted demon.
Mug imari only.jpg
Kurumi Imari (伊万里 胡桃)
The young and kind-hearted Academy student that becomes the target of a lustful student boy.

Unnamed Characters

A list of background and nameless characters from the series in order of appearance.

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