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Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis (game)

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This article is about the game. For the anime, see Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis (anime)
La Noche de Walpurgis
Logo game.png
General information
Release: Us.png Jp.png July 14, 2000
Platform: Windows.png Microsoft Windows
Icon: ICON Game La Noche de Walpurgis.jpg
Production information
Developed by: Active Software
Published by: Kitty Media

Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis (Spanish: Walpurgis Night) (Baiburuburakku - バイブルブラック La Noche de Walpurgis) or Bible Black: The Game is the first of two eroge computer games in the Bible Black series.

It was created by Sei Shoujo and developed by the Japanese company Active Software and released on the 14th of July. The game was translated to English and distributed by the American company Kitty Media.

The game was the direct inspiration for the later produced anime series of the same name.

A direct sequel to the game, Bible Black: The Infection, was released in 2008. This game is much shorter and largely unrelated to the events portrayed in the anime.


The game is a visual novel, with few interactive elements. The player is occasionally presented with clickable multiple-choice decision points, not all of which are relevant to the general plotline (see the Walkthrough section below). There are twelve different possible endings to the story, many of which end in the death of the player.

The story starts on Day 1 (April 20th) and, depending on the player's choices, can continue up to Day 11 (April 30th). None of the choices on the first day have an impact on the game's plot.

Like other visual novels, the player is given the option to fast forward or rewind through dialogue. He can also save and load the game at any point. In the game's Extras menu, one can access previously unlocked erotic scenes, background music and art. Additionally, the player can check which endings have already been played out.

The game is completely voiced and has some sound effects and music (see Soundtrack below). The music was later re-used in the anime adaptations.


The player, Academy student Taki Minase, finds a magic book in the abandoned basement of his school. He translates the occult writings and uses the ancient magic spells to influence the sexual desires of his classmates.

Teachers and students learn of his magical exploits and try to sway him to their side. Minase learns the mysterious history of school nurse and witch Reika Kitami, and art teacher Hiroko Takashiro tries to warn him about meddling with the powers of darkness.

The player can either give in to his desires, corrupting his mind with evil, or he can fight evil instead, protecting his cousin Yukiko and close friend Kurumi Imari.

For a list of all plot endings, see #Endings.


The characters featured in the first game. For a more in-depth look, refer to the character's main page.

Major Characters

Mug minase GAME.png
Taki Minase (水無瀬 多喜)
Like in the anime, he is the main character of the story. The Academy student discovers the Bible Black in his school's basement. Using the magic spells in the book to satisfy his sexual desires, he is tempted by demonic powers and becomes a pawn in a dark plot.
Mug kitami GAME.png
Reika Kitami (北見 麗華)
The ruthless and seductive school nurse. She uses her demonic magic to seduce and manipulate her students into sexual submission. She tries to find a virgin for an ancient ritual and will stop at nothing to reach her goal, including torturing a fellow teacher.
Mug imari GAME.png
Kurumi Imari (伊万里 胡桃)
Minase's classmate, neighbor and childhood girlfriend. Asked by Minase's parents to look after their son, she wakes him up each morning and is secretly in love with the boy. When he is tempted by evil, she herself becomes a target and person of great importance.
Mug takashiro GAME.png
Hiroko Takashiro (高城 寛子)
Minase's and Imari's art teacher. She was part an occult magic club that existed twelve years ago. A wise and peaceful woman, she grows concerned of Minase's behavior and tries to caution him. She can play a crucial role in helping him combat evil.
Mug saeki GAME.png
Kaori Saeki (佐伯 香織)
Another girl in Minase's class. She has an obsession with the occult and started her own magic club with her girlfriends. Her house is packed with magic books and objects. An ambitious girl, she does not shy away from using her body to get what she wants.
Mug shiraki GAME.png
Rika Shiraki (白木 里香)
A fellow student of Minase and the student body president of the school. Many students, both male and female, envy her beauty and top grades. She is a strict, smart and serious girl, but can be made to fall in love with the player by using a magic spell.

Minor Characters

Mug yukiko GAME.jpg
Yukiko Minase (水無瀬 由起子)
Graduate student and Minase's older cousin. Living together, they are like brother and sister.
Mug kurimoto GAME.jpg
Maki Kurimoto (栗本 真紀)
A member of Saeki's coven. Like her accomplice Jun Amatsuki, she is devoted to her leader Saeki.
Mug amatsuki GAME.jpg
Jun Amatsuki (天月 純)
Another member of Saeki's coven. Like her accomplice Maki Kurimoto, she is devoted to Saeki.
Mug murai GAME.jpg
Ayumi Murai (栗本 真紀)
One of Minase's classmates. She asks him to help her make the boy she likes fall in love with her.
Mug ito GAME.jpg
Mika Ito (伊藤 美香)
One of Minase's classmates and his first victim. She is forced to expose herself in front of class.
Mug nonogusa GAME.jpg
Miyuki Nonogusa (野々草 美由紀)
A former classmate of Minase and recent swim team member. She is abused by her team members.
Mug kobayashi GAME.jpg
Shinobu Kobayashi (小林 忍)
The snotty and cruel captain of the swim team, often accompanied by her blond lackey Mikimoto.
Mug mikimoto GAME.jpg
Mikimoto (美樹本)
Kobayashi's lackey who blindly follows her as she terrorizes fellow swim team member Nonogusa.
Mug inoue.jpg
Inoue (井上)
An infamous bully that hangs around the school with his gang of thugs, harassing fellow students.
Mug shinjou.jpg
Shinjou (新庄)
Leader of Inoue's gang. He is a proficient street fighter and karate master. He rarely attends school.


The game contains a score of 20 MIDI songs, most of which were remastered and used in the anime adaptations of the series. See below for a list of .OGG music samples. This list is the same as on the Bible Black: The Infection page, as both games contain the same music.

Bible Black
BGM01.MID (3:20)
Main title and menu theme
Pater noster
BGM02.MID (0:33)
Excitement theme, on the road
My pace
BGM03.MID (0:28)
Academy theme, hanging around
Alarm clock
BGM04.MID (0:36)
The player (Minase) waking up
After five
BGM05.MID (0:30)
BGM06.MID (0:26)
Thoughtful, preparing spell
BGM07.MID (0:29)
Entering the basement
BGM08.MID (0:26)
Calling my Desire
BGM09.MID (0:28)
BGM10.MID (0:28)
Only oneself
BGM11.MID (0:30)
Pencil rocket
BGM12.MID (0:29)
Sitting in class
BGM13.MID (0:24)
Sadness theme, finding the book
Jesus Christ
BGM14.MID (0:27)
Gripping theme, magic at work
Black magic
BGM15.MID (0:27)
In my mind
BGM16.MID (0:34)
Active heart
BGM17.MID (0:25)
Silly theme (heard in art club)
BGM18.MID (0:28)
Walpurgis night
BGM19.MID (0:31)
Ritual on Walpurgis Night
Before the daylight
BGM20.MID (0:30)


For the full game walkthrough, see Bible Black: LNdW Walkthrough.

The twelve possible endings to the game are described below, as well as the major decision points or triggers that determine each. The other player choices in the game are optional and do not influence the ending, including all decisions made on the first day of the game.

There are three types of endings: the True End, the best outcome for the player (Taki Minase), also used in the anime; Normal End (simply called 'End' in the game), where the player joins the wicked Kitami or betrays her to take her power for himself; Bad End, in which the player ends up dead or incarcerated.

For a more in-depth and step-by-step walkthrough on all decisions points, please check out the walkthrough's main article.[1]

Warning: this list may contain spoilers.

True Ending

Imari gives Minase a kiss to wake him.

Ending 1 - Kurumi Imari
In this storyline, Minase turns down Kitami's offer of joining her ilk, an option only available after completing the game with a Normal Ending once (4, 6, 7, 9, 10, or 11). He escapes her clutches and joins forces with Takashiro to stop the witch from exchanging souls with his friend Imari. Kitami later burns the Bible Black, but not before Minase successfully copies the pages containing the Forbidden Spell, the only thing that can stop her. After fully decoding the spell, Minase and Takashiro head to the school basement on Walpurgis Night to stop the ritual. They succeed, and Kitami's soul is dragged to hell. The ending concludes with Minase and Imari finally being together again, closely resembling the ending in the anime.

  • Don't give Ito a second thought
  • Go for Imari
  • Save Nonogusa
  • Turn down Saeki (twice)
  • Turn down Kitami (only available after seeing one good ending)
  • Do it with Ms. Takashiro
  • Drop the knife

Normal Endings

Imari and Saeki serve Minase's empire.

Ending 2 - Evil never dies
In this ending, Minase decides to murder Kitami and take over leadership of her and Saeki's coven, not wanting Imari to be sacrificed. He obtains an undiluted aphrodisiac from Takashiro and stabs Kitami with it on Walpurgis Night during the climax of the ritual, causing the witch to lose control of herself and die. Afterwards, Takashiro is likely murdered by Minase as well, and the blame for the entire basement incident is placed on her. Minase starts building his own evil empire, using the school to practice black magic. Along with his close followers Imari and Saeki, they use orgies and drug sales to gain vast sums of money.

  • Ejaculate on Ito
  • Go for Imari
  • Plot a different way to use Nonogusa
  • Turn down Saeki (twice)
  • Give into Kitami

The girls wallow in lust when Kitami takes over the school.

Ending 3 - Deceivers
This storyline concludes with Minase giving in to Kitami. Her followers and the player overpower Takashiro, and Kitami succeeds in her soul-succession ritual, switching bodies with Imari. Takashiro is arrested for the murder of Kitami, as the witch uses her new body to implicate her. Minase participates in wild sex parties around the school, Shiraki eventually gets pregnant, but due to her numerous sexual partners it is unclear if the child is Minase's; they wallow in endless lust while their mistress Imari/Kitami prepares to obtain an even greater power.

  • Ejaculate on Ito
  • Go for Shiraki
  • Plot a different way to use Nonogusa
  • Turn down Saeki (twice)
  • Give into Kitami

Imari brainwashed into perversion.

Ending 4 - Rika Shiraki
If Minase ignores Ito, seduces Shiraki and confesses his possession of the book of magic to Saeki, this ending occurs. Minase is dumbfounded when finding his friend Imari brainwashed by Kitami into a perverted slave. He is tortured by her under Saeki's direction by being forced to have sex with her while unable to orgasm. Several months later, after Kitami successfully takes over Imari's body, she also uses Minase as a sex slave. He is forced to have sex with Shiraki every day on drugs. The girl eventually gets pregnant, but due to her numerous sexual partners it is unclear if the child is Minase's.

  • Don't give Ito a second thought
  • Go for Shiraki
  • (Choose either to Save or Use Nonogusa)
  • Confess to Saeki

Bad Endings

Kitami gives Minase the kiss of death.

Ending 5 - Reika Kitami
This rather quick ending happens when Minase ignores Kitami's offer to join her. She kisses him while forcing a capsule containing a super-concentrated dosage of an aphrodisiac down his throat. She has sex with him as the drug takes effect, but leaves him to die in the basement when it forces Minase into an endless torrent of ecstasy as he loses consciousness forever.

  • Turn down Saeki (twice)
  • Ignore Kitami

Should have just left her alone...

Ending 6 - Mika Ito
In this ending, Ito takes revenge on Minase for humiliating her with a spell and later ejaculating over her body. She confronts him on the Academy roof and injects his testicles with an aphrodisiac. The girl then forces a Q-tipWP down his urethra to prevent him from ejaculating. They have sex, and when Minase is finally released he orgasms indefinitely, causing his mind to slip into and endless stream of pleasure like in Ending 5, killing him as Ito leaves.

  • Ejaculate on Ito
  • (Choose either Imari or Shiraki)
  • (Choose either to Save or Use Nonogusa)
  • Confess to Saeki

Minase shoots Imari/Kitami and Saeki.

Ending 7 - White Room
Takashiro is killed in this storyline when she and Minase try and stop Kitami's soul-exchanging ritual. She is caught off guard and stabbed to death by Imari after her body is taken over by Kitami. Minase manages to escape. After several weeks, he confronts Imari/Kitami in class with a gun. Without hesitation, he blasts her with two bullets and also murders her crony Saeki at point-blank range. Minase is arrested soon after. He explains to the police what happened to his friends, but is put in psychiatric observation. Sometime after, Minase is stunned when he discovers Imari/Kitami apparently survived his attack. The witch visits his cell to mock him, promising to visit whenever she feels like it.

  • Don't give Ito a second thought
  • Go for Imari
  • Save Nonogusa
  • Confess to Saeki
  • Do it with Ms. Takashiro
  • Drop the knife

Ito murders Minase for humiliating her.

Ending 8 - On the road
This is the second ending in which Ito takes revenge on Minase for making her expose herself using his lewd spell. It occurs when Minase gives in to Kitami. After they kidnap Takashiro, Minase is attacked by Ito on the way home, who stabs him in the chest with a knife. In a final moment of realization, Minase regrets his demonic aspirations as he slowly drifts into death.

  • Don't give Ito a second thought
  • (Choose either Imari or Shiraki)
  • (Choose either to Save or Use Nonogusa)
  • Turn down Saeki (twice)
  • Give into Kitami

Takashiro exposes herself to the art club.

Ending 9 - Art room
Minase is forced to join Kitami's orgy in the art club classroom in this ending. The evil witch has the students repeatedly rape art professor Takashiro after drugging the woman with an overdose. If Minase refuses to abuse his teacher, Saeki has her crony Inoue rough him up up before stabbing him with an aphrodisiac as well. His sex drive out of control, Minase has sex with Takashiro for hours until presumably dying from exhaustion.

  • Don't give Ito a second thought
  • Go for Imari
  • (Choose either to Save or Use Nonogusa)
  • Confess to Saeki OR
    • Turn down both Saeki (twice) and Kitami.
  • Refuse to do it with Ms. Takashiro

Nonogusa gets even with Minase.

Ending 10 - Miyuki Nonogusa
This ending only appears when Minase takes advantage of swim team member Nonogusa and avenges her by also abusing her attackers Kobayashi and Mikimoto. He takes pictures of the two girls in the swim team locker room and blackmails them into doing him a sexual favor. Later, after Minase defies Saeki and Kitami, he is dragged to the locker room himself by Kobayashi and Mikimoto where they repeatedly abuse him. Nonogusa joins them and torments the boy by anal raping him and pumping him full of aphrodisiacs. To complete their revenge, they take photos of the spectacle as Minase again dies from exhaustion and endless pleasure.

  • Don't give Ito a second thought
  • Go for Imari
  • Plot a different way to use Nonogusa
  • Confess to Saeki
  • Do it with Ms. Takashiro

The quickest death in the game.

Ending 11 - Knife
This ending is an alternative to Ending 7. In this one, Minase attempts to kill Kitami with a knife after sneaking into Saeki's apartment with the intent to burn the place down with a Molotov cocktail. He walks in on a vast orgy and confronts Kitami. However, when he tries to stab her, the witch uses some sort of magic persuasion, causing Minase to turn the knife on himself and plunging it in his neck. Blood comes gushing out and Minase dies within seconds.

  • Don't give Ito a second thought
  • Go for Imari
  • Save Nonogusa
  • Confess to Saeki
  • Do it with Ms. Takashiro
  • Use the knife

Takashiro injects Minase with pleasure.

Ending 12 - Hiroko Takashiro
The final ending occurs when Minase gives into Kitami and participates in her orgy in Saeki's apartment. Takashiro, one of the participants, begs him to have sex with her. However, when Minase obliges, the teacher stabs him with a hypodermic needle filled with an aphrodisiac as punishment for defying God and selling his soul to the Devil. The drug makes the boy ejaculate continuously as he slips into death from the pleasure overload.

  • Ejaculate on Ito
  • (Choose either Imari or Shiraki)
  • Save Nonogusa
  • Turn down Saeki (twice)
  • Give into Kitami




For an overview of all 157 images from both games, see Images from Games.


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