Rose Cross

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Rose Cross
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Members marching down the hallway.
Known members
Leader(s): Mug takashiro young.png Hiroko Takashiro
Mug kozono.png Nami Kozono (unofficial)
Others: Mug rie.png Rie Morita
Mug saki.png Saki Shindou

Rose Cross or Rose Cross Society is the witchcraft club started by Academy student Hiroko Takashiro and her two classmates Saki Shindou and Rie Morita. The group, consisting of only female students, is primarily featured in the Bible Black: Origins anime series. It is named after a secret alchemist order of the Middle Ages, the RosicrucianWP.[1]

The group was formed exactly one year before all but one of its members attempt to summon the Devil on Walpurgis Night.[2] The girls initially toy with simple props like tarot cards, and attempt to imitate black magic rituals they read about in books.[3] After expanding to six members, the girls start looking for foreign books and original manuscripts from outside of Japan, eventually discovering the Bible Black.[4]

Leader Takashiro takes her club's hobby quite seriously and claims witchcraft should not be taken lightly. According to her, the power of darkness can perform miracles and she and her friends study it to learn the truth of history, as witchcraft has been part of life since ancient times.[5]


The club's official bid is denied by the arrogant council member Mochida.

The girls try to become an official school club by making a request to the student council. However, their application is denied. Council member Junko Mochida scolds the girls when she informs them about their unsuccessful request, saying the school would never allow a silly club like theirs.[6]

Obtaining the Bible Black.

Finding the black book

Not long after, Rie Morita presents a mysterious hand written grimoire to her fellow members after she finds it in an antiques store. The girls translate one of the simple spells inside and test it out on Mochida to take revenge. To their amazement, the spell works, forcing Mochida to strip in front of all her classmates during a school assembly. They later also help the unpopular student Hiratani make the beautiful and lesbian Nami Kozono madly fall in love with him.

'Helping' their fellow students.

After that, the girls gain significant influence and notoriety around the school. They use the spells to help numerous people seduce others in exchange for large sums of money. Rich and powerful, the group seemingly becomes unstoppable. Even the student council does not dare get in their way.[7]

Kozono gives them a sanctuary in the basement of the Academy.

In fact, council president Nami Kozono finds out they practice magic and desperately begs them to make Hiratani to love only her. Club leader Takashiro agrees, but in return wants a room in the school to practice with her club. Kozono arranges that they can use the basement. Then, instead of helping her, Takashiro removes the spell they put on her before, causing Kozono to realize in disgust what Hiratani has done to her.

Ritual in the basement.

Summoning the Devil

Although some members voice their concerns, Takashiro allows Kozono to join their circle, amused by her change of opinion on magic. The girls prepare a ritual to summon the Devil himself on Walpurgis Night, the feast of witches and souls when the power of darkness is strongest. However, it requires a virgin human sacrifice. Kozono agrees to prepare a victim.

Watching as leader Takashiro is raped.

Before Walpurgis Night, the members try to summon something smaller first by sacrificing a small dog. During the ritual, a demon appears and viciously rapes Takashiro using several tentacles. The other girls rush to help her after he disappears, but Kozono reacts in awe of the demon's power.

Kozono takes over control of the circle when Takashiro is incapacitated.

While Takashiro is in the hospital with a coma,[8] Kozono declares herself the new leader of the club. She intends to proceed with the summoning ritual and has her classmate Reika Kitami kidnapped by her thugs. She allows them to have sex with the girl but tells them to preserve her virginity. Unknowingly, one of the thugs disobeys the order.

On the night of Walpurgis, Takashiro wakes up from her coma and tries to stop the ritual. She makes her way to the school's basement and urges the club members to stop using magic. But Kozono pushes her away using a spell and orders Rie and Saki to remove their former leader from the room and tie her up.

The group is exterminated.


During the ritual, Kozono stabs Kitami with a sword to sacrifice her life. But nothing happens. The girls panic, but Kozono - in a crazed lust for power - starts killing all the members of the club until the gates of hell open. Before Kozono can make her appeal to the Devil, however, the mortally wounded Kitami plunges the ritual sword in her back, killing her.

When Takashiro manages to break free, she rushes down to the basement to find her friends and every member of her once powerful magic club dead.


Saeki and her friends Jun and Maki later start their own coven.

The basement room is sealed following the incident on Walpurgis Night, and the police and school authorities pass it off as a suicide pact.[9] However, rumors about the witchcraft club persist up to twelve years after its demise,[10] despite the club never being cited in any official school records or yearly albums.[11] Believing the rumors to be true, and most likely inspired by the members of the club, the occult-obsessed student Kaori Saeki starts a similar witchcraft club with two of her friends.[12]

Minase discovers the relics of the past when he breaks into the basement.

Also spurred on by the rumors, student Taki Minase learns of the history of the club after breaking into the basement and finding the Bible Black spell book. He also starts performing magic charms to influence his fellow students, again attracting the powers of evil that threaten him and his friend.

Her encounter with the magic club and the contract she made with the Devil changes Reika Kitami's life forever. She becomes a gifted witch and devises a plan to trick the Devil into completing the contract and still preserve her soul.

Kitami and Takashiro as colleagues.

Having learned firsthand about the dangers of the occult, Hiroko Takashiro turns to studying white magic instead. But the bodily and mental rape she suffered from the demon leaves a lasting impression. Even years later she longs for the same sensation the demon gave her.

Kitami and Takashiro eventually both become teachers at the Academy twelve years later. Kitami takes revenge on the former Rose Cross leader when she discovers her history with the club.


  • In the first Bible Black game, the club is referred to as the Rose & Cross Society by Mika Ito. Hiroko Takashiro later calls it Rose Cross, however.
  • Also, in the intro of the game and in a flashback scene later, the priestess named Nami prominently featured in it has blond hair and a red robe (see image). The anime series later establishes the purple-haired Nami Kozono as being the priestess presiding over the ritual. Additionally, the members of Rose Cross all wear black instead of red robes in the anime.



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