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The burly and dim-witted Academy bully.
Personal information
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Black
Affiliations: Academy
Production information
Voiced by:  ?

Inoue (井上 Inoue) is a minor character featured in the first Bible Black game.

He is a thuggish and arrogant member of a notorious gang at the Academy. It is rumored that he uses drugs and engages in other criminal activities. He has a short temper, and claims he had his license suspended for parking his bike in front of his house.

He often hangs around with two of his cronies.

In the games

Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis

Attacking Minase and Imari

In all storylines, Inoue first meets the player Taki Minase when he hears about his black magic exploits. He barges into his classroom with two of his cronies.

  • The player can try to hide his identity, but thanks to his cousin Yukiko Minase his lunchbox has his name written on it.

Inoue angrily drags him up to the school roof and tells him off for flaunting his magic around the school. He also reveals he heard him having sex with Rika Shiraki, the beautiful student council president he wanted to deflower. He and his thugs beat him up, promising to land him in the hospital for a week.

Confrontation on the roof.

Minase's friend Kurumi Imari suddenly steps in to stop them, and Inoue orders one of his thugs to attack. Imari swiftly blocks his punches and knocks him to the ground using her Shorinji KempoWP skills. She also easily kicks Inoue's other crony into submission. Dumbfounded at the girl's unexpected strength, Inoue and one of his friends rush at her once more. Imari deflects the thug's attack, knocking him out. However, Inoue has managed to land a painful kick. Imari immediately counters, and Inoue crumples to the ground in pain.

In a fit of rage, Inoue now pulls out a switchblade, planning to cut into Imari's face, but the gang's leader Shinjou suddenly shows up and ridicules him for being beaten by a girl. Inoue pretends it happened because he went easy on her. Shinjou steps into the fight and after a quick and fierce battle, he knocks out Imari by mercilessly punching her head. Before he leaves, Inoue apologizes to his leader for the intervention. He orders his thugs to grab Imari and sets Minase free, not before telling him they will borrow his girlfriend's body to make her pay for humiliating them.

Abusing Imari and humiliated

Special time with Imari.
The boys drag Imari to the gymnasium store room. They half undress her after smoking some marijuana cigarettes. Minase walks in on them and Inoue taunts him, forcing Imari to inhale the cigarette's smoke. He then starts to violate her body, causing Imari to become aroused despite still being dazed. Minase threatens to intervene, but Inoue is unimpressed. He orders one of his thugs to strike him with a baton, but the attack is easily deflected by Minase, who has been empowered by a mysterious force. He swiftly knocks out the other thugs as well. Completely stumped by Minase's sudden ability, Inoue apologizes to him, desperately pleading that he will do anything he asks.
  • The player can choose to make Inoue run through the school naked, threatening to break his bones if he does not comply. Out of terror, Inoue even admits that he wants to follow this order. He takes off all his clothes and runs out of the gymnasium into the school, causing considerable uproar.
  • Minase can also decide to humiliate him by making him stand naked in front of the school gate while masturbating.

The player can also call in the help of art professor Hiroko Takashiro to rescue Imari. They confront Inoue and his gang in the gymnasium store room. She threatens to expel him for smoking, but Inoue is unimpressed and proceeds to assault Imari. Takashiro attacks the thugs using a stun gun, causing them to quickly back down and release Imari.

Becoming an underling

When the player continues to go down an evil path, Inoue vows to be his loyal follower out of fear after Minase forces Shinjou to throw himself off the school roof. He and his gang suck up to him later and welcome him as he arrives at school. He also joins Kitami's group and helps rape professor Takashiro. He later ties down swim team member Shinobu Kobayashi to allow Minase to violate her with a bottle. He then violently rapes Kobayahi's fellow team member Mikimoto after ripping apart her bathing suit.

There is also a storyline where Inoue joins Kitami's group and pushes Minase around.

Assaulting Yukiko

In a possible storyline, Inoue assists in gang raping Minase's cousin Yukiko in her home by Kaori Saeki's command. He takes her virginity, saying that she did very well for her first time. Saeki proceeds to drug Minase and tricks him into having sex with his cousin. Afterwards, Inoue leaves the house with Saeki.

Personality and traits

A violent, muscular brawler, Inoue terrorizes the school with his group of thugs. Quick to anger, he does not take kindly to being fooled around with and often lets his fists to the talking. He is in possession of a switchblade, which he is not afraid to take out when he feels it will improve his odds at winning a battle.

He is a smoker and drug user. He regularly smokes marijuana with his friends to give him a buzz.

Although he tries to maintain a tough image, he is quite submissive to his gang's leader Shinjou, who firmly has him under his thumb. And when Minase suddenly overpowers and threatens him, Inoue is quick to grovel at the student's feet, thoroughly scared of being attacked by him against any price.

He also seems to be quite sex crazed, especially when influenced by drugs. He has little reservations against sexually assaulting or even raping his fellow students, male or female. He also has a noticeably large penis.


  • Unlike other students, Inoue and his fellow gang members do not wear school uniforms. However, the pink-haired thug does seem to wear the uniform top loosely without a necktie.