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Shot S3E2 tokken agents.png
Tokken agents in their headquarters.
Known members
Leader(s): Mug yuge.jpg Toru Yuge
Others: Mug imari old.jpg Kurumi Imari
Mug aki.jpg Aki Ichikawa
Mug yamanishi.jpg Naoto Yamanishi

The Special Investigation Research Team, commonly known as Tokken, is the paranormal investigation agency featured in the Bible Black: New Testament series.

The agency appears to be independent from the police department and is formally in charge of maintaining public peace and order. It was started by Toru Yuge, a former member of the police. He later recruits police officer Kurumi Imari after she exhibits a powerful psychic ability during an investigation.

Members of Tokken wear a special uniform, and despite acting somewhat formal, they do not salute each other due to Yuge's dislike of the gesture.


Tokken agents convene at their headquarters.

A series of puzzling deaths

After a string of mysterious murders, the head of Tokken, Toru Yuge, and Chief Investigator Kurumi Imari are called to yet another puzzling crime scene on the roof of a school in which a student and a teacher are found dead. They take charge of the police investigation in progress, and explore the school's basement after Imari uses her psychic abilities to discover a magic circle present in the building.

As Imari and Yuge make their way to the roof of the school, they are attacked by a mysterious assailant, which also knocks out police officer Naoto Yamanishi. Tokken agents bring him to the hospital.

Later, agents Imari and Aki Ichikawa are held hostage in a bank by a group of robbers. A police force soon barges into the building, followed by Yuge who wakes up Aki.

Vowing to wipe out devil worshippers

Chief Yuge issues orders.

Yuge reconvenes with his Tokken team in their headquarters, and the agents learn of the sudden revival of Yuki Toudou, the student girl who was found dead on the school roof. They discuss her autopsy report and the only missing item from the bank vault, the Spear of Longinus, an ancient occult artifact. Yuge contemplates that the artifact must have been given to someone else before Aki and Imari were captured, and he suspects it to be related to the bizarre serial murders that have been taking place. Angered, he commands his agents to wipe out every devil worshiping cult.

Kitami's followers gather outside.

Yuge meanwhile examines Aki's research on a devil worshiping cult lead by Aleister Crowley and his granddaughter Jody. He learns of the prophecy of the so called woman in red, and later pays a visit to Aki after she ends up in the hospital.

The headquarters is attacked, taking out several agents.

Sometime later, Naoto Yamanishi visits the Tokken headquarters after he resigns as a police investigator. Yuge allows him to inspect their research before he pays a visit to Hiroko Takashiro, a benign white mage who helped Aki earlier. He learns that agent Imari's body is now controlled by the evil witch Reika Kitami before they are attacked by Jody Crowley.

Tokken HQ is defiled

Meanwhile, Imari/Kitami turns the Tokken headquarters into an occult den for her coven, creating a large magic circle in one of the rooms. She drugs and bewitches Yamanishi and has him have sex with two of her followers.

Soon after, Jody Crowley attacks the building, and takes out at least one Tokken agent. Imari/Kitami's disciple Kaori Saeki arrives soon after to retrieve Yamanishi and Aki, but she is quickly subjected by Jody. At the same time, Takashiro and Yuge arrive only to also be defeated by Jody and her guards.

Yuge later wakes up alone, and makes his way to the basement of the school he went earlier to find a huge orgy ritual going on. He eventually manages to intervene and brings the occult ceremony to an end.


  • Tokken (特権) translates to English as privilege or special right.