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Jun and Maki

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Jun and Maki
Jun and maki3.jpg
Occultists doing their mistress' bidding.
Personal information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown - Blue
Eye color: Green - Copper
Affiliations: Academy
Saeki's coven
Production information
Voiced by: Us.png Rain Wheeler - Janet Billard

Jun Amatsuki (天月 純 Amatsuki Jun) and Maki Kurimoto (栗本 真紀 Kurimoto Maki) are minor characters in the first Bible Black game and first anime series Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis. They are also featured in an episode of Bible Black: Only.

The girls are members of Kaori Saeki's magic club and, like their friend, have a fascination for the occult. They meet up regularly in an apartment and attempt to perform magic rituals.[1]

They also take part in several sports activities at school. The boyish and assertive Maki plays tennis. Jun is a swimmer.


The girls wearing their Academy uniform when seducing a teacher.

Jun is a short girl with green eyes and brown pigtails held together with black hair ties. Maki, a bit taller, has loose blue hair and copper brown eyes. She is somewhat boyish, and renowned to be in good physical condition.[2] Though still sizable, Jun has noticeably smaller breasts compared to most female characters in the series.

Both girls are commonly dressed in black ritual robes when they partake in their friend Kaori Saeki's (and later Reika Kitami's) coven exploits. However, when at school they are seen in their Academy uniform and occasionally a swimsuit (Jun) or tennis outfit (Maki).

The girls' unique outfits.

Alternative outfit

In the Bible Black game, both girls are also briefly dressed in quite a radical outfit not seen on any other character in the series when they first meet the player in some storylines. It consists of a formal, even royal-looking attire with black, white and red colors that can almost be seen as an alternate version of the Academy uniform. These unique clothes could be part of the coven's style, but no mention or explanation is given for them in the game. The coven leader Saeki is never seen wearing one either.

Another possibility is that the outfit is the uniform from Jun and Maki's respective schools, as they are not seen as Academy students in the game. This is further evidenced by their absence from the second game, in which the coven has disbanded.

Jun also wears a unique black top with black panties in the game while participating in Hiroko Takashiro's water torture (screenshot). The clothing is never seen in subsequent scenes or the anime series.


Their magic charms rendered useless by Kitami's more powerful magic.

Seduced and conscripted by Kitami

When Jun and Maki meet up with their friend Kaori Saeki one evening in her apartment, they receive an unexpected visitor. School nurse Reika Kitami has joined Saeki's invitee Taki Minase. She violently pushes Saeki aside and barges into the apartment. As Jun and Maki rush to help their coven leader and demand an explanation, Kitami snaps at them for not showing proper respect and punches Maki out of her way as well.

Willingly raped by Minase.

The two girls attempt to stop her using paper talismans, but Kitami magically makes them burst into flames. Saeki tries to cast a spell to protect her friends but this too is deflected easily by Kitami. The nurse then casts her own spell, causing Jun and Maki to be instantly overcome with arousal. They start to frantically touch themselves and beg the intruders to violate them. Minase and Kitami oblige them and have sex with the trio several times, taking Jun's virginity in the process.[3]

Spent after being abused and corrupted to follow their new mistress Kitami.

Abused to exhaustion, the three girls collapse onto the floor. Kitami then proceeds to baptize their bodies to turn the girls into her willing servants. She draws an inverted cross across her chest and whispers a short reciting. Both her and Minase then climax their ejaculate over the girls.[4]

Dark magic perversion at school

Confronting a virgin professor to collect his semen for their sex project.

Now under Kitami's control and in possession of the Bible Black spell book, the girls start working on their own sex project. They have sex with several virgin male students and a teacher to collect their semen in a chalice.

Jun catches a boy spying on her with a camera in the school locker room. She seduces him into having sex on one of the benches. Outside, Maki has sex with one of her fellow tennis players. Later, the two girls are alone in a biology classroom with Kaori Saeki and a teacher. They try to discover if he is a virgin and Jun teases him when she finds pornographic magazines hidden in his drawer. The girls proceed to have sex with him and fill up the chalice to the brim.

Eagerly awaiting Saeki's perverted transformation.

Back at Saeki's house, Jun and Maki eagerly watch Saeki recite an incantation before drinking from the golden cup. They gleefully look on as the potion magically makes two penises grow out from between Saeki's legs. The girl proceeds to have sex with Jun and Maki simultaneously on the bed. Afterwards, they lovingly sleep together until the break of dawn.

In service of Kitami

Later in Saeki's apartment, Jun and Maki assist in the torment of art teacher Hiroko Takashiro by filling her insides with water. They look uneasy when Kitami and Minase proceed to violently rape her.

The girls pleasure Imari.

They are also present when Kitami drugs Kurumi Imari. They help their mistress hold down and pleasure the girl and look on in amusement when Imari has sex with Minase and some of Kitami's male lackeys. Afterwards, they help Saeki throw Minase out of the apartment.

The next day in the school basement, Jun, Maki and several other girls willingly have their bodies used in an exuberant orgy with Kitami's followers. Kitami orders them to fill up a golden chalice with semen in preparation of a ritual that night.

The coven trio prepares to attack Takashiro and Minase.

When the ritual is about to start, Jun and Maki help Saeki cast a spell on Takashiro and Minase who attempt to stop their mistress from proceeding with her plans. But Takashiro's counterattack overwhelms them and they are knocked out.

Their mistress' Kitami's body is later killed when Minase interrupts the ritual. Afterwards, Takashiro uses her magic to erase their recent memories.[5]

In the games

Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis

Unlike in the anime, Jun and Maki are not seen as students of the Academy in the game. They first meet the player Taki Minase when their friend Kaori Saeki brings him to the coven meeting at their apartment on the 23rd of April. After changing into their black robes, the girls try and summon a high-level demon. Their ritual, not backed by any real magic, does nothing, however. Still not giving up, they decide to try again on the next Sabbath Day or the upcoming Walpurgis Night. They invite Minase to join them, to which he agrees.

Defending themselves with talismans from the evil witch Kitami.

Joining Kitami

Similar to the anime, Minase shows up with his mistress Reika Kitami at the apartment two days later in some storylines. The witch easily overpowers the girls' talismans and magical barriers. Kitami and Minase proceed to rape them, turning them into her servants as well. However, if Minase gives Saeki the Bible Black after she does him a sexual favor then they will join Kitami willingly instead.

The girls later assist Kitami in torturing Kurumi Imari and Hiroko Takashiro. On the night before Walpurgis, Jun and Maki are tasked along with Minase to watch over their captives while their mistresses heads to the Academy basement to prepare for the ritual.


The girls' fate varies depending on the game's ending. In most endings they continue to serve Kitami for her plan for world domination. In the Evil Never Dies ending, they join Minase's empire along with Saeki after Kitami's death. In the true ending, they are freed from Kitami's control like in the anime. Takashiro likewise erases their memories of the event.

Personality and traits

Looking concerned or amazed at the rape of Takashiro?


Jun and Maki appear to be bisexual, sleeping with each other and their friend Kaori Saeki when experimenting with magic derived from the Bible Black. They are often seen on top of each other during their various sexual escapades, and also seem to have no qualms about pleasuring and torturing Hiroko Takashiro, Kurumi Imari and Rika Shiraki when they are held captive by the coven.

They also have sex with numerous males at school when engaging in their dubious witchcraft project with Saeki. However, all these perversions could also be due to the corruption of their minds by Reika Kitami.


  • In the Only series it is not made explicitly clear when exactly Jun, Maki and Saeki embark on their side project. However, in order to make it fit with existing canon, the events had to have taken place when Saeki still had access to the Bible Black. Since Minase refused to lend it to her in the second episode and the book is burned in the final episode, the only time this could have happened was when Minase was on their side and the book was not yet back at his house.
Jun and Maki escape the basement?
  • Even though Jun and Maki are knocked out by Takashiro in the fifth episode, there is a brief shot of some of Kitami's followers running out of the ritual chamber in the sixth episode. Two of them resemble Jun and Maki. That would mean the girls made it back to the ritual chamber in time to see their mistress' body die.
  • The wiping of Jun and Maki's recent memories by professor Takashiro is only mentioned in the game. It causes them to forget the events that transpired on and before Walpurgis Night.
  • Jun and Maki fill a similar role as Rie and Saki in the Origins prequel anime series; as they are both prominent members of a magic club of students.
  • Considering they were able to afford an apartment with their friend Kaori Saeki, it is conceivable that they and/or Saeki are somewhat wealthy.


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