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A student seduced by a magic spell.
Personal information
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark Green
Eye color: Turquoise
Affiliations: Academy
Production information
Voiced by: Jp.png ?
Us.png Omar Reed

Asada (浅田 Asada) is a minor character featured in the Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis anime series and mentioned by name in the first Bible Black game.

He is in Class 2 of the Academy and the object of affection of fellow student Ayumi Murai. He has a girlfriend, and according to Kaori Saeki's tarot reading, their relationship is very close.


Jumping on Murai.

Asada's fellow student Ayumi Murai secretly uses a love spell produced by Taki Minase and his knowledge of a spell book on him. It causes the boy to instantly fall in love with her after finding the charm.

While walking with his girlfriend in the school hallway, Asada completely loses his composure when spotting Murai. He jumps her and they start to have sex in front of everyone, leaving Asada's girlfriend sobbing on the floor.

Eventually, student council president Rika Shiraki intervenes and orders two student lackeys to separate him and Murai. Asada wildly protests and struggles to reunite with his object of affection.

In the games

Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis

The charm prepared for Asada.

Asada is only mentioned and not seen in the first Bible Black game. Like in the anime, he instantly falls in love with Murai in front of his girlfriend after Minase gives Murai a charm, but there is no mention of them having sex at school.

Later, Murai complains to Minase that Asada does not last long enough during sex and asks him to cast another spell, but Minase declines her request.

Bible Black: The Infection

In the game's sequel, Asada is not seen or mentioned by name. However, Murai still has a boyfriend so it is possible that Asada is simply not named but is still in a relationship with her.


  • Asada is not featured in subsequent episodes of the first series, but appears briefly in a short flashback scene in the fourth episode when Taki Minase recounts his first experiences with magic.
  • It is not specifically stated if Asada is his first or last name. But in Japan, Asada (浅田) is commonly considered a family name. Also, the paper doll love charm is only seen to work on other characters when using a surname initial.
  • Chronologically, Asada and Murai are the first characters to have sex in the first series, since their encounter takes place during a flashback.


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