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Ring leader of the bullies at school.
Personal information
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Affiliations: Academy
Production information
Voiced by:  ?

Shinjou (新庄 Shinjō), also known as Shinjou the Repeater, is a minor character featured in the first and second Bible Black games.

He is the cold muscular leader of a gang of thugs at the Academy, including Inoue, and rarely shows his face at school; only attending when he feels like it. He is a formidable streetfighter and karateWP master.

Despite being a notorious criminal, Shinjou has escaped expulsion from school despite many transgressions. It is rumored that his father, a city councilman, abuses his position to protect his son.

In the games

Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis

Confrontation on the roof

In all the game's storylines, Shinjou walks in on his gang on the Academy roof after they are beaten up by female student Kurumi Imari, who came to protect her friend Taki Minase (the player).

Shinjou coldly tells Imari that she is in over her head, ridiculing her Shorinji KempoWP fighting style as he prepares to attack. They exchange several blows, but Shinjou quickly gains the upper hand, brutally kicking Imari as she tries to block his assault. He then delivers a punch to her unprotected upper body and face, knocking her out.

Inoue, one of his cronies, apologizes for the trouble after Shinjou scolds the gang members for losing to the girl. He tells them they can do whatever they want with her before leaving the roof.

Compelled to suicide

Later, in a storyline where player Minase continues to pursue an evil path, Shinjou again meets him on the roof after being called by Inoue. He ridicules his follower for having been beaten by Minase as well, especially after Inoue admits that he used a weird technique to defeat him.

Shinjou confidently puts up his fists and lunges at Minase, who remains calm and motionless. Shinjou momentum is suddenly interrupted as if he is being restrained by an unseen power. Minase taunts him, enraging Shinjou as his frozen body defies his will. His face contorts in pain until something inside him snaps, causing Shinjou's eyes and limbs go dull as he vacantly stares at Minase, who tells him he would like to watch him fly.

Without hesitation, Shinjou nods and walks to the edge of the roof. Completely entranced, he even snaps at Inoue's surprised response by claiming he is a bird. He then starts flapping his arms and jumps off the school roof, crashing down and landing in a flowerbed - most likely fatally wounded or dead.

Bible Black: The Infection

Shinjou confronts the player Minase in the gymnasium store room as three of his cronies have their way with swim team members Kobayashi and Mikimoto. He beats the player up. After he wakes up, Shinjou is gone.

He later partakes in a vast orgy in the school's basement after being drawn there by a mysterious force. Like the others there he is completely dazed and wallows in lust continuously. In a possible storyline, Minase negates the magic by placing one of Hiroko Takashiro's talismans in his mouth. He is then brought to a hospital along with the other victims.


  • Despite Shinjou featuring in both Bible Black games, the image on the top right of this page is the only one in which the character is seen.
  • He is the only named male character not seen having sex in the first game.