Kobayashi and Mikimoto

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Kobayashi and Mikimoto
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Tean members, but not team players.
Personal information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Red - Blond
Eye color: Brown - Blue
Affiliations: Academy
Swim team
Production information
Voiced by: Jp.png Akemi Momozawa (Mikimoto)

Us.png Breanna Caplan - Laura Burken

Shinobu Kobayashi (小林 忍 Kobayashi Shinobu) and Mikimoto (美樹本 Mikimoto) are minor characters primarily featured in the first and second Bible Black games. They are also featured in an episode of the Bible Black: Only anime series.

Both girls are members of the Academy swim team, with the red-haired Kobayashi serving as its captain. She holds a grudge against her fellow team member Miyuki Nonogusa. Mikimoto is Kobayashi's lackey and follows her lead without question.


The girls are disturbed by fellow swimmer Ito during their abuse of Nonogusa.

The girls corner their fellow swim team member Miyuki Nonogusa in the locker room of the school's swimming pool. While she is tied up and gagged, they start to harass her body and rip apart her swimsuit with a knife.

The green-haired student Mika Ito joins them along with her boyfriend. She undoes Nonogusa's gag and forces her to have sex with him. He takes her virginity and proceeds to have sex with both Kobayashi and Mikimoto.

In the games

Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis


Harassing their fellow team member

The player (Taki Minase) first runs into Kobayashi and Mikimoto either when trying to hide a paper charm in Rika Shiraki's bag or when he is on his way home from school. The girls are in swimsuits and shove their fellow team member Miyuki Nonogusa into an empty classroom. Kobayashi scolds her for being chosen to represent the school at an upcoming swim meet over herself. Nonogusa denies gloating over this achievement, which angers Kobayashi even more. She starts to kick the girl repeatedly, pressuring her to quit the team. Nonogusa refuses, and Kobayashi orders Mikimoto to tie her hands and feet with tape. Nonogusa screams when Mikimoto takes out a vibrator, causing Kobayashi to gag her using one of her socks. She then starts to strip off her swimsuit and the girls violate her.


The player decides to keep watching, and the girls take Nonogusa's virginity with the vibrator. Per Kobayashi's order, Mikimoto takes out a Polaroid camera and snaps several pictures of the spectacle. She then forces a small bottle of deodorant spray inside Nonogusa's anus. They blackmail the whimpering girl and threaten to release the pictures if she does not quit the swim team. They then loosen her restraints and leave for a drink in a cafe, convinced that Nonogusa will not tell on them.

Put under a spell and abused

When they return for swim practice, they are unknowingly put under an arousal spell by Minase when they change into their swimsuits. They succumb to lust and take off their clothes. Kobayashi orders Mikimoto to give her oral sex. They continue to rub each other until Minase suddenly jumps out of one of the lockers and takes a picture with their camera. The girls are shocked, but continue grinding their bodies together as if entranced. Minase continues taking pictures of them, and Kobayashi offers to give him money in exchange for the photos. Minase declines, instead coercing the girls to have sex with him.

About to be assaulted by Minase in the lockers.
  • If the player saved Nonogusa earlier, they bring Minase to a climax by pleasuring him with their breasts. Minase deceives them however, giving Kobayashi only one of the many pictures he took. Enraged, she tries to stop him, but is unable to follow him down the hallway naked when he leaves.
  • If the player took advantage of Nonogusa earlier, Minase goes a step further in his exploitation and has anal intercourse with Kobayashi.

Taking revenge on Minase

In a possible storyline where the player has taken advantage of Nonogusa, Kobayashi and Mikimoto are put under the control of school nurse and witch Reika Kitami when they tell her about the pictures in desperation. Sometime later, they drag Minase to the swimming pool locker room after he has been zapped with a stun gun by Kaori Saeki.

Mikimoto rides Minase while Kobayashi pees on his face as revenge.

They take off their swimsuits and Minase's clothes. Mikimoto starts giving him oral sex and, when Minase threatens to scream for help, Kobayashi sits on his face. She then urinates on Minase while Mikimoto has sex with him. Suddenly, Nonogusa walks in and joins them, sodomizing Minase with a vibrator. Kobayashi then gags him with her swimsuit and Nonogusa gives Minase an aphrodisiac. Kobayashi starts taking pictures of the scene with her camera, while Mikimoto continues giving Minase oral sex. The girls proceed to take turns having sex with him for hours, continually administering injections until he collapses from exhaustion and dies.

  • If the player saved Nonogusa, the girls also drag him to the locker room, but before they get very far with their vengeance, Nonogusa rescues Minase by knocking Kobayashi and Mikimoto unconscious with a kickboard.

Falling into a trap

Kobayashi is about to be painfully bottled by Minase.

In another storyline where the player takes advantage of Nonogusa, he has Kaori Saeki call her, Kobayashi and Mikimoto to the art room through the school's PA system. The girls are shocked to see an orgy going on in the classroom, and Minase threatens to release the pictures he took of them if they do not do what he says. Kobayashi calls him a coward, saying he could not get laid without threatening people.

Mikimoto with Nonogusa.

Minase snaps back at her in anger, and threatens to violate her using a wine bottle used for storing paint thinner. Horrified, Kobayashi tries to escape, but she is grabbed by Inoue, one of Kitami's lackeys, and tied to a desk. Minase cuts open her bathing suit with a box cutter and penetrates her body with the bottle. Kobayashi screams and drools with pain before losing consciousness.

Minase now turns his attention to a shocked Mikimoto and Nonogusa, who desperately plead with him that they will do anything he asks. He and Inoue cut apart the girls' swimsuits and Inoue proceeds to rape Mikimoto like a wild animal. After they finish and leave, Mikimoto and Nonogusa revive Kobayashi.

Bible Black: The Infection

Wallowing in lust with Nonogusa.

The girls are being violated by a group of three ruffians when the player Minase meets them in the Academy gymnasium storage room. They suspect the player of being with their attackers, but they quickly become hypnotized by lust.

They are later partaking in a vast orgy in the school's basement, like the others there completely dazed and wallowing in lust continuously. In a possible storyline, they are saved from the spell by Minase after he puts one of Hiroko Takashiro's talismans in their mouths. It causes them to fall unconscious. They are brought to a hospital along with the other victims.

Personality and traits

Kobayashi orders Mikimoto around.

Kobayashi is a cruel and arrogant straight-A student and a showoff. She is two-faced, acting innocent around the teachers and turning ruthless when alone.[1] She is also insanely envious, especially when Miyuki Nonogusa beats her at representing the school at an upcoming swim meet.[2] Kobayashi is accompanied by swim team members almost everywhere she goes.[3]

Mikimoto seems to be the sucking up type, blindly following Kobayashi's orders. She also seems to be Kobayashi's lover in the first game, though this could be due to player Taki Minase's arousal charm.

The two girls are shown to be bisexual in the game and anime, having sex not only with each other, but also with students Miyuki Nonogusa, Mika Ito and her boyfriend.


  • Despite being featured somewhat prominently in the first game, the girls do not make an appearance in the first anime based on it. They do not show up until the Only series.
  • Mikimoto is the only female named character to not have her first name revealed.


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