Ayumi Murai

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Ayumi Murai
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The student that makes a love request.
Personal information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blue
Eye color: Gray
Affiliations: Academy
Production information
Voiced by: Jp.png Akira Saeru
Us.png Christie Tibodeaux

Ayumi Murai (村井 亜由美 Murai Ayumi), also known as Motoko Murai in the game (see Trivia), is a minor character featured in the first and second Bible Black games and the anime series Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis.

She is a big fan of fellow student Kaori Saeki's tarot readings at school, particularly concerning her love life. She has a crush on her fellow student Asada.


Preparing the seduction spell.

One day she asks Saeki if it is okay to tell Asada what she feels about him. Saeki's tarot cards indicate that he is already in a close relationship with his girlfriend, and Murai therefore has no chance with him. Murai begs Saeki to use her black magic to make Asada break up or fall in love with her instead. Saeki admits there are certain types of magic that can do this, but is unwilling to take the risk.

Murai jumped by a charmed Asada in the middle of the public locker room.

Murai's classmate Taki Minase overhears the conversation and offers to help her instead. He cuts out a paper stick figure and wants Murai to write Asada's initial on it with her blood. A bit reluctant, Murai agrees and pricks her finger to write a large A on the charm with her blood. Minase recites a mysterious incantation after which Murai hides the charm in Asada's bag per his instruction.

Moments later, as Murai is walking down the hallway, she runs into Asada and his girlfriend. The boy suddenly confesses his love for Murai and jumps her. Without hesitation, they start having sex in the hallway in front of everyone and frantically protest when student council president Rika Shiraki orders them apart.

In the games

Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis

Murai in the games.

In the first Bible Black game, Murai is present during a small ritual performed by Saeki in an empty classroom before they are disturbed by the player Taki Minase.

In all possible story choices, Murai also asks Saeki for help in her love life (as described above). She first has her fortune read by Saeki's tarot cards and later suggests Saeki uses her black magic to tear Asada and his current girlfriend apart. Saeki refuses, saying that it is impossible with her type of magic, and she is unwilling to take the risk.

Thanking Minase in class for casting a seduction spell on Asada.

Minase helps Murai instead using a paper doll, but there is no mention of Murai and Asda having sex at school like seen in the anime. Instead, Murai tells Minase that Asada simply confessed his love when he ran into her in the hallway while walking with his girlfriend.

Later, Murai asks Minase to cast another spell to make Asada last longer during sex. Minase is annoyed at her request and blatantly turns her down and suggests she tries asking Saeki. Murai unsuccessfully pleads with Minase that she asked him because she respects his power.

Murai later directs Minase to Saeki's whereabouts, and in some storylines Minase ignores her when she asks to discuss something with him.

In another storyline, Murai is coerced to deliver a message to Minase by Inoue and his group of thugs. They threaten to come after her if she refuses.

Bible Black: The Infection

In the game's sequel, Murai's role in the story is significantly larger depending on the choices the player makes. She has her fortune told again by Saeki one month after the events of the first game. Murai concludes from the tarot prediction that she has to be watchful for other girls trying to steal her boyfriend.

Seducing Minase in the gymnasium.

Later in class in a possible storyline, she tells Minase where to find Saeki and speculates that he must want his fortune read by her too. Minase denies this, but when Saeki enters the classroom and he asks her to read his fortune anyway Murai reacts annoyed. Minase covers her mouth and later apologizes to her.

Flirting with Minase

After school, Murai - now under a perverted magical influence - tells Minase that she likes him and takes him to the gymnasium storage room. She strips and tells Minase he can do anything he wants with her.

Sharing a kiss with Saeki.
  • If the player decides to reject her, Minase runs away and Murai later tells art teacher Hiroko Takashiro about her ordeal. The professor then wipes it from her memory.
  • If the player accepts, Murai claims to have always liked Minase and envies Imari. She makes love to the player and confesses her love for him.

Later she has sex with several other students in the art club room. When Minase catches them she gives him oral sex together with Saeki. She continues to have sex with other students until art professor Takashiro stuns them all with a magic spell. Soon after, Murai participates in an orgy in the school basement in an attempt to resurrect Reika Kitami.

Personality and traits

Vehemently protesting when students pull her away from Asada.

Murai seems somewhat gullible and believes magic is real, including the tarot predictions that Saeki makes.

About love, Murai is fairly insecure and often uses Saeki's superstitious predictions as a guideline. After winning Asada over she is overjoyed and also awkwardly boasts that she cannot believe what an evil woman she is for bewitching a man. She muses that her own beauty terrifies her.

Murai is quite sexually active and admits to having sex with her boyfriend every day. She is also somewhat demanding, as she complains that her boyfriend does not last as long in bed as she would like.


  • When introduced by the player Minase in the first Bible Black game, Murai's given name is established to be Ayumi. However, he later calls her Motoko Murai. There is no explanation given for this. Her given name is not stated in the first anime series or the game's sequel.
  • Chronologically, Murai and Asada are the first characters to have sex in the first series, since their encounter takes place during a flashback.
  • In the first Bible Black game, Murai is the only named female character that is never seen having sex.


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