Metal insert

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The painful device about to be inserted.

The metal insert is a metallic device that is intended to be placed inside a woman's vagina. It is seen in the final episode of the Bible Black: New Testament series.

The object is a funnel-like metal cage that is used to open and expose a woman's orifice much like a speculumWP. There is a short metal chain attached that ends in a small cone-shaped piece of metal.


One of Jody Crowley's guards about to push the metal device inside Saeki.

The device is utilized by the mysterious witch Jody Crowley's when she engages in her so called Ritual of Coronzon. She first has her two female guards insert them into two of her female victims: Saki Kiriya and Kaori Saeki, likely because they were close followers of her enemy Reika Kitami. The women are then repeatedly abused by Jody's male cronies.

As the ritual reaches its climax, Hiroko Takashiro, Yuki Toudou and Rika Shiraki, all tied to posts, are also each inserted with a device.

The strange black energy emerges and penetrates the girls through the insert.

Soon after, mysterious black energy emerges out of the ground like a black lightning bolt. It immediately shoots into the women through the metal inserts, suggesting the metal object and its chain are designed to attract or direct the energy somehow. The energy seems to continuously stream into their bodies.

Though the victims are visibly uncomfortable, the exact nature or purpose of the devices and the black energy remains unclear. The ritual ends when Takashiro and Tokken director Toru Yuge manage to defeat Jody, and the devices are removed, with the women apparently having suffered no permanent effects.

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