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General information
Release dates: Jp.png April 25, 2004
Us.png November 15, 2005
Written by: Sousuke Kokubunji
Directed by: Yuki Shinomiya
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Series: New Testament

Revival (Fukkatsu - 復活) is the first episode of the Bible Black: New Testament series and the ninth anime episode produced overall.

It was first released in Japan on the 25th of April, 2004[1] and in the United States on the 15th of November, 2005[2] under the name Book One: First Scripture in a double feature containing both Revival and the second episode Reunion.

Academy teacher and occultist Kaori Saeki unsuccessfully attempts to revive the Bible Black with a new group of followers, but is interrupted by a mysterious white robed girl. Police investigator Naoto Yamanishi witnesses a vision of an old love at a crime scene. And Tokken's chief psychic investigator Kurumi Imari again loses her body to the soul of Reika Kitami.


The jogger girls in shock upon discovering a dead body.


On a bright spring day, two girls are jogging along an embankment road. They spot a black car parked under a railway bridge, its windshield covered in blood. The girls scream when they notice a leg dropping out of the car. Inside, a dead man's body sits in one of the seats, with the half naked body of a young girl draped over him. One of the jogger girls seems to have soiled herself in shock.

This student gets an in-depth study during an encounter in the museum.

In a museum at night, a man is having sex with a student in the lab room. He asks her why she knows about the Spear of Longinus, the lance that pierced the flesh of Jesus ChristWP when he was crucified. He states that even Adolf HitlerWP was after the object that was recently found in a MoroccanWP port town and taken to someone.

Stripped and slaughtered.

Down the hallway, a museum security guard is on patrol. He suddenly notices the figure of a white robed girl standing outside the window. He rushes towards her only to discover the girl has mysteriously vanished, despite the window being on the third floor. The guard then hears a frenzied shriek coming from the lab. He runs to the room and screams when he sees the naked bodies of both the man and the girl hanging from the ceiling, torn open from the chest.

Act One

Imari with her Tokken boss Yuge.

Later, on another bright day, Tokken agent Aki Ichikawa is taking a nap on a park bench. She jumps when her boss Toru Yuge walks up to her. Aki promptly salutes the man as he asks her about the identities of the victims and the whereabouts of Chief Investigator Kurumi Imari. Aki points him to a greenhouse up a hill and says the girl suddenly walked off when they arrived. As Yuge goes off to see Imari he tells Aki to clean up her mess and stop saluting him.

Student Yuki seduces her teacher.

Up the hill, Yuge meets with Imari who is lost in thought, standing alone in the broken greenhouse. She says she thought she heard something coming from the area, but has found nothing.

At night on the roof of a school building, the brown-haired student Yuki Toudou is attempting to seduce the young teacher Yoshitani in her swimsuit.

Saeki's devout coven followers gather in the Academy basement for a ritual.

At the same time, a sinister ritual is taking place inside the school's basement. Surrounded by large lit candelabras, eleven girls stand around a stone altar in the center of a large white circle inscribed with various occult symbols. Their leader, teacher Kaori Saeki, explains to one of her followers that Yuki can help them recover the Bible Black grimoire that was destroyed many years ago. She orders the girls to give Yuki the power to do so and starts chanting:

"Elohei Elohim, Elohei Elohim, Sabaoth Elion"
Mysterious Jody floats over the scene.

Saeki slashes her hand with a sharp dagger and lets the blood droop over a picture of Yuki and her school uniform on the altar. She continues as the other girls join in:

"Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas"
Yuki and Yoshitani burn to death after having sex on the school roof.

On the roof, Yuki is now wildly having sex with Yoshitani. During their intense lovemaking she asks him the location of the Spear of Longinus. The teacher admits that his father has it. Immediately, a white circle appears around the couple, glowing in an eerie blue light. The white robed girl suddenly appears floating above them. By magic, she summons a firestorm that sets both Yuki and Yoshitani ablaze. They cry in pain as their bodies burn alive.

Back in the basement, all the candles suddenly extinguish. Saeki slams the altar with her fist in anger, saying her ritual has failed again.

Investigator Yamanishi with his partner investigate the case at the Academy.

Act Two

The next morning, police investigators are examining the scene on the school roof. One detective is baffled by the fact that the male's body is burned to a crisp, but the girl is completely intact. His young fellow investigator Naoto Yamanishi notices that her vagina is still warm and moist. Groaning over the complexity of the case, he says it might not be their job to solve it. His colleague says that the psychic investigators from Tokken are currently busy with another case. At that very moment, however, they notice Tokken director Toru Yuge on the roof.

The robed girl attacks Yuge and Imari.

As the police officers make their way downstairs, Yamanishi spots Imari and decides to follow her back to the roof.

On the roof, Imari looks over Yuki's lifeless body and sees the girl's memories of the previous night flash before her eyes. Suddenly, the sky starts to glow in a purple light and the white robed girl appears again. She casts a powerful bolt of magic that hits the roof's swimming pool. To his amazement, Yamanishi sees the image of a blond female woman emerge from the blinding white light. It is Reika Kitami, the school nurse he had a crush on as a student.

Shiraki looks up her teacher Takashiro.

Act Three

In a secluded wooden cabin, the robed nun Hiroko Takashiro who lives there welcomes her former student Rika Shiraki when she pays her a surprise visit.

Meanwhile, in the city hospital, investigator Yamanishi wakes up in bed. A nurse tells him members of Tokken brought him in with a light burn and concussion following the incident on the school roof.

Back in the cabin, Shiraki tells Takashiro that she has taken a position as a substitute teacher at the Academy she was once a student at.

Yuge and Imari investigate the school.

At that very same school, Imari enters the basement she saw in her vision earlier with Tokken director Yuge. He notices the scent of candles and indications of people having been there recently. To his surprise, Imari says that she remembers coming to this room in the past.

Shiraki and Takashiro meanwhile take a walk through a garden while discussing Imari. Takashiro explains that Imari's memories of the second ritual on Walpurgis Night have been repressed as a side effect of her sealing up the evil witch Reika Kitami, who exists within her body.

Aki and Imari walk right into a trap.

Act Four

On the city streets, Aki and Imari discuss Yoshitani, the teacher who burned to death on the school roof. They have learned that his father, archaeologist Souji Yoshitani, used his son's name for a safety deposit box at the bank. The man himself went missing six months ago after going on a ruin excavation.

The bank building under siege by a group of occultist bank robbers.

The girls arrive at the bank just before closing time. But as they enter the building, a pair of robbers wearing yellow face masks immediately hold them at gunpoint. Imari quickly notices there are five of them in total.

Bank staff is inexplicably forced into sex by the bank robbers.

Their leader approaches her and eagerly gropes her breasts. He tells the others to prepare for the ceremony. Before that, however, he decides they should celebrate.

Soon after, some of the bank staff and customers, tied up and blindfolded, are forced into having sex with each other. Aki looks on in disgust as Imari wonders why the robbers have not demanded ransom or secured any escape routes. The leader then takes her and Aki to the women's restroom along with two female bank clerks.

Public toilets are an absolute menace...

Once there, Aki tries to fight the robber, but is knocked unconscious against the restroom wall. Imari is stripped down to her underwear and tied one of the stall's doorposts. The man taunts her by saying he gets all excited looking at her cold stare, and he invites her to watch his foreplay.

Moments later, the robber is brutally raping the two staff members that are tied to the bathroom sinks. He has also drawn a white circle on the floor, adorned with several occult symbols. He repeatedly violates the women with the barrel of his shotgun, and in his excitement accidentally pulls the trigger, killing one of them and splattering her blood across the room.

The bank robber leader chanting.

Next, the robber lights several candles and starts to rub and lick Imari's body. He takes out a small knife and cuts her neck. As he licks up the blood, Imari notices strange red lettering appear on the man's body. Suddenly, he starts to chant:

"Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas"
Kitami revives inside Imari's body.

Entranced, Imari starts to feel her body change. She lets off a loud scream and rips off her restraints as a large penis shoots out from her groin. The soul of Reika Kitami has awakened within her body. With her hands now free, she grabs and breaks the robber's neck in one swift motion. She repeats his chant and proceeds to violently rape the still present female clerk.

Back outside in the garden, Takashiro is stunned, realizing her seal around Kitami has been broken.

To be continued...


The paper on Aki's bench.




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