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Water torture is a form of torture involving the use of water. It is generally used as punishment or to force a confession. Among other historical eras, water torture was utilized by pagans during the time of the witch-huntsWP in the Middle Ages.

Several water torture techniques are featured prominently in the Bible Black series, including the first game, the anime series Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis, its sequel Bible Black: New Testament and a scene in Bible Black: Only.

After being kidnapped and brought to Saeki's apartment, art teacher Hiroko Takashiro is subjected to brutal water torture at the hands of Kaori Saeki and her friends, who are being coerced by the evil school nurse Reika Kitami. A hose is lodged in her mouth, forcing her to ingest water (a method known as water cureWP), while another hose is inserted in her anus, filling her with more water. Student Taki Minase later uses a large plastic syringe to pump even more fluids inside his teacher's body. She is then violated by both Minase and later Kitami before finally being able to push out all the liquid inside her.

Soon after, Yukiko Minase is abused and sexually degraded by one of her professors at school. She endures several of his fetishes, including klismaphiliaWP. In a similar fashion as Takashiro's abuse earlier, the professor empties a large syringe of glycerinWP inside Yukiko's body and forces the girl to hold it in as he engages in several perverted acts.

Several years later, Kaori Saeki and her newly formed coven of girls torture substitute teacher Rika Shiraki by repeatedly dunking her in a water basin while the woman is restrained. They then proceed to fill her colon with water through her anus before mercilessly whipping her engorged body.
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