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The featured article is a weekly changing page spotlight seen on the Main Page. All Bible Black related articles on this wiki, except characters, which has its own spotlight, make an appearance.

Below is the annual schedule for all featured articles. There is a different one for every week of the year.


  • The spotlight displays the first few paragraphs of the article. Make sure you remove all images and headers when copying the information to the featured article template.
  • Be careful not to exceed the maximum length (around 1500 characters) so the spotlight fits in the Main Page's left column.
  • Try to alternate between different categories. However, when featuring a series, ordering the next episode in that series in subsequent weeks is preferred.
Week Article
1 Aphrodisiac
2 Tokken
3 Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis (game)
4 Saeki's apartment
5 Holy cup
6 Swim team
7 Bible Black: Origins
8 Black Brand
9 Black Altar
10 Bank
11 Art club
12 Paper doll
13 Bible Black Visual Art Works
14 Gymnasium
15 Minase house
16 Tarot
17 Walpurgis Night
18 Bible Black: New Testament
19 Revival
20 Reunion
21 Rule
22 Recollection
23 Rejection
24 Student council
25 Academy uniform
26 Water torture
Article Week
Hospital 27
Rasha 28
Chastity belt 29
Bible Black: Only 30
Volume 1 31
Volume 2 32
Imari Rape Scene 33
Rose Cross 34
Saeki house 35
Black Pullet talisman 36
Police 37
Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis (anime) 38
School of Black Magic 39
Black Ceremony 40
Black Sacrifice 41
Black Caress 42
Black Dinner 43
Black Descent 44
Academy 45
Takashiro's talisman 46
Saeki's coven 47
Spear of Longinus 48
Bible Black: The Infection 49
Wrapped stone 50
Tokken uniform 51
Bible Black (book) 52