Volume 2

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Volume 2
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General information
Release dates: April 25, 2006
Written by: Taketo Watarai
Directed by: Hamuo
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Series: Only
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Imari Rape Scene

Volume 2 is the second episode of the Bible Black: Only anime series and the sixteenth episode produced overall.

It was first released in Japan on the 25th of April, 2006.[1]

Kaori Saeki and her witchcraft club friends Jun and Maki embark on a perverted quest to collect semen from male virgins at school before enjoying a threesome together. Yukiko Minase suffers from the effects of a demon from her cousin and is taken advantage of by one of her professors. And art teacher Hiroko Takashiro fantasizes about having it away with her students.


Saeki enthusiastically rides a male student boy for her cause.

Virgin Hunting

Obscene dance of the devils
During a late afternoon in an Academy classroom, the blond-haired student Kaori Saeki is flirting with a male student, who tells her he has never had sex before. Appeased, she starts touching his groin and gives him oral sex, telling him to hold off climaxing. He is unable to, and Saeki collects his semen in a golden chalice.

Jun obliges a peeping Tom while wearing her swimsuit.

She then takes off her panties and proceeds to have sex with the boy, aggressively riding him and collecting more of his seed in the goblet.

In the school's locker room, swim team member Jun Amatsuki has just caught a boy spying on her with a camera. He masturbates while Jun shows him her body. She taunts him by saying he is better off doing it with a real girl than to be a peeping Tom. She allows him to have sex with her, but stops him from climaxing inside her, instead making him ejaculate into the golden chalice.

Maki gets served by a tennis player.

Outside, student Maki Kurimoto is pushed against a tree, wildly having sex with one of her fellow tennis players. He climaxes inside her, despite Maki telling him not to. Afterwards, she pushes his semen out of her body into the cup.

The luckiest teacher in the world get a visit from Saeki's coven.

Later, both Jun, Maki and Saeki are alone in a biology classroom with a teacher. They have tied his hands and feet together and Jun and Maki ask him if he has a girlfriend that gives him pleasure. He stammers, and Jun pulls out several pornographic magazines hidden in a drawer. She mockingly asks him about them and if he is still a virgin. Saeki pressures him to tell them the truth.

Saeki and her friends in action.

After admitting that he is, the girls start pleasuring his body, joking that they are going to dissect him this way. Saeki and her friends then have sex with the teacher, filling up the cup to the brim with his semen.

Saeki and her coven friends Jun and Maki try a dirty spell.

Sometime after, in Saeki's house, Saeki and Jun and Maki are about to perform an occult ritual using the magic Bible Black tome and the filled golden cup. Saeki recites:

"Liquids taken from the fresh victims. After the liquids are consumed, show me the pleasures of your magic."
Jun and Maki in excited anticipation.

She drinks from the cup as her two friends look on with glee. Saeki screams and drops the chalice, clutching her throat. She grunts when not one, but two phalli shoot out from her groin. Jun and Maki eagerly pleasure their friend's new organs in unison. The girls then cozily sleep together until the break of dawn.

Busty Yukiko aroused.

Secret Torture

After Yukiko Minase welcomes her cousin home, he suddenly gropes her breasts, corrupting her mind with the demon that has been embedded inside him. When she gets back to her room, her body slips into an uncontrollable arousal, causing her to vigorously masturbate on her bed.

Yukiko relieves herself in the bathroom when still feeling her cousin's influence.

Sometime later, Yukiko is sitting in her medical school class. The teacher is discussing sexual motivation hormones and Yukiko is again overwhelmed with arousal. She stumbles out of the classroom and makes her way to a bathroom stall where she desperately masturbates, puzzled about what is happening to her. She violently climaxes, soiling the stall. Outside, one of her professors summons her to his office.

Soon after, Yukiko is sitting on the couch in the professor's office. He joins her, bringing along a small studrdy metal suitcase.

The girl's body is pumped full.

He then starts harassing her body, despite Yukiko's protests. He says her clothes are not meant for a student and strips off her top. He adds that he cannot give any student credits to a slutty girl like her.

Put on a leash by her professor who engages in some seriously kinky play.

He opens the suitcase, revealing several dubious devices. He restrains Yukiko's neck with a leather collar and ties her wrists to her feet. He then inserts the tip of a large plastic syringe into her body, filling it up with the liquid glycerinWP.

The girl flinches when he pulls out a large vibrator and violates her before forcing her to give him oral sex. He then cruelly makes her push out all the fluids, effectively cleansing her colon, and follows it up by violating her with a small thin glass tube that almost shatters under the pressure.

The insatiable girl wildly gives in.

Finally, the professor rapes Yukiko, and she eventually gives in to her desires. She screams when her master snaps on two painful nipple clamps, but ends up passionately kissing him whilst having sex. Afterwards, exhausted but insatiable, Yukiko asks the professor to do it from behind as well.

Takashiro's ultimate fantasy.

That's a teacher...

Art teacher Hiroko Takashiro is grading papers alone at her desk in the staff room, musing that dealing with senior students is not easy. She suddenly notices one of them has drawn a small pornographic picture of her on his paper. A bit taken aback by realizing some of her students look at her in this way, she starts feeling aroused.

Spent from her perverted thoughts.

While masturbating with her pen, she fantasizes about her students eagerly staring at her in class doing the same thing. One of the boys grabs her breasts and she playfully protests that they should go in order of attendance. She then starts having sex with all of them one by one, saying that they cannot focus on their studies when they are excited. The fictional students bring the professor to a fulfilling climax.


  • Though it is unclear if Takashiro's fantasy takes place before the events of the first anime, the evil school nurse Reika Kitami does indeed force her to have sex with several students in this series, in a way making her fantasy become a reality.
  • In the first game, a similar scene also occurs in the art classroom where Kitami forces her students to have sex with their teacher.
  • The first segment featuring Jun and Maki as students at the Academy possibly contradicts with the first game. In the game they are not seen as students of the school.
  • Yukiko's notebook shows a drawing of the bunny toy on Imari's school bag, which can be seen in both the first game and the final episode of the Only series (screenshot).
  • In the room where Yukiko and her professor have sex, two picture frames can be seen on the wall in the background. One of them depicts what seems to be promotional art of nurse Reika Kitami (screenshot). The other image is unclear.
  • Since Yukiko does not seem to be affected by her arousal curse in the last two episodes of the La Noche de Walpurgis series, it is possible the demon's arousal effect on her is lifted after her sexual encounter with her professor, suggesting these events take place during the main series.




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