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Not to be confused with the magic communities sometimes referred to as circles, like Rose Cross and Saeki's coven
A magic circle in Saeki's apartment.

A magic circle is a circular area marked on a surface, usually a floor, used for witchcraft rituals. Many variants of these drawn circles make an appearance in the Bible Black series. It can also be seen on title screens and many promotional materials, such as dvd covers and merchandise.

The circles contain elaborate drawings, including either a large hexagram in the center, other geometric shapes and drawings of animals. Latin phrases of enchantments are written in a band around it. Candles, like chandeliers, are typically placed on four sides of the circle, while participants stand around it while chanting various incantations.

The purpose of the circles is likely meant as an appeal to demonic powers, or possibly to protect the ones participating in a ritual. It is designed to focus their energy to an entity in the center, who is usually spread out on an altar.


Usage by the Rose Cross club

The Rose Cross girls draw a circle in the Academy basement storage room.

The Rose Cross witchcraft club draws a magic circle in their school's basement storage room after they are given acces to it by the student council president.

The girls first use the room to summon a demon by sacrificing the life of a puppy dog on the altar in the center of the circle. Seven girls surround it and chant until the circle begins to glow in a bright blue light. A vicious creature then appears out of the floor from his own smaller hexagram circle and proceeds to rape the club's leader Hiroko Takashiro. When he finishes with her, the room returns back to normal.

The young Kitami appeals to the Devil through his portal on the wall.

Later, members of the club use the basement ritual area again in an attempt to summon the Devil himself. For this, another magic circle is apparently drawn on the wall behind the altar. The girls sacrifice the life of the blond student girl Reika Kitami, whose body is shacked to the altar. The circle again glows when the girls chant around the circle, but nothing happens until the club's new leader starts killing all the members. The Devil's portal appears from the circle on the wall, and the Devil's voice resonates. It offers the only survivor of the ritual, the blond sacrifice, a contract to save her life - which she accepts.

Saeki and Kitami's exploits

The carpet in Saeki's magic trinket filled room.

Approximately twelve years later, the occult-obsessed student Kaori Saeki and her friends Jun and Maki purchase an apartment room and draw another magic circle on its wooden floors. They use it for their pretend summoning rituals. Saeki has another decorative circle on the carpet of her room at home.

Kitami rides Minase on the pedestal.

The magic circle in the Academy basement is again used when student Taki Minase intends to return the Bible Black spell book he found there. He is ambushed by Kitami, now an evil school nurse, who has sex with him on the altar. The circle around them glows as the woman transfers a lesser demon to the boy to corrupt his mind.

Saeki and her coven girls Jun and Maki are subjected by Kitami's lewd magic.

Though not utilized for its magic purpose, the circle in Saeki's apartment is the location where Saeki and her coven are corrupted by Kitami when the woman ambushes them. The witch later has her nemesis Takashiro water tortured and sexually abused there. Finally, Minase's friend Kurumi Imari becomes the centerpiece of the circle, when she is prepared to become Kitami's vessel.

Shiraki has sex with a dying Minase.

The apartment circle does glow in a bright light when Minase's classmate Rika Shiraki has sex with him after mortally stabbing him. She aggressively rides his body while the boy bleeds to death, but is stopped when Takashiro intervenes and stuns her with a spell.

The circle bathes in light after Minase casts the so called Forbidden Spell.

On the eve of Walpurgis Night, Kitami uses the basement room for a soul-exchanging ritual with Imari. Her followers stand around the magic circle while chanting, and the drawing glows in a bright yellow light. Minase manages to intervene and casts his own spell to interrupt the ritual. During which, the circle glows even brighter, until it blasts the entire room with a piercing white light. After that, the room returns to normal.

Imari stands in the alternative circle after being lured there by Saeki.

Not long after, the basement circle is again glowing blue when Kitami, now in control of Imari's body, has sex with Saeki. She catches the girl retrieving the Bible Black and assaults her in the middle of the circle.

Sometime later, a different circle is seen in the basement when Saeki has Imari lured there. This one has a triangle instead of a hexagram. As a sacrifice, Saeki lays a dead pigeon on each of the symbol's points. Inside the triangle is another unknown occult symbol. Saeki entrances Imari somehow and has sex with her using a strap-on dildo. As the circle glows, she transfers Kitami's soul back inside her.

Jody and Kitami's rivalry

The basement circle appears on the roof around Yuki and Yoshitani.

Several years later, the Academy basement circle is again seen, but this time near the pool on the roof of the school. It appears glowing around student Yuki Toudou while she has sex with her teacher Yoshitani. At the same time, a ritual takes place in the basement by Kaori Saeki and new coven before it is interrupted by the mysterious girl Jody Crowley. She uses her magic to set the circle area on fire, killing the duo.

A circle drawn in the bank.

Not long after, a magic circle is drawn by the leader of a group of occultist bank robbers in a bank's bathroom. He lights several candles around it and then pleasures one of his hostages, the now adult Kurumi Imari. Using a chant, he revives the soul of Reika Kitami within her.

Yuki dead body in the hospital surrounded by another circle.

Yet another circle appears in a hospital autopsy room. It is created by Jody in her attempt to revive Yuki, the student girl seen on the Academy roof earlier. Jody sacrificies the souls of two black cats that lay dead on either side of the circle and sprinkles rose petals on Yuki's body. After chanting and rubbing her blood on Yuki's lips, the girl miraculously revives.

Vice-principal Oshima pleasured by Saeki's student coven followers.

Back in the Academy basement, the circle glows again when Saeki and her coven girls have sex with the school's vice-principal Takeshi Oshima. It continues to do so when the young girl Aki Ichikawa is tied to the altar moments later and used in a ritual. The circle glows even brighter when Hiroko Takashiro, now a white mage, uses her magic to interrupt the ritual somehow by creating a barrier around Aki.

A different variant appears to help subdue Kitami's nemesis Takashiro.

Imari/Kitami utilizes another circle when facing off against Takashiro in an abandoned greenhouse. The summoned drawing is the same as the one seen when Saeki transferred Kitami's soul into Imari in the Academy basement years before. Takashiro tries to fight off the circle's effects by using her talisman, but is ultimately knocked down when Kitami's followers appear chanting around her with candles. Imari/Kitami then proceeds to have sex with her on the glowing circle.

The magic circle seen at Tokken.

Another circle is seen in the Tokken headquarters. Imari/Kitami uses it for a ritual that involves the young police investigator Naoto Yamanishi. She has the boy have sex with her follower Saki Kiriya while she and her devotees drop blood on the circle, which causes it to glow blue. Yamanishi, his body now corrupted, then has sex with Saeki. Once again, the ritual is interrupted. This time by a flowing yellow barrier that forms around the circle. Imari/Kitami dispels it, leaving the circle charred and smoking.

The basement circle in Jody's ritual.

Finally, the magic circle in the Academy basement is seen one more time during Imari/Kitami's ritual. It glows blue while she pleasures Aki's body and has her followers and victims engage in a exuberant orgy. Jody then interrupts the ritual and continues with her own. She has sex with Imari/Kitami, after which black energy emerges from the circle's edges, penetrating several girls wearing metal devices in their vaginas. Eventually, the ancient Spear of Longinus artifact appears, and a drop of blood from it causes a black void to envelop the circle completely.


Part of the circle seen in the first game.
  • The circle in the Academy basement differs significantly between the game and anime. The full drawing is never clearly seen in the game, but parts of it appear in the shot on the right. It is described by player Taki Minase as a circle that is divided into sections by a cross. Cryptic words are scattered all over it. Next to the main circle is another circle and a triangle.
  • The same goes for the drawing in Saeki's apartment. In the game it is depicted with a sword in the center, two large triangles on either side and a small hexagram and pentagram above it. In the anime it consists of one large hexagram with several animal symbols around it.
  • It should also be noted that the circle seen when Kitami has sex with Saeki in Imari's body in the final episode of the first anime series is the circle from Saeki's apartment, and not that one seen in the basement in previous instances. The basement circle has a much smaller center hexagram with two tall triangles on either side. This could simply be an oversight by the series producers, but it could also hold special significance due to Saeki's involvement.


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