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Bible Black: New Testament (Shin Baiburuburakku 新バイブルブラック New Bible Black), also known under its subtitle Bible Black: La Lanza de Longinus (Spanish: The Lance of Longinus), is the third entry in the Bible Black anime.

The series consists of six episodes set several years after the events of the first anime series and game. Like its predecessor, it was animated by Milky Studio (part of MS Pictures). The first episode debuted on the 25th of April, 2004 in Japan. Like before, the series was later adapted and dubbed to English, French and Spanish.

Similar to the first anime, a re-cut of the entire series was later released in Japan as a single 120-minute movie.

Unlike the preceding anime series, New Testament is not based on the storyline of the first Bible Black game, but instead follows the lives of some main characters from the game and anime sometime in the future. It also introduces several new characters unique to this series.

Furthermore, many of the scenes do not take place around the Japanese academy seen in previous Bible Black productions. It instead features numerous other locations, like the Tokken headquarters, a bank and a hospital. The school does not even appear in the fourth and fifth episodes.

Despite the overall dark and malevolent tone of the Bible Black series in general, New Testament in particular has considerably more violent themes than previous installments. In contains a large amount of explicit erotic scenes (see below), most of which depict non-consensual sex and torture, including more graphic details like blood.
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