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General information
Release dates: Jp.png October 25, 2004
Us.png June 13, 2006
Written by: Sousuke Kokubunji
Directed by: Yuki Shinomiya
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Series: New Testament

Recollection (Sōki - 想起) is the fourth episode of the Bible Black: New Testament series and the twelfth anime episode produced overall.

It was first released in Japan on the 25th of October, 2005[1] and in the United States on the 13th of June, 2006 under the name Second Scripture and Second Sacrament in a double feature containing both Recollection and the third episode Rule.[2]

Substitute Academy teacher Rika Shiraki is brutally tortured by Kaori Saeki and her coven followers. Police investigator Naoto Yamanishi saves Aki Ichikawa from the crazed Academy vice-principal Takeshi Oshima in the hospital before he quits his job and joins the paranormal investigation agency Tokken. Here, he is reminded of his romance with his school nurse during his youth.


Shiraki after being dunked.


Following her capture, Academy substitute teacher Rika Shiraki is hanging hogtied and gagged over a large glass water basin. She winces when she observes her dark surroundings and sees numerous dubious and invasive devices laid out across her torture room.

Two of her tormentors, fellow teacher Kaori Saeki and student Saki Kiriya, release the pulleys holding Shiraki up and she is submerged into the cold water, desperately fighting for her life.

Saeki interrogates her colleague Shiraki.

After she is released from the tank, her clothes are cut apart, and Saeki inserts a tube into her anus attached to a siphoning pump. She starts filling up the teacher's insides with water as the woman wriggles and screams in pain. Saeki cruelly tells her she can drink all she wants and that she is not trying hard enough to let her and followers enjoy her torture.

She proceeds to hit Shiraki's naked body with a horse whip, interrogating her about why she was snooping around the school grounds earlier.

Aki about to be rammed by a big pole while resting in the hospital.

Act One

In the city hospital, the demon-possessed Academy vice-principal Takeshi Oshima is entering room 509, the room where Tokken-agent Aki Ichikawa is resting. Carrying a sharp blade and a metal drip stand, he asks her about the Spear of Longinus. Just as he is about to strike at her sleeping body with the metal stand, the vice-principal suddenly notices blood between Aki's legs. He drops his weapon and starts giving her oral sex.

Aki cannot catch a break when she is raped by the brainwashed Oshima.

Meanwhile, in another room in the hospital, police investigator Naoto Yamanishi rudely wakes up in cold sweat from a nightmare.

Back in Aki's room, vice-principal Oshima has started caressing the young girl's breasts. Still too weak and dazed, Aki is unable to stop him as he proceeds to intimately touch her body. Grumbling that he could not take her virginity earlier, he proceeds to have anal sex with her instead.

Yamanishi comes to Aki's rescue

Afterwards, he again threatens her and asks her about the Spear of Longinus while holding the sharp blade in his hand.

Down the hall, Yamanishi buys a cold drink from a vending machine when he hears Aki screaming. He runs into the room to discover Oshima stabbing the girl in the abdomen, demanding she gives him the spear.

Aki's wound magically heals itself.

The young policeman throws his soda can at the vice-principal's head, then knocks him out with the metal stand. The mysterious symbols on the man's forehead that caused his insane behavior disappear as he falls to the floor unconscious.

Shiraki abused to exhaustion by Saeki and her evil cronies.

Yamanishi rushes to help Aki and is about to pull on a cord near the bed to call a doctor, when a mysterious yellow light appears from her body. It magically removes the knife and seals the wound.

Jody with her underling Yuki.

Act Two

In the torture chamber, Shiraki is viciously gang raped by Saeki's followers. They repeatedly and relentlessly violate her body, leaving the teacher soiled and exhausted on the floor afterwards.

At the pool on the roof of the Academy building, Jody Crowley and female student Yuki Toudou are busy making love. As Yuki gives Jody oral sex, a large penis shoots out from the mysterious girl's clitoris. Jody tells Yuki that from this moment on, the girl will be her eyes and ears, her loyal servant. Without hesitation, Yuki obeys and continues pleasuring her mistress.

Yuki pledges herself to Jody when the witch corrupts her mind.

When Yuki is laying on her back on a large sink, Jody magically inscribes several symbols on the girl's body, completely turning her mind over to her will. Entranced, Yuki promises to be Jody's loyal servant and to help her fulfill the prophecy of her grandfather Aleister Crowley. The girls then passionately have sex.

Yamanishi angrily resigns his commission at the police.

Act Three

In the city's police station, Yamanishi announces his resignation as investigator and hands in his gun and badge to the police chief. He angrily tells him that he was left with no other choice after the chief dismissed his report as nonsense and took him off the case. He decides not to salute the chief and leaves.

Yamanishi gets a tip from his partner.

Outside, Yamanishi's former partner asks him what he plans to do now. The young investigator says that he is determined to examine the case on his own, despite not having the resources of the police department at his disposal.

His older colleague then gives him the address of the special investigation agency, Tokken, and claims he and the agency's chief, Toru Yuge, went to the police academy together before Yuge left for much the same reasons as Yamanishi.

Tokken chief Yuge welcomes Yamanishi to the Tokken agency.

Soon after in Tokken's headquarters, Chief Yuge welcomes Yamanishi and tells him he can wait for investigator Kurumi Imari to return. He also provides him with the files on the case gathered by the agency. Much to Yuge's dismay, Yamanishi salutes him when he thanks him.

Kitami with a young Yamanishi.

Yamanishi quickly starts looking through the files and discovers that Imari was enrolled as a student at the Academy in the same year his own teacher and teenage crush, Reika Kitami, transferred to another school. Lost in thought, he reminisces on their relationship and final encounter:

Kitami tells Yamanishi that she is indeed transferring to another school and that they will not be able to see each other again. Deeply saddened, the teenage Yamanishi desperately clings himself to his teacher in tears. She asks him to give her good memories of the school and they passionately have sex.
Imari/Kitami returns to Tokken.

Back in Yuge's office, Imari walks in announcing she has returned. Unbeknownst to the chief, however, the girl is really the evil Reika Kitami, who has taken control of her body, and one of the key instigators of the mysterious events he has been investigating.

To be continued...





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