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FAKKU, LLC., stylized as FAKKU!, is an American hentai publishing company based in Portland, Oregon.

In November 2017, the company purchased Kitty Media, the previous license holder of the Bible Black series and other hentai anime in North America. The acquisition was announced by FAKKU president Jacob Grady on November 27, 2017 on the company's online forum and in an official press release. Though some of Kitty Media's licenses has expired, the president announced plans to revive their library of content and make it available on FAKKU.

Physical distribution of titles will continue to be maintained by Media Blasters, the parent company of Kitty Media. FAKKU will handle digital distribution and plans to make Kitty Media titles available to users through its existing online subscription service at no additional cost. Additionally FAKKU will offer DRM-free digital purchases of each title.

FAKKU was founded in 2006 and claims to be the largest English hentai publisher in the world. Its library includes anime, digital manga, games and merchandise. Since 2014 it has also printed dozens of eromanga graphic novels and doujinshiWP. It maintains partnerships with WANIMAGAZINE, Co., Ltd., Bundendo Corp and Akaneshinsha Co., Ltd.

As of April 2018, no Bible Black-related content has been made available by FAKKU.

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