Yamanishi's partner

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Yamanishi's partner
The investigator assisting Yamanishi.
Personal information
Gender: Male
Hair color: Gray
Eye color: Black
Affiliations: Police
Production information
Voiced by:  ?

Yamanishi's partner is a minor character featured in Bible Black: New Testament. His real name is never stated in the series.

He is a police investigator and partner of Naoto Yamanishi, presumably his subordinate. He has been on the police force for a long time.


He is called to a murder case on the roof of the Academy building with his partner Yamanishi. They examine the dead bodies of a young student girl and teacher.

Puzzled by the mysterious circumstances of the case, he notices Toru Yuge has arrived on the scene and explains to Yamanishi that he is the chief of Tokken, a special investigation agency that deals with paranormal cases.

Conferring with Yamanishi in the hospital about their investigation.

Sometime later, after Yamanishi is attacked, he visits him in the hospital to again look at the student girl's body in the autopsy room, noting that the other victim burned to a crisp but her body was left intact. Even though the case has officially been transferred to the Tokken agency, he remarks that they still have the authority to look into the autopsy report.

Shocked at Yuki's miraculous revival.

As they enter the room, they notice the girl is suddenly sitting upright on the examination table alive, leaving them in utter shock.

His partner Yamanishi later resigns his commission because his report on the case is dismissed by the police chief as nonsense. To help his former colleague out, he gives him the address of the Tokken agency, revealing he went to the police academy with agency director Toru Yuge before the man also resigned from the police force for similar reasons.


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