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I am the leader and chief editor of the Bible Black Wiki. The original Wiki was once founded by a user called QueenCeline when the site was hosted on Wikia/Fandom. I built most of the framework and written pretty much all the content. In late 2017 I moved the site to my own host. I'd like to regard it as my own little project, but of course I welcome other fans of this series to contribute.

I've always had an interest in this twisted yet amusing hentai series. I am not a fan of anime or hentai in general, but this one has always been special to me.

The Bible Black series, no matter how unusual and disturbing, just needs a decent wiki. If only to show how many people are into this sort of thing!


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Ideas for the Bible Black live-action movie

In case you are not aware, a Bible Black live-action movie has been proposed by the American studio Fever Dreams. Here are my thoughts:

Is this all the nudity we will ever see?
  • Bible Porn - Ok, let's get the main issue out of the way: Bible Black is animated porn, and not the softcore kissy-kissy kind; it's hardcore, violent and rapey. I seriously doubt Fever Dreams or its parent company Media Blasters want to produce live-action material that is quite so explicit. Now, some people might consider this the biggest issue when adapting this series using real actors. After all, you couldn't do a Bible Black movie without some proper smut, right? Maybe you can.
    Judging from the movie's teaser trailer, showing breasts and minor nudity is still ok. This studio is not exactly marketing its movies to mainstream audiences anyway. Now if you take the Bible Black series and strip away most of the explicit stuff; you still have a decent story. Well, decent as far as hentai goes, anyway. Assuming Taki Minase will still be the protagonist, you have quite an interesting story of a young student finding a magic book and casting spells on his fellow students before being caught by the school nurse. Now, I like hardcore porn as much as the next guy, I'm just saying it wouldn't be that big of a problem if it was toned down somewhat. It could be an interesting 'variation' on the story that just concentrates on the basics. You don't need to show a two minute explicit sex scene to convey the same idea.
    Also, have you ever seen a porn actress with decent acting skills? I haven't.
  • Remake an iconic scene - What the movie should definitely include is a shot by shot remake of an iconic scene from the first anime series. The basement intro scene comes to mind as an obvious choice. The producers should make an effort to recreate the exact same camera angles and shots for this iconic scene that is also featured prominently in the first game, with as much attention to detail as possible. It would be a great way to start the movie off by making a nod to the original series and setting the right tone.
This uniform is passable, I guess.
Also, don't forget Ito's 'bunny ears'.
  • We need a proper school uniform! - Possibly one of most iconic items of the series is the uniform worn by the students of the Academy. Especially the female students featured in the movie should get a proper costume modeled after the exact one seen in the series. Though some artistic freedom is fine; they should be a considerable step above the various homemade cosplay uniforms seen worn at anime conventions. Now I'm sure it would be a costly endeavor to get it done right, but you can't make this movie without them. It's like making Star Trek without the red shirts!
  • Make it a 'Japanese' movie - This could be a tricky one, as the movie will probably be produced in the United States, but I really would prefer to see Asian actors and actresses portraying the characters we all know and love. After all, this series clearly takes place in Japan and has that distinct feel and atmosphere. And let's be honest, the English dub, especially the one heard in the first series, was laughably bad. I'm not saying a live-action English language adaptation is going to be a disaster by default, but I would take Japanese with subtitles over English any day. Also: we'd get to see Asian girls with green, red and blond hair! And that gets me to my next point:
  • Do not use crappy wigs - Now, with every live-action adaptation of an anime you're dealing with bringing to life the iconic (colored) hairstyles. Although the characters in the Bible Black series have fairly subdued hairstyles, a live-action Mika Ito or Hiroko Takashiro just wouldn't be the same without green and red hair. But please: do not use cheap circus wigs from the dollar store to create this effect. Get some proper hair dye in there. And if we are using Japanese actors: using a subtle coloring effect could work too; mixing black with strands of green for example.
Kitami's actress looks convincing. But what about her 'special feature'?
  • An Americanization - Though I prefer a movie with Japanese actors as stated above, I could also see this movie as an 'Americanization' of the series, using a different setting with the same overall story. Something that has been done with various Japanese horror movies that have made their way to the Americas (with varying rates of success, mind you). So that would mean: an American high school or college...with school uniforms, I guess? I don't know. It would be tricky to find the right balance between re-imagining and staying true to the series.
  • Realistic actors - The actors in the movie should be believable as high school students, maybe college freshmen. I was a bit skeptical when I saw Minase in the trailer, since he looks a bit too old. The actress playing Kitami looked fairly convincing in her role, though I doubt the same actors seen in the trailer are going to end up in the final cut. They will probably redo the whole casting process if they decide to produce this movie.
  • Dealing with Dr. Kitami - I am curious how the producers would tackle the whole 'Miss Kitami has a penis'-issue. A prosthetic? CGI? Transsexual actress? Omit it completely? Surely this futanariWP (hermaphroditism) concept is a crucial part of this series and genre, right?
  • Make it a prequel - Another way to deal with some of the aforementioned issues is to make the movie a prequel. A prequel to Bible Black: Origins that is. Not only would it be easier to use a different setting, it would also add to the overall story. It would be interesting to explain the origins of the Bible Black spell book. Perhaps another group of students owned it before it ended up in an antiques store in Japan.

Things that do not make sense / I do not get

Ok, I am way too invested in this series and this site for my own good, but there are just some things about Bible Black (particularly the New Testament series) that do not make sense to me. Have an answer or insightful thought about any of these points below? Please let me know on my Talk page.

What the hell is going on here?
  • 1 What's the deal with Imari/Kitami? - Now, this is probably explained somewhat in the New Testament Complete Version, but some parts are still a mystery to me. Clearly, at the end of the first anime series, Kitami successfully transfers her soul to Imari, evidenced by the final scene where she confronts Kaori Saeki in the school's basement. So was she Kitami all along after the ritual? Then how did Imari come back in the New Testament series? Apparently Takashiro blocked Kitami's soul with some sort of magic, leading me to assume that they both somehow remained in Imari's body. Then who dies at the end of the first series' final episode? We can see Kitami's dying body desperately reaching out to Minase. Was this supposed to be Imari's soul? Earlier, Hiroko Takashiro says that if they fail - Imari's soul will go to hell for Kitami's sins, but that apparently didn't happen either.
  • 2 What happened to Minase? - There is a (subtitled) line in the New Testament series' third episode said by Imari/Kitami to Takashiro that says "With this ass, my Minase-kun...You took away my Minase..." What does this mean? What exactly was Minase's role in all this? What happened to him at the end of the first series? Is this just a poor translation?
Jody is just as confused as me.
  • 3 The woman in red - Probably one of the most confusing things to me is the conclusion of the New Testament storyline, starting with Aki Ichikawa as the supposed prophesied woman in red. Is she still destined to give birth to a powerful being as told in Aleister Crowley's writings? Then how or why is it that the Spear of Longinus rips through her body and restores the Bible Black? Are the artifacts related? What prompts this sudden revival of the book, and why did the Devil suddenly offer Jody and Kitami a contract?
  • 4 Why destroy the book? - Saeki is clearly in league with Kitami in New Testament after the witch reveals herself in Imari's body at the end of the first series. However, Kitami burns the Bible Black in Saeki's hands with her magic, even though Saeki attempts to restore the book with the rituals she performs as a teacher together with her followers. So why did Kitami burn the book when she (presumably) instructed Saeki to restore it a few years later?
Which Jody is this?
  • 5 What is the bank robbers' plan? - The occultist bank robbers seen in the first episode of New Testament were clearly planning on performing a ritual all along, as stated by the robber leader. So did they expect Imari to walk in on the scene so the leader could perform the ceremony that revives Kitami's soul inside her? Were they sent by Jody Crowley for this purpose? How did she know they would enter the bank at that exact moment before the police or someone else stepped in?
  • 6 Jody Crowley - Again, some of this might be explained in the extra scenes from the New Testament Complete Version, but as for now: who exactly is Jody Crowley? She is seen as a normal student in the added scenes, but does she get possessed somehow? At the end of the series, an identical looking soul is dragged from her body by the Devil's hands. So was this a different Jody-entity? When we see Jody at the end of the series reading a book, is this just the normal, non-evil Jody? And what's the deal with the airplane crash she supposedly died from as revealed by Toru Yuge?

Bible Black and hentai tropes, cliches and silly stuff

I love this series for its storyline, art and occult setting, but also because it portrays an unrealistic fantasy. How unrealistic? Well, consider this list of all the tropes, cliches and plain silliness in Bible Black and most hentai series in general, like:

Random super model girls with ten seconds of screen time.
  • Almost all characters, especially females, are beautiful, unless the plot specifically needs them to be unattractive - Luckily, all the women in the series look amazing. Their eyes, hair, skin, body - they're all perfect. Plus, the characters' breast and penis size vary from large to humongous. Even the minor characters you see in the background look like they just walked out of a fashion shoot. Imagine that. I mean, I don't want to be too judgmental, but in real life, over half of us are just unattractive loners who watch shows like Bible Black...
    The only exception to this beauty rule is when the plot demands someone to be unattractive. Like Hiratani, who has to use a love curse to get close to girls and move the story along.
Shiraki is responsible!
  • No one ever gets pregnant or considers STDs - To be fair, there is an ending in the first game in which Rika Shiraki gets pregnant, and a scene where she has guys use condoms. But apart from that, nobody cares about getting pregnant or catch the numerous sexually transmitted diseases floating around. I guess the girls are all on birth control or something. But with all the loose free sex that apparently goes on in this series, I'd be just as worried about getting the clap as being tentacle raped.
Random out of the blue sex? Sure, why not? I came prepared...
  • Everyone is always ready for sex - Yep, it doesn't matter what time of day it is or if you just had sex five seconds ago; men can always maintain a (sizable) erection and ejaculate, and girls are never on their periods. Pubic hair is kept nicely trimmed or shaven at all times, and nobody is worried about hygiene or has any medical problems that might impede them from having intercourse. Once the clothes come off, they're ready for what I like to call 'perfect sex'. They can do every sexual position without any experience or lubricant; like they've worked in porn for ten years. In real life of course, sex is usually a depressing and disappointing mess that never lives up to what you imagined. Maybe that's because you've watched too much hentai...
  • People having sex get very talkative - And I mean explicitly crying out phrases like: "I can feel your dick slamming against my womb" - random female. This happens a lot in manga and more recent hentai series. Bible Black isn't actually that bad when it comes to this trope. It's from a different time, kids.
  • Nobody ever cleans up - How hilarious would it be if they showed a compilation of what happens just after sex? You know, the anticlimactic and unsexy cleaning up the mess part? Unsurprisingly, Bible Black and most porn usually skip through all that crap with a gentle fade to white or the next erotic scene. But someone at some point had to have mopped up all that semen the boys in the art club spilled before someone came in complaining about the smell (Series 1, Episode 3). Especially with the extreme perversions portrayed in Bible Black you'd have to wonder if someone ever grabs some Febreze in between scenes and clear away those bodily fluids and does some heavy duty laundry.

Know of any other typical hentai and Bible Black tropes? Leave me a message!


Some of my favorite things from the Bible Black series.


Shot S1E6 imari embarrassed.jpg
Kurumi Imari

Sweet Imari. What's not to like about her? Well, maybe the fact that she's one of those typical girls that does not realize how attractive she is and acts like a child all the time. But she's into anal, apparently. And all it took was being kidnapped, raped and drugged!

Shot S1E3ER kaori saeki.jpg
Kaori Saeki

I adore this evil occult lover. We've all had that one crazy chick in school who was into dark and weird shit. Except this one is a dashing blond that would actually have sex with you and her friends just to collect your semen in a cup. And lucky us: you'd have to be a virgin.

Shot S3E2 yuki licks lips.jpg
Yuki Toudou

I've always liked Yuki. Maybe it's because she doesn't seem to get a break and is (ab)used by pretty much everyone. Poor girl. There's something mysterious about her though, since she doesn't talk much. She always has this possessed look about her...


Some of my favorite screenshots from the series.