Unnamed Characters in Origins

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The following is on overview of all Unnamed Characters in the Bible Black: Origins anime series.

In order of appearance:

Street vendor

Great customer service.

A friendly street vendor that gives the newly enrolled Academy student Reika Kitami her breakfast of 240 yen for free when she is unable to afford it, saying that his establishment is built on hungry kids like her.

(Origins: Black Brand)

Kozono's chauffeur

Driving Kozono to school.

The driver of Nami Kozono's luxurious white car that brings her to school every day.

(Origins: Black Brand)

Kitami's dog

A brown Shiba InuWP puppy student Reika Kitami regularly feeds near her school. The dog is killed by Hiroko Takashiro as a ritual sacrifice in an attempt to summon a demon with her witchcraft club. Nami Kozono later cruelly shows the dog's corpse to Kitami after one of her evil thugs lures her to an empty warehouse to abuse her.

(Origins: Black Brand)
(Origins: Black Altar)

Kitami's classmates

Kitami introduces herself to her classmates.

Reika Kitami's new classmates. She introduces herself to the students on her first day at school, again catching the eye of her lesbian classmate and student council president Nami Kozono.

(Origins: Black Brand)

Student council members

Several unknown members of the student council present on stage during council president Nami Kozono's and Junko Mochida's regulations and club budget presentations in the school's gymnasium.

(Origins: Black Brand)

Audience members

Students and teachers present at gymnasium assembly, witnessing Junko Mochida exposing herself while under the influence of a magic spell cast by Hiroko Takashiro and her witchcraft club friends Rie and Saki.

(Origins: Black Brand)

Surprised students

In shock at seeing Kozono associating with Hiratani.

Several students reacting in shock when they see the beautiful lesbian student council president Nami Kozono getting close with the unpopular student Hiratani at the school's front gate.

(Origins: Black Brand)

Students at crossing

Students eyeing Junko Mochida at a street crossing at school following her public humiliation the day before. They gossip about her incident and even ignore and ridicule her when she is almost hit by a car in a suicide attempt.

(Origins: Black Altar)


"You wanna die?"

An angry driver shouting at Junko Mochida after she blindly throws herself in front of his car at a street crossing.

(Origins: Black Altar)

Clients and victims of Rose Cross

Several students making deals with Hiroko Takashiro and her witchcraft club Rose Cross in exchange for hefty sums of money, including a male student and two men, possibly a teacher and business man. The latter buys two paper doll love charms to coerce two student girls into giving him oral sex in a bathroom.

(Origins: Black Altar)

Tennis players

Two disgruntled female tennis players who ask Takashiro to in some way incapacitate an attractive player on the court. The girl pants and clutches her ankle while sitting on the field, attracting the attention of some of the other players and a man in a blue jacket, possibly a coach or teacher.

Academy prefects

Three Academy students or prefects wearing green armbands attempting to stop Takashiro and her Rose Cross witchcraft club in the hallway before she blows one of them away by magic. There is a small continuity error in this scene. Takashiro takes aim at the grey-haired boy, but it is the brown-haried one that is blown away.

Unknown Rose Cross members

Three unknown female members present during Rose Cross' rise and fall.

(Origins: Black Altar)

Kozono's thugs

Kozono gives the order.
Main article: Kozono's thugs

A group of four male thugs that are at the disposal of Academy student council president Nami Kozono. They meet in an abandoned warehouse where they beat up Hiratani and later brutally rape the young student Reika Kitami.

(Origins: Black Altar)


The demon emerges.
Main article: Demon

A vicious demon summoned by Hiroko Takashiro and her witchcraft club in the Academy basement. He attacks and brutally rapes her, causing the girl to lapse into a coma for several days. The encounter leaves a lasting impression on her.

(Origins: Black Altar)

Man in café

Sitting next to Kozono.

A man sitting next to Nami Kozono in a café when she and Rie and Saki discuss their Devil summoning ritual.

(Origins: Black Altar)