Unnamed Characters in Only

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The following is on overview of all Unnamed Characters in the Bible Black: Only anime series.

In order of appearance:


The Academy vice-principal that assaults art teacher Hiroko Takashiro and is possessed by the demon she encountered in her youth.

(Only: At the faculty room toilet...)

Ito's boyfriend

Student Mika Ito's boyfriend who has sex with her, taking her virginity. He later has sex with swim team members Miyuki Nonogusa, Shinobu Kobayashi and her lackey Mikimoto.

(Only: Secret Lesson)

Female swimmer

Saeki with her swim partner.

An brown-haired female swimmer, possibly Kaori Saeki's partner, as she is seen in the school's pool with her. She looks very similar to swim team member Miyuki Nonogusa, but it is uncertain if this is indeed the same person.

(Only: Events in the locker room)

Saeki's assailants

Two boys spying on Kaori Saeki and later catch her masturbating in the shower following swim pratice. They both have sex with her after Saeki willingly gives in to her desires.

(Only: Events in the locker room)

Male virgins

Four male virgins Kaori Saeki and her friends Jun and Maki have sex with for their perverted ritual. They collect their semen in a golden chalice. From left to right:

  • A student seduced by Saeki.
  • A boy that secretly takes pictures of Jun in the swim team locker room before she calls him out and has sex with him.
  • One of Maki's fellow tennis player that has sex with her against a tree.
  • A biology teacher seduced by Saeki, Jun and Maki after he reluctantly admits to them he is a virgin.
(Only: Virgin Hunting)

Yukiko's class

Sex class is too much for Yukiko.

Students and a teacher in Yukiko Minase's medical class. They stare at her when she suddenly leaves when overwhelmed by sexual cravings caused by her cousin.

(Only: Secret Torture)


A professor that summons Yukiko Minase to his office and engages in several sadomasochistic sexual escapades with her.

(Only: Secret Torture)

Takashiro's students

Students of art teacher Hiroko Takashiro, some of which have an eye on her. She fantasizes about having sex with the boys while grading papers.

(Only: That's a teacher...)

Male student

A male student assaulting and raping his fellow student Kurumi Imari at school. He grabs her in the hallway after hours, drags her into a store room and assaults her. He then steals her panties and leaves the girl alone.

(Only: Imari Rape Scene)