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When contributing to this wiki, please keep the following rules and guidelines in mind. New to wikis? Check out Help.


  • If you want to add new articles or images, please remember that there is already a lot of existing material on the Wiki. Check if a page or image does not already exist to avoid unnecessary duplicates.
  • This Wiki uses American English spelling. Please use proper grammar and punctuation when creating or adding to pages.
  • Article narratives should be written in the present tense, unless directly referring to a past event.
  • Avoid the use of contractions (I'm, let's isn't etc.) in your articles.
  • Do not forget to use links to connect pages together by using brackets ([[link]]). It helps visitors to easily find other interesting topics.
  • Links should be repeated after every paragraph header and in every Trivia point.
  • Use <ref></ref> tags to create references. You can also use the Refquote template to refer to quotes and information from the games or anime.


Explicit images

  • Images that contain explicit material are allowed up to a point. Images that involve close-up penetration and genitalia are generally not to be uploaded for no reason. Avoid needlessly uploading images that contain (extreme) sexual acts when they add nothing substantial. This is not a porn site. The chief editor (Biberoi) ultimately decides if an image is acceptable or not.
  • When an image contains explicit material (i.e. nudity, genitals, breasts etc.), please include the {{Explicit}} tag.

Uploading and formatting

  • Before uploading, check if your image does not already exist by using the Image Archive or the Wiki Search.
  • If your image is a screenshot from the anime or games, name your files accordingly by including the episode or game it originates from and a short description, i.e. Shot_S1E5_shiraki_outside_house.jpg.
  • When uploading pictures, always include a description of the picture and an episode tag, such as {{S2E1}}, meaning series two (Origins) and the first episode (Black Brand) (example). This allows your image to be automatically sorted. More Information...
  • For additional automatic sorting purposes, also include a character tag for every character from the anime or games that appears in your image. For example: {{Kitami}}, {{Takashiro}} and/or {{Imari}}. More Information...
  • Also please include the {{Copyright}} tag for images taken from the anime and the {{CopyrightGame}} tag for game shots.


  • Using a high quality .JPG format is advised. .PNG is acceptable in some cases, but should generally be avoided. .GIF can be used for animated images.
  • Severely discolored/low quality images are not acceptable unless no other image is available.
  • Screenshots from the anime and games should preferably be in a 640x480 pixel or 320x240 pixel resolution or similar aspect ratio. This rule does not apply if the image has been compiled from multiple screenshots. Character shots for infoboxes should try and keep to a 400x480 pixel resolution (example).
  • Images should not contain subtitles, marks or tags such as website addresses or other logos.
  • When posting anime screenshots to episode guides, character pages or other pages, please use 275 pixel width for thumbnails. Use existing pages for reference.


  • The plot of the anime takes canon precedence over the games, since the latter have variable story lines and endings. However, any background information (i.e. on characters) that does not clearly contradict the anime is also considered accepted canon.
  • To clarify: this does not mean the information and plotlines in the games are disregarded, they will simply be included under a different header (example).
  • Specific game canon can also be referenced using the <ref></ref> tags and the Refquote template.
  • Notable canon differences between events in the games and anime can be mentioned under a separate header (example) in the episode pages or the Trivia section.
  • Furthermore, some events up to the player (Taki Minase) discovering the Bible Black that are not in conflict with the anime can be considered canon, as the events of this day are not explicitly seen in the anime (open for debate).
  • The English anime dub is not accepted canon. The original (correctly subtitled or translated) Japanese version takes precedence.
  • Since the subtitles in the anime can be flawed, especially the phonetics of spells and incantations, the spelling in the games is preferred if available.