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Black Altar (Kuro no Saidan - 黒の祭壇) is the second episode of the Bible Black: Origins series. It is the eighth episode produced in the anime overall and a prequel to the original adaptation of the video game.

It was first released in Japan on the 25th of August, 2002 and in the United States on the 24th of June, 2003 as a double feature simply titled Origins, containing both this episode and the first episode Black Brand.

The Rose Cross witchcraft club gains significant influence around the Academy by selling love curses to their fellow students. Leader Hiroko Takashiro later releases Nami Kozono from her love spell and she joins the club. However, when the girls attempt to summon a demon, the ritual horribly backfires, causing Takashiro to change her mind about magic. In a crazed lust for power and vengeance, Kozono usurps the club's leadership and kidnaps student Reika Kitami to complete her ultimate goal: summoning the Devil himself.

In the morning on a busy street near the Academy, student council member Junko Mochida is standing at a crosswalk, surrounded by several students. They stare at the girl and whisper comments about her incident the day before. Mochida, embarrassed and depressed, walks out onto the road and almost gets hit by a car. The students ignore and ridicule her as they walk past. Only the blond student Reika Kitami stops and helps her up. Mochida feels relieved when she sees her girlfriend Nami Kozono get out of her car, but is shocked when she is joined by the boy Hiratani and kisses him passionately.
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