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The swim team is an extracurricular organization at the Academy for athletic students with a passion for swimming. The team is featured primarily in the first and second Bible Black games and the first episode of the anime series Bible Black: Only. Swimmers make an appearance in every Bible Black production, however. Only female swimmers have been seen so far.

The swim team is one of the most active clubs in school. The members train in either of the school's pools: the heated indoor pool next to the gymnasium or the outdoor facility on the roof of one of the buildings. This second pool is seen prominently in the sequel anime series.

There is a changing room next to the indoor pool that also serves at the team's clubhouse. The room seems to be poorly maintained, as most of the lockers are broken.

Team members regularly compete in swim meets with other schools, whereby one swimmer is usually selected to represent the Academy.

All swimmers wear a distinct blue and white one-piece swimsuit, which is the Academy's official attire. All of them have a small blue circular logo on the chest. Some also show an illegible text under the logo. This possibly denotes authority, as the text is only seen on swim team captain Shinobu Kobayashi and her subordinate Mikimoto. Because only female swimmers have been seen, the appearance of the male bathing suit remains unknown.
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