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The Bible Black, also known as the Black Book or Book of Magic is the eponymous grimoire used by the characters in Bible Black. It makes an appearance in all productions of the series.

'Bible Black' is what the members of the Rose Cross witchcraft club named the book. Its true name and exact origins are unknown, but it appears to have been written during the Middle Ages.

The book's existence was first rumored around the 12th century, and it was said to be owned by the Knights Templar, one of the most famous armies in medieval Europe. They used the power of the tome to gain wealth and glory. After they were condemned as heretics and murdered, the French king Philip IVWP and Pope Clement VWP took the book for themselves, but were unable to discover the secrets of the Templar, who had used the power of the book to foresee their demise. After that, the book passed down from hand to hand for centuries, eventually landing in the hands of Rie Morita (see History).

The large tome has sturdy black leather trimmings and is filled with B5-size yellowed and stained pages made of parchment. Depicted on the moldy and worn cover is a white hexagram symbol (Star of DavidWP) crossed by a sword. A metal chain with the same symbol is wrapped around the thick cover to hold it shut. There is a strange unidentified black ink drawing on the flyleaf.

Inside the book are multiple drawings of geometric talisman shapes and several more bizarre illustrations, like acts of copulation and monstrous drawings of animals and humans (see below). The text is handwritten in several different languages, mostly Latin and French, but also Hebrew, Greek and Gaelic. There are numerous religious quotes and passages from the Christian Gospel. The book's table of contents lists, among others; All Spells, Summoning Demons and Raising the Dead.
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