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A wrapped stone is a magic trinket and one of the simpler spells found in the Bible Black grimoire that causes a woman to dance naked, meaning lewdly expose herself in public. Its effects generally lead to a woman becoming extremely aroused, to the point of stripping and masturbating in front of others, overriding natural inhibitions and sanity.

The spell is seen used in the first Bible Black game and the Bible Black: Origins prequel anime series.

The instructions for the charm are stipulated in the Bible Black.

One writes the initial of the woman's name in his own blood on a piece of unused parchment (or paper). Then the parchment should be wrapped around a rock and placed on top of the Bible Black or the manuscript used for mass, the BibleWP (see Trivia). One must then recite the Lord's Prayer out loud, which includes:

"Pater noster, qui es in caelis...Et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo."

Next, one buries the wrapped stone under a doorway the woman will pass through. As soon as she does, she will quite suddenly start to feel the effects within a few hours. They lead to an uncontrollable arousal, perspiration, heavy breathing and an unfocused walk and gaze. Then, as if possessed or sleepwalking, the victim is compelled to strip, masturbate and climax quite explicitly before passing out from exhaustion.

There is an interesting stipulation and warning written at the end of the instruction that reads:

"When you witness her dancing naked in a depraved manner, you must look on her not with envy, but with pity. (...) But bear this in mind...this is not for the faint of heart."

After discovering the Bible Black spell book and spending hours translating a few pages, Academy students Hiroko Takashiro and her witchcraft club friends Rie and Saki cast the wrapped stone spell on student council member Junko Mochida as revenge for her smug denial of their bid for an official school club.
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