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Takashiro's talisman is a band of Buddhist prayer beads used by Hiroko Takashiro to ward off evil magic. She obtains the item after going on a quest to an ancient monastery.

It is a necklace-like item made out of a red string with two decorative tassels. The large circular beads are seemingly made of glass or other glossy orange material. The talisman is typically worn around the hand, neck or held up in front of the body for protection from magic spells.

While holding her beads, Takashiro casts several spells in a duel of sorts with the mysterious girl Jody Crowley in a downtown area. She recites:

"Defend against evil spirits, drive away my bitter enemy...End the Seven Misfortunes and bring forth good fortune...Rin, Byo, Tou, Sha, Kai, Jin, Retsu, Zai, Zen!"

She later holds it up to protect herself from the evil Imari/Kitami and her followers in an abandoned greenhouse. However, the evil witch makes the talisman glow white and seemingly disappear, making it fall and break apart on the stone floor. The woman then crushes one of the beads with her shoe, breaking through Takashiro's defenses and sexually assaulting her.

Later, Takashiro apparently repairs or replaces her talisman by the time Jody attacks her again in her townhouse. The item proves to be quite useful in protecting her this time. Toru Yuge first uses it to release Takashiro from a spell by holding the beads against her body. The woman then uses it to chant a counterspell against Jody's guards, knocking them both out.
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