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The Academy is the Japanese school featured prominently in all the Bible Black games and anime productions.

It is where the first game and first series protagonist Taki Minase finds the mysterious Bible Black grimoire and uses its spells to influence his fellow students. The evil school nurse Reika Kitami later uses the school's facilities for her perverted and devious plans.

In the Origins prequel series, the Academy is where student Hiroko Takashiro and her witchcraft club first start using the Bible Black to dominate the school. They later use the basement storage room to try and summon a demon and the Devil himself.

The school is also featured in New Testament, but less prominently than the other series. Teacher Kaori Saeki uses the school to exploit her student followers and fellow teachers for her evil plans. The school's basement is again used as a sacrificial ritual chamber.

The Only series consists of short erotic scenes that mostly take place in and around the school's buildings.

The Academy consists of multiple interconnected buildings. Surrounding the grounds are stone walls with a metal main gate that is closed after the first bell rings to check for students coming in late. Students who are late twice risk losing course credits.
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