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Black Descent (Kuro no Kōrin - 黒の降臨) is the sixth episode of the anime adaptation of the Bible Black game and the sixth and final episode of the Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis series.

It was first released in Japan on the 25th of June, 2003 and in the United States on the 16th of December, 2003 under the name Revelations in double feature containing both this episode and the fifth episode Black Dinner.

On Walpurgis Night, the evil school nurse Reika Kitami takes the final step in her plan to exchange bodies with student Kurumi Imari. Meanwhile, Taki Minase and his art teacher Hiroko Takashiro desperately try to stop her. The fate of all their friends is at stake.

In the basement of the Academy, school nurse Reika Kitami finally takes Kurumi Imari's virginity. The girl is still helplessly shackled to the stone altar in the middle of the room. As Kitami penetrates her body and a bright magic light fills up the room, Kitami flashes back to twelve years ago, when she was raped and used as a human sacrifice by members of an occult magic club.

Art teacher Hiroko Takashiro bursts into the room and tells Taki Minase to hurry and continue casting the Forbidden Spell to stop Kitami. She says that if he is successful, his cousin Yukiko Minase and friend Rika Shiraki will also be saved.

Suddenly, the professor is grabbed from behind and assaulted by some of Kitami's lackeys. She again urges her student to hurry as she is being raped. Minase is horrified when he sees the teacher violated and angrily turns his attention back to the witch.
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